Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I am against nations because I don't see any need for there to be nations. Why can't the whole planet earth be one single humanity? -- which would be saner, more scientific, more easily controllable. Right now things are such that you can only say we are living in an insane world. Every three months the common market in Europe is dumping so much food in the ocean... mountains of butter! Last time they had to destroy so much food that the destruction cost was two hundred million dollars -- it is not the cost of the food, it is the cost of destroying it. And just nearby in Ethiopia, one thousand people were dying every day.

What kind of humanity are we living in? Half of humanity is dying in poverty. Every six months, America goes on throwing billions of dollars worth of food into the ocean, but they will not give that food to Ethiopia or to India or to any other country where people are starving and dying. Nobody cares about human beings; everybody cares about money.

These money-minded people cannot be called sane: that food has to be destroyed; otherwise the market prices will fall, and they don't want their prices to fall. They want their prices to remain stable, so the food has to be destroyed.

If the whole world is one, things can be very simple.

At one time Russia was burning wheat in its trains instead of coal because coal in Russia is costlier, and they had an overproduction of wheat. In India, people were dying because wheat was not available. Coal we have enough of, but you cannot eat coal. If the world were one, then the coal from India could go to Russia and the wheat from Russia could move towards India.

There is no need to destroy mountains, exactly mountains of butter. And why did they have to destroy it? Before, they had been selling it to Libya. In Libya, butter was available at half the price of butter in Europe. The butter was coming from Europe, but they were selling it at a throw-away price, just to get rid of it. Otherwise they would have to arrange dumping it and that takes money. Just to save that money, they were giving it to Libya.

But President Ronald Reagan started going insane against Libya for no reason at all, bombed the poor country, bombed Kadaffi's three houses, killed one of his daughters -- for no reason at all -- and pressured Europe so that all the supplies that they were giving to Libya would be stopped. Mountains of butter collected in Europe. Now you need space, cold storage... so the old butter had to be thrown into the ocean for the new butter to come in.

There is no need of nations.These are the hangups of the past.

And if there are no nations, there is no need for armies. Right now, seventy percent of the budget of every country goes to the military; seventy percent to the military which does nothing except left, right, left, right, polishing their guns, their shoes, their buttons -- that's all they do. And all over the world, seventy percent of the budget goes to the military and whole countries have to live on thirty percent of their budget.

If the nations disappear, one hundred percent of the budget is available for the whole country -- because the armies are useless. Right now there is no problem of there being any war with any planet. With whom are you going to fight? So what is the need to polish your guns every day? to polish your boots, and morning and evening, left and right? All these idiots who are doing this can be put into creative work.

I don't want any nations in the world. The world is one single humanity.

Source: Sermons in Stones,
Chapter I: I belong to my own category

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