Friday, October 15, 2010

Giving birth to conscious human being – Sperm Bank


I don’t know anything about Nazi ideology, but if it is similar, it makes no difference. What I am saying is my understanding. If it is similar to some other ideology, it is a coincidence. I want humanity to be more scientific as far as breeding is concerned. We have been producing too many idiots, retarded people, crippled people, blind people, sick people. And those people are going to suffer for their whole lives. This is not compassion.

There is no need, because each time a man makes love to a woman he releases one million sperm. Only one sperm, once in a while – not every day – will be able to get to the woman’s egg. The remaining one million will die within two hours. Once one sperm has reached the egg, the egg closes, and the remaining ones have nothing to do but die. For two hours they can make their efforts, and within two hours there will be a line of one million soldiers dead. One does not know, in those one million soldiers, how many Albert Einsteins have died, how many Zorbas have died, how many Socrateses have died. One million is a big number.

A single man, in his whole life, releases billions of living sperm. He alone can fill the whole earth with people. The whole credit goes to the woman... because she can only produce one child in one year. But this child is just accidental. And my feeling is, that amongst one million people who are rushing towards the woman’s egg, there is every possibility that a Muhammad Ali may reach first, rather than Albert Einstein!

A Movie on Sperm Donor
But we don’t need Muhammad Alis. Boxing is such an ugly affair that it should be banned by law. The University of California has been researching for the last year: after each boxing match in California, for the following ten days the crime rates go thirteen percent higher – murders, suicides, rapes. And still boxing continues.

There is every possibility that the humble people – and all great people are humble – will stand aside and let the other go first. And the primitive and the ugly, the political, will not bother at all; they will push their way through and reach the egg first. Why leave it to accident when it is now in our hands to decide who should reach the egg?

The man can simply donate his sperm to the medical lab. They can find the best out of the one million, and just inject the woman. Such a simple affair, and we can raise humanity to really superhuman beings.

Yes, it may sound something like the Nazi idea, but it is not Nazi. It is simple arithmetic, simple science, simply humanistic. We can cancel those people who will be sick, who will be blind, who will be retarded – and we can choose the best. For thousands of years man has not evolved. We don’t know whether Charles Darwin is right or not. If he is right then it seems millions of years ago a few monkeys really took a quantum leap, became human beings, and since then we have not done anything comparable to that. We are far behind those monkeys who took the quantum leap and became human beings. It is time to take a quantum leap and through science is the only way to do it. Your old methods are bullock-cart methods; they won’t help.

So even if any of my ideas coincides with any other ideology, it does not matter. What matters is whether it is logical, rational, scientific, or not. Just by calling names you cannot criticize me. So remember, when you write your article, don’t just start saying that I am a fascist or a Nazi ideologist. That will not be fair to me. Whatever I am saying, I am giving you my argument. You can argue against my argument. If you have something better you can put it in, but don’t try these methods which belong only to third-rate intellects. Call anything Nazi, and people just start thinking it is wrong. You have to prove why I am wrong. You are free to prove me wrong. I would love to listen to the argument that I am wrong, but I have always come across people who simply go on calling names. That is not intelligent. That is not human.

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