Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why be limited, when we can live unlimitedly ?

When i joined Isha Program, the venue held was almost an half-an-hour drive from my home. It was effortless, all because of love for my Sadhguru. There are people who are interested in their well being than being inspired by spiritual guru. So when my brother asked me If i am aware of any Yoga Classes being held, I suggested him to join Art of Living despite being part of Isha Yoga because the venue was nearby and also I found the same aura of divinity in Sri Sri Ravishankar which I have seen in Sadhguru.
My brother was suffering from diabetis. He was on insulin, which suggests that he was in extreme condition. My suggestion paid off. Initially when he joined art of living, he attended irregularly and later on abandoned the Kriyas. Being the venue closer by, he decided to join again and the effort paid off. Miraculously, he was free from diabetes. Looking at his recovery, my wife and my bhabhi also joined Art of Living. I was so happy that everything is turning so well. What is important for me is somehow if I can inspire people to long for authentic spiritual master whether it be Sadhguru or Sri Sri Ravishankar. There is no conflict between me and my wife though we are aspiring for our spiritual wellbeing from two different camps. Infact, we are enjoying our spiritual journey. Life is so beautiful when you live boundlessly.
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