Friday, October 15, 2010

Questioner : How do you deal with bad people at work or in society ?

Swami : Learn to accept that the world is like a forest where you will come across all types of animals. You have to be alert, accepting and be able to protect yourself. Every person’s soul is on a journey. Learn to accept it. Also, learn to empower them…. More by your “presence” than by your words.

Words are shallow for those who are too much in the mind. They will be lost in words. If you have learnt to go beyond mind, then your “presence” will have magic. The energies of your heart and being will flow. Invisible ripples of your consciousness will start communicating to the other. It is said that when Lord Buddha walked, flowers not in season bloomed because his consciousness was very powerful.

Questioner : Why should I learn to accept bad person ?

Swami : There is very little choice you have other than in accepting. Even if you reject him, he will still exist in this cosmos. When I say accept, I do not mean that you agree with him but be at peace with him. Learn to see elegance in imperfection. Understand that his being bad is communicating something to you. Existence is teaching you how not to be like him, through him. Hence, be grateful to him for in his badness lies a lesson for you to learn, how bad it is to be bad.

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