Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Regenerate yourself in Nature

Sadhguru - There is substantial scientific evidence to show that within a single generation, the genetic structure of a particular family can deteriorate. It is not because our genes have become weak — we have become weak. Because we have become weak, the next generation will be weaker, unless they really strive. Of course, it can always be revived, but whether revival will happen is the question.

One day, you will have an electric car to drive you from your sitting room to your bedroom, and from your bedroom to the office – it may happen. Everything will be at the touch of a button. Touching buttons may also go away. If you verbally speak, everything will get typed and work will be done. You don’t have to use your body or your brains at any great length. So definitely, in a single generation, we can fall dramatically. It is already happening at an alarming rate. Simple physical things that we were capable of doing as children are like a circus for children today. Only the very athletic are able.

I was speaking to an elite group in Chennai. These young couples pride themselves on their fitness — walking on the treadmill, cycling and of course, all of the ladies are wearing size zero, so they think they are fit. I asked them a simple question, “Suppose you are walking on the street and a tiger came, how many of you could just climb a tree and save your life? Only those who are doing a laborer’s job, like building a road or digging a hole could do it.” They agreed. They may look reasonably fit, but they are not fundamentally strong within themselves. The very sinews of life within have become weak. This weakening is happening dramatically, and as technology makes you do less and less, both in the body and the brain, it becomes a very serious affair. This is probably how we will decimate ourselves, not by bombs, fire or riots. We will just peter out because we won’t have the strength to exist by ourselves.

Right now, a lot of people over eighty are on different types of life-support. If we continue to weaken, in fifty years, the age at which human beings need life-support may come down dramatically by ten or fifteen years. This is a serious weakening of the human structure. And the next generation will definitely inherit this genetic structure. This is one of the reasons we set up a yoga center in America, on some 1,300 acres of land. At first, everybody said, “This is crazy Sadhguru, we must buy twenty-five acres next to Atlanta.” But the purpose of the ashram is not just to have a center and meditate; it is to regenerate life.

I want many of you to live on the land, work on the land and become strong as life should be. You can conduct the spiritual process and do life in a way it needs to be done, not the way it is done in New York City or somewhere else – but do life strong. If we don’t do that, we won’t have much to say about humanity in the future. I am not saying one ashram is going to save this, this needs to happen in many places. We have to go back to the land. We have to live with the five elements and be exposed to the earth, sky, rain — these things need to happen. The forces of life are not just within your body; they are everywhere. Without being in communication with all five elements every day, life does not happen strong. We need to live strong. This purpose can be fulfilled with Yoga.

Love & Blessings,

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Krishnamurti on 9 to 5 job

QUESTION: The speaker has said that going to an office everyday from nine to five is an intolerable imprisonment. But in any society all kinds of jobs have to be done. Is K's teaching therefore only for the few?

You have understood? Shall I read it again? The speaker has said that human society is so constructed throughout the world that most people are occupied with jobs, pleasant or unpleasant, from nine to five everyday of their life. And he said also that it is an intolerable imprisonment. I don't know how you feel about it. Probably you like being in prison, probably you like your jobs from nine o'clock to five o'clock, rushing, rushing back and all the rest of it. What shall we do? To the speaker he wouldn't tolerate it for a single minute - for the speaker. I would rather do something which would be pleasant, helpful and necessary to earn enough money and so on. But most of us accept this prison, this routine - right? We accept it. So what shall we do? Nobody, as far as one is capable of sufficient observation, nobody has questioned this. We say it is normal, it is the way of society, it is the way of our life, it is the way we must live. But if we all see together that such an imprisonment, which it is actually, that we all feel it is intolerable, not just verbally but actually do something about it we will create a new society - right? We will if all of us say we will not tolerate for a single day this routine, this monstrous activity of nine to five, however necessary, however good and pleasant, then we will bring about not only psychological revolution but also outwardly. Right? We may agree about this but will we do it? You might say, "No, I can't do it because I have responsibility, I have children, I have a house and mortgage, insurance" - thank god I haven't got any of those! And so you might say, "It is easy for you to talk about all this." But it is easy for the speaker to talk about it because he refuses to go in that pattern. From boyhood he refused it.

Now if we all consider that such a psychological as well as physical revolution of this kind is necessary, not bloody and all the rest of it, then we will create the society - won't we? You want others to create the society and you can then slip into it. That is what we are all waiting for. A few struggle, work, create, and refuse to enter into this rat race and the others say, "Yes, after you have constructed what you think is right society, then we all join you" - but we don't do it together. That is the whole problem. Right? If we all had this, not idea but the fact, that to spend our life from nine o'clock to five o'clock probably before that, every day of our life for sixty years and more, we would do something about it. As if you refuse to have wars - you understand - wars, killing other people in the name of your country, your god, whatever the ideal is, if you all refused to kill another there would be no wars - right? But we have constructed a society, built a society, based on violence, armaments, each nation protecting itself against other nations, and so we are perpetuating wars, killing your sons, your daughters, everything. And we support it. In the same way we support, maintain this imprisonment. It may be pleasant for those who have an agreeable job but those who refuse to enter this game they will act, they will do something.

