Monday, April 27, 2009

Electrifying Sathsang with Sadhguru

Whatever has happened during these 3 days of sathsang with Sadhguru is indescribable. I have been regularly watching videos of Sadhguru from dvds and youtube. But it was only when I attended the English Sathsang that I came to know that having an direct sathsang with Sadhguru is totally a different kind of experience. Life spent in heaven. Magical spell. Life will never be the same now. I know that. I will always be indebted to Sadhguru. Every step I take, every breadth I take, I only take to feel communion with him. I feel rewarded for my perseverance with practices despite the weakness of energy I suffered. Somehow I knew that if life is to be experienced to the fullest, than he is the door.
Charishmatic Sadhguru. Bliss his nature. Love his clothes. Compassion his blood. Silence his energy. Whatever I say will fall short of what I want to say of him. When he speaks, you can always hear a invisible music of silence behind his words. Today, when you open any religious channels like aastha channel or sanskar channel, you will always find that those fake gurus always need a background music to bring strenght to what they are saying. It is really unbelievable that people are hypnotised by these music-cum-fake gurus otherwise they will be exposed of their emptiness.

Life lived in Isha Ashram is of utmost purity. One can feel it. Somewhere Sadhguru says that once you experience living life with utmost purity, than this being will never settles for lower state of livings. Even animals look for the wellbeing of their family. So what is the difference between them and us. Even we are doing the same. Animal nature is so evolved that there is no evolution within themself. Though they are peaceful but there is no growth. But human nature can never go backward. It can only go forward. And if one decides to pause after experiencing higher states of living, than one is bound to suffer, holding on to the limitations of bondage. If one is to experience blissfullness within himself, then he has to explore all the dimensions of living which Isha offers. I was briefly drawn to the state of emptiness. Not knowing what to do. I took a small step towards that. I enrolled for being part of ISHANGA. I don't know what is this 3 days training about but it says that If you feel that whatever is done in Isha is beautiful, then you will have to keep yourself aside and see that you can live the life with purity. Then purity becomes the centre of living not yourself.

You will not believe that when in the evening on the last day, we were waiting for the arrival of Sadhguru, he came in with a wonderful snake in his hand. What excitement, what celebration of life. Then came the new dose of excitement. Has we were sitting outside spanda hall, in the lawn, it started raining. Everyone sat with utmost silence and ecstasy. Everyone's eyes were meeting each other. And it wanted to celebrate. Everyone started dancing in the rain. Sadhguru asked us if we wanted to go inside spanda hall. And there was a huge uproarious NO. And we continued with our dancing. I started dancing with all the old age people. It brought up all their young memories back in the dancing. Surely they new much better than me. I kept imitating them. Being with each other is a wonderful aspect of living. All boundaries vanish when one is highly energetic.
I remember during the last day of sathsang, we were supposed to wind up the sathsang since people would miss their trains. But the climate inside spanda hall was so euphoric that everyone forgot about the time. It looked like everyone was willing to miss the train. Time did not exist until Sadhguru intervened to wind up the proceedings. While he was leaving, he stood at the side door of the spanda hall and looked at all the devotees with tears in his eyes. Neither any of his devotees can stand the separation. It was a painful experience. I could see the concern behind his tears. It said that time is running is short. Sadhguru is making 100% effort to make people realize their bliss nature and this will be his last birth. But many of his participants, it won't be the same. Many will be left to suffer for 1000's of years in Samsara unless and until they make persistent effort to understand Sadhguru's message behind his words. I will tell you an example why people don't take Sadhguru seriously. On the 3rd day, during the morning session, Sadhguru asked all the participants to maintain silence atleast till 2 pm, unless it becomes necessary to talk. But what i saw everywhere was simply unbelievable. Initially only a few group of people started chatting. Vast majority of people, inspired by these chatters, followed them. Everyone forgot what Sadhguru said. During the Sathsang, everyone were allowed to go outside Ashram. Since the space was wide open, people forgot about Sadhguru. If these same people were enclosed within the Ashram area under the inspecting eyes of volunteers, they would have been silent. It shows that participants are not taking any responsibility for their inner wellbeing. Maintaining silence will take you closer to reality. And when Sadhguru says to be silent upto 2 pm, it does not mean to be silent only for a day. But it has to be practiced everyday. Mindless chatting will only bring more problems. People are not aware that mindless chatting is welling up innumerable and ugly emotions. His tears showed the helplessness of his situation despite his best effort. His love has no boundaries. He wants everyone of us to experience the same kind of bliss. Look at the teacher's of Isha. What grace, what bliss they carry within themself. With not a penny in the pocket. They are living like the creator himself. Their only endeavour is to enrich life around them, wherever they go. Even the president of any country looks a beggar in front of Isha teachers. When I look at my family, barring my son, I am truly disappointed at the way they are living. Holding on to their traditional religion without exploring other dimensions of life.

