Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love this friend of mine for his innocence and his stupidity. Always find wonderful people in Isha.

I have a beautiful friend of mine. Don't know how to say about him. Whatever I say, will fall short of what I want to say. I take a great pride and happiness that he is my friend. I had an opportunity to work with him during the organising of Isha Yoga class. He, having already done the class, also wanted his wife to take the class, has he was dreaming that someday, they can shift permanently to the Ashram.
So the venue, where the class was happening was almost a 2 hour journey from his home. He also had a girl child of 3 years, so he would take care of her daughter outside the class, while her wife was engaged in the class. So he maintained this schedule of dedicating almost 7 hours of the class everyday.
I love his intensity. MORE THAN THAT, I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH HIS STUPIDITY. STUPIDITY SOAKED WITH INNOCENCE. When he first went to see her wife for marriage, he told her in clear terms that he is of a spiritual kind, he is more prone to doing volunteering work, he loves to visit the ashram every now and then, he hates tea, onion, garlic, etc. Listening to it, he said that his wife was so happy that her happiness had no bound. SO HE HAPPILY AGREED. I cannot stop laughing but to say that just yesterday he was complaining that she is doing exactly the opposites of what she promised. She loves tea, onion, garlic. Not only that, she tries in every way to discourage him from being involved in volunteering activities. I LOVE THIS FRIEND OF MINE, WHEN HE STUPIDLY KEEPS ASKING ME "WHAT TO DO ? WHAT TO DO ? I AM HELPLESS." I am dying of laughter, while I am writing this.
He was adopted by a couple and he inherited some 3 crores worth of property. The way he is made, if he works has a businessman he will work crazily and when he is in volunteering he will forget business and work crazily has a volunteer. Seeing this kind of scenario, his brother-in-law took a chance when he went to ashram and transfered all the property in his name. Again the same stupid question he would ask me "WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? HE SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST GIVEN ME 1/2 OF THIS PROPERTY?"
There is one more thing I cannot afford to leave it. Often when he visit my home, my mother and my wife would start complaining that they and the society are not happy with the way I have been living my life, the life of joy and rebellion. This friend of mine will give me a long lecture that I should behave myself and should not make others unhappy.
When we were walking down the stairs, I asked him sarcastically "How many percentage of people from the society are happy with you" ? And he would reply, without any break of time, "5%".

I SAY IT WITH PRIDE THAT I FEEL SO SMALL IN FRONT OF HIM AND LOVE HIM FOR HIS INNOCENCE. He always leave a benchmark, where I can strive to break my limitations. There are so many things that I could have shared about him, but it would go, on and on. Truly blessed to have him has my friend. My most prized possesion.

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