Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Can you deny thought, which desires to possess, yet allow the sensation to remain ?

 Krishnamurti :

Look, you desire something, don't you, sir? You desire to have money, you desire to have position, or you desire, what? - a woman, or a man. Of course you are all holy, therefore you never face that issue. You desire. Now see what happens, trace it out. You see something beautiful which appeals to your senses, that is the sensation. Then thought creates the image of you having that. Thought when it creates the image is the origin, or the beginning of desire. Is this clear? Obviously. This is fairly clear, I don't have to repeat it. But the question is: can thought not create the image but only sensation remain? I see that beautiful tree, which is beautiful. But I have a house with a piece of land, I want that tree to grow in my land. So desire has taken place. That's all. And desire cannot possibly bring about transformation.

Friday, March 25, 2016

J.Krishnamurti on the role of school teacher

If parents really cared for their children, they would build a new society; but fundamentally most parents do not care, and so they have no time for this most urgent problem. They have time for making money, for amusements, for rituals and worship, but no time to consider what is the right kind of education for their children. This is a fact that the majority of people do not want to face. To face it might mean that they would have to give up their amusements and distractions, and certainly they are not willing to do that. So they send their children off to schools where the teacher cares no more for them than they do. Why should he care? Teaching is merely a job to him, a way of earning money.

 The world we have created is so superficial, so artificial, so ugly if one looks behind the curtain; and we decorate the curtain, hoping that everything will somehow come right. Most people are unfortunately not very earnest about life except, perhaps, when it comes to making money, gaining power, or pursuing sexual excitement. They do not want to face the other complexities of life, and that is why, when their children grow up, they are as immature and unintegrated as their parents, constantly battling with themselves and with the world.

 We say so easily that we love our children; but is there love in our hearts when we accept the existing social conditions, when we do not want to bring about a fundamental transformation in this destructive society? And as long as we look to the specialists to educate our children, this confusion and misery will continue; for the specialists, being concerned with the part and not with the whole, are themselves unintegrated.

 Instead of being the most honoured and responsible occupation, education is now considered slightingly, and most educators are fixed in a routine. They are not really concerned with integration and intelligence, but with the imparting of information; and a man who merely imparts information with the world crashing about him is not an educator.

 An educator is not merely a giver of information; he is one who points the way to wisdom, to truth. Truth is far more important than the teacher. The search for truth is religion, and truth is of no country, of no creed, it is not to be found in any temple, church or mosque. Without the search for truth, society soon decays. To create a new society, each one of us has to be a true teacher, which means that we have to be both the pupil and the master; we have to educate ourselves.

 If a new social order is to be established, those who teach merely to earn a salary can obviously have no place as teachers. To regard education as a means of livelihood is to exploit the children for one's own advantage. In an enlightened society, teachers will have no concern for their own welfare, and the community will provide for their needs.

 The true teacher is not he who has built up an impressive educational organization, nor he who is an instrument of the politicians, nor he who is bound to an ideal, a belief or a country. The true teacher is inwardly rich and therefore asks nothing for himself; he is not ambitious and seeks no power in any form; he does not use teaching as a means of acquiring position or authority, and therefore he is free from the compulsion of society and the control of governments. Such teachers have the primary place in an enlightened civilization, for true culture is founded, not on the engineers and technicians, but on the educators.

 ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

 From 'Education And The Significance Of Life', ch. 5

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Krishnamurti - It Doesn't Matter If You Die For It

Torn between society and your hidden talent - J.Krishnamurti

Human beings have some kind of human talent. That is to paint , play violin, to play the flute or to be a very good human being. Your society , your parents,  everybody says become a  businessman, or become a doctor or become a engineer. So your brain is conditioned by parents or by the society in which you live. Do you understand what I'm saying ? Our own talent is destroyed by this pressure. You might be a great singer or a marvelous botanist but your parents your society know that this is not good enough. So you destroy your own talent. What is important is to have your own talent and to be happy with it. You understand what I'm saying ? So you are to discover your own talent and stick to that Talent, whether you become rich, poor or successful.

Children : but you can also become a businessman and by side you can also be a painter.

Krishnamurti : clever boy.  they say that you can become a businessman, a general , Army Captain and also paint. Do you follow how his brain is working ? Then you don't do it fully, properly, happily.

Children : Why sir ?

Krishnamurti : Because you are torn between the two.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Playlist tutorial from Fourth Way, towards our aim to "BE"

Videos structured on right order to learn.
Its best to watch, one video at a time.
Giving a weeks timem before one can watch the next one.
And work towards it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sadhguru encounter with a devotee, a hanuman bhakta

Questioner: How can a person go beyond maya or illusion? Even when a person is truly good, a good bhaktha, however much he tries, he is unable to elevate his status in life. Is this because of maya?

Sadhguru: (……………………………………………………………………………….)There is a man in Namakkal(a district in Tamilnadu), a Hanuman bhaktha. I never meddle with him because he is a very simple being. Hanuman is the path for him. Hanuman is everything for him and anything he asks for gets answered for him. For him it is like this. Even this yoga program – he does not know what yoga is. He is too simple a being. For him Hanuman is everything. So he went to Hanuman and asked him if he should go to the yoga program and apparently Hanuman told him that it is good and he could go. It gets answered for him somehow, it does not matter whether a flower falls, or something else. That is not the point. That man is so simple and so sincere that it will definitely work. Somebody just has to say, “Hanuman” and tears will flow out of his eyes. It is fantastic for a man to be like that. If I just hug him, he will go into ecstasies because he is just on the verge. I make fun of temples, I say, “Hanuman is a monkey, he is not God.” I say many things in front of him, it does not matter to him because he sees Jaggi also only as Hanuman. That’s how he sees. For him, Jaggi is also another form of Hanuman. He feels the same vibrations here.  You say whatever nonsense you want about Hanuman, he will happily sit and listen. It is okay with him! Immediately after the program he will go straight to the temple. It is fantastic for a man to be like that. It is very easy, just like that everything will fall in place for such simple folk.

It is not Hanuman, it is your own consciousness. How you hold yourself is everything. What you hold as you is God. If you are sincere enough, if the logical mind is eliminated and you ask this question with love, God is right here. Because you cannot see it directly, if you see it in the form of Hanuman, it is okay. It is a beautiful device if it works. If Hanuman is just about going and putting vada mala or jilebi mala and then you start the barter, then you are a fool. For you, temples should be destroyed; but if there are people like this Hanuman bhaktha, we must build temples. It is needed. If people are like this, a temple is a great instrument.
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