During the sathsang, the whole group of Isha teachers got together and presented a video of being with Sadhguru on their early days. It was said that when Sadhguru took his 1'st class of Isha Yoga, there were only 15 students who came to learn under his guidance. They had no proper fooding. Even the thatched roofed they prepared, soon collapsed under the heavy rain. Soon they took up to the hills with determination to go with Sadhguru with all kinds of difficulties. And look at todays world. Everyone wants proper facilities to be established in the Ashram instead of realizing that being with master was of utmost importance.
Also in the video they showed what happened to Sadhguru, during the Dhyanalinga Consecration. Usually the word used in India for consecration is "pran-prathistha". That it is creating something with your life energy. In India, temples are created on a weekly basis, with the consecration process under unenlightened saints. What I saw in the video was unbelievable. I understood the true meaning of consecration process, creating something with your life energy. Even before the consecration could start, Sadhguru handed a bundle of instructions to his devotees, which were to be followed in the event of his death in the consecration process. He valued this world more than his life. There were 3 people involved in the consecration process where 1 of them was the wife of Sadhguru, Vijji. During this process, her wife could not hold on to the body. She left the body while attaining Mahasamadhi, which is difficult even for a accomplished yogi to achieve. Sadhguru took the job of his wife in his hands and completed the consecration. But he was hospitalised and doctor had no hope of his survival. Some miracle happened and Sadhguru survived but almost like a living dead body. I saw him actually in the video in his worst condition. He could not speak, so he gave something in writing which he wanted to share with the people. Later on, almost 4 people were needed to carry him to the car, to take him to his residence. If one has not watched this video, then you should press the Ashram people to make arrangements for you. Life will never be the same, once you watch this.

You can also note in the above video where I was witness to the situations when it was raining in the garden as i mentioned in this post and also where Sadhguru got emotional while parting with his followers.
It is so unfortunate that I cannot put everything in writing.........................................................Love you Sadhguru.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Volunteering - An ultimate experience

It's really difficult to define volunteering since it carries many values within it. The first and foremost meaning I felt is that I wanted people to know the joy of being with sadhguru. People like Sadhguru are scarce in this world and we have got that job to carry forward the message. Just being with him, I have forgotten my problems and anxiety but now new kind of problems have come in. There is a strong urge within me to work as a full time volunteer but whatever I do falls short of expectation.
Distributing pamplets door-to-door and hanging posters was an extra-ordinary experience. Distributing pamplets was not a simple work but it needed a kind of alertness and intelligence. Many times before approaching anyone, I would check whether he is in a mode of listening. If he is not entangled in any work or if he is calm within himself, then i would approach him and tell him about the program. This way I found many people who were excited to learn about isha yoga. Usually people try to finish off distributing pamplets in a day or 2, feeling they have done the job. But what happens is that in the faster mode of distribution, the pamplets does not reach right kind of people. I succesfully approached a doctor to allow the pamplets to be kept in his clinic. Similarly I approached temples with the positive response.
Hanging posters was an enjoyable experience. There was so much to contemplate before we could decide on which place to hang the posters. Usually we would start off after 9 p.m. Learnt so many things. You will have to find whether large group of people would go through the poster by walk. Is the view clear ? Is it at the junction point ? Have you covered all the area within the 4 km radius of the venue ? How to prepare the posters, so that they can carry a little longer life span than they usually carry ? It s a never ending experience and I am sure that there will always be something new to experience with every volunteering oppurtunity.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get enlightened on nasal blockage - Effective pranayama

Source : The Divine Romance - Paramhansa Yogananda

Bad colds affect the whole body adversely, and even obstruct the mind so that you cannot think clearly. Colds are extremely disruptive to the yogi's meditation, preventing correct practice of pranayama techniques. Therefore Satan to delight in getting into the nose and throat area. All those who need their voices, such as singers and lecturers, are usually susceptible to throat troubles because they are more or less sensitive about the throat, and this mental fear makes it easy for Satan to establish himself there. So when a cold first starts in the nose, you should arrest it immediately. If you don't, it gradually settles in the throat and lungs. Do you know why ? The heat of the body becomes unbalanced..

Speaking of colds, let me give you some practical suggestion: Gargling daily with a glass of warm salt water is a very good preventive for colds, as are right diet and exercise, and daily sunbath for 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the intensity of the sun and the sensivity of the skin.) If you do get a cold, it is best to stop it while it is only in the nose, before it goes down into the throat and chest. The best way to quickly bring the cold under control is to fast. It will arrest the condition. If you fast for 24 hours, the cold usually goes away. But if the condition is chronic, you must eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and also have plently of fresh air and sunshine, and exercise. Many people believe in drinking lots of water when they have a cold. This is good, if they have a fever or congestion with thick mucus. Otherwise excess water can make the mucus membrane very active. One of the worst thing you can do when you have a cold is to drink hot beverages. Cold contracts, and heat expands. The heat may feel good for a little while, but it expands the cells and disturbs their normal function. And don't take ice-cold drinks either.

If you get a chest cold, dip a turkish towel in very hot water, wring it out and rub the chest with it. Then wipe the chest area with a dry towel. Repeat this five times, two or three times a day. Keep the chest well covered after each treatment.

In spite of precaution and remedies, colds as well as other disease sometimes lingr, and sometimes they go away quickly. The reason for this is karmic. That is, the state of the body as determined by the law of karma, cause and effect. The cure of a disease depends in great part on one's karmic condition---the sum total of the effects of his past action---plus the antidote taken for that illness Some people think that since our karma predestines us to suffer, we might as well give up and accept the inevitable. But it is not right to be fatalistic. To try to help yourself and then give up when you don't get immediate results is foolishness, because every effort you make will help to break down that karmic pattern. "God helps him who helps himself".
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