Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sadhguru on "Padahastasana"

Sadhguru: There are aspects of hatha yoga that millions of people in the world may be doing wrong. For example, when practicing something as simple as padahastasana, which is bending forward to bring your pada [feet] and hasta [hands] together, you must keep your feet in such a way that your heels are touching and your feet are forming a “V.”

This is important because when you bend forward and create this movement in the spine, there is a tendency for the energy to move. The question is which way it should move. In yoga, you are always trying to move your energies from lower dimensions of life or lower chakras to a higher possibility. Only if you keep the heels together, your muladhara will get tightened and will not allow downward movement of energy. Then, if you bend forward, naturally, the energies will move upward, because the downward flow is arrested by the tightening of the muladhara.

If you keep the feet completely together or if you keep them apart, you will force the energies to move downward. That way, in this posture, you may stretch your lumbar spine, you may create muscular strength, but you move the energies downward. So, instead of making life subtler and preparing for higher possibilities, you are making it gross. Most people will not take care of such things unless there is a teacher who corrects the geometry of the body in a meticulous way. This is why it is important to find a proper instructor if you want to learn hatha yoga.
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