So the problem is, do we see the importance, or the necessity of this change? After all the human mind is not merely occupied with a particular job, pleasant or unpleasant. The human mind has the quality of other things which we disregard. We are concerned with the whole of life, not just a career, nine to five, how we live, what we do, what our thinking is, whether there is affection, care, love, compassion. All that is part of life. But we are so conditioned to this idea that we must work and create a structure of a society that demands that you work from morning until night. The speaker refuses to pay into that rat race. It isn't that he has got certain gifts or that somebody will look after him, but he refuse

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sadhguru visits Bahubali's temple in gomatagiri, mysore.

#Sadhguru : Is the white flower the most beautiful one or the red flower the most beautiful one, such questions don’t arise, out here.  Such questions have come from cultures, which are steeped in morality, as to something has to be good, as something has to be bad.  In this state, of making something right and making something wrong, there is no way a spiritual process can happen because essentially spiritual process means, all-inclusiveness.  If you cannot embrace everything, the way it is, if you have to accept some and reject some, than there will be no spiritual process. You will have only morality, no spirituality. 

This reminds me of a fantastic story, a situation rather, which happened in “Bahubali’s” life.  Myself and #Bahubali, for a few years, had a great affair.  There is a place called Gomatagiri which is a little over 25km from mysore city.  There is a 18 foot tall statue of Gomata, standing naked, on top of a rock.  It is, I think, a 1100 years old statue, which was lost with overgrowth of forest.  And probably about, in the late 60’s it was rediscovered.  The man who rediscovered it, a simple stone cutter, a illiterate person, went there to take a stone, and he discovered this statue, which is on top of a small hill or a bunch of rocks which are around 120ft tall and on top of it a 18 foot tall statue of Bahubali. 

I met this old man, he was in his 70’s and he was still cutting stones and when I spoke to him, a completely unschooled, untrained person.  He was such a amazing guy, just having found this #Gomateshwara, his whole life was transformed, he became a devotee.  A simple stone cutter, turned into a fantastic devotee.  I met him in 83 or 84, when I was there and conducted a few programs and spended  a certain amount of time in Gomatagiri.  There are any number of things that I can say about this place because so many things happened there.  This was the time in 1982, when my own experiences have blossomed but I was trying to find articulation on what was happening within me.  It was a very crucial time, when Gomateshwara came into my life and as I said we had a great affair. 

So there is a wonderful situation in Gomata’s life.  He and his brother had fought many battles together initially.  Later on, they fought against each other.  After having bloodbath, after having slaughtered thousands of people.  One day Bahubali realized, what is the point of all this bloodshed and he went and stood in penance, naked and just stood there.   You will always see the statue of Gomata standing naked with wines going over his head or his body.  This shows that he stood there for a very long time and he stood there for over 14 years. Everything that he could do to himself in terms of  purifying himself, he has done but still he could not attain.

When a Yogi, a Sage, of great attainment came by Gomata looked at him and just one tear drop slipped out of his eyes.  This one tear drop was a question mark, what is it.  I have done everything that I could do, what is holding me back, that’s the question.  Unuttered question, just a tear drop to ask this question to a Yogi, what is holding me back, I have done everything that I know.

Than the Yogi said, you have brought the false sense of humility into you.  You are a king but now you are willing to bow down to a beggar on the street.  You are willing to bow down to any creature in this planet, you are willing to bow down to the inanimate rock, you have made yourself like this, its wonderful but I see that you are incapable of bowing down to your brother with whom you have a fight.  It is this falseness of humility that is holding you back.

This was the moment of attainment for Bahubali.  Within himself, he did bow down to his little brother and he attained.

This is a very beautiful story because this is how the human being is held back.  Its not great things.  Its one little things that you can’t clear from your karmic space that holds you back.  Is it not unfair? How many things I did?  Right now, if a little finger gets stuck to this pillar, I have freed the whole body, my little finger is stuck, can I go somewhere?  I cannot go somewhere.  This is how it is.

Note : Gomateshwara is another name of Bahubali

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My sharing - Are you interested in full time volunteering?

Fidarose : It was really one of the life transforming experience, after visiting this "In the Lap of the master" and "Guru Purnima" sathsang with Sadhguru. It is like leaving the snake skin of fear behind.

There are many people who are stuggling to make two ends meet here in this world. One category is; people who are desiring materiality success to fulfill their desires. They are not able to achieve this end but they are utterly engrossed in the world. I am not talking about this kind.
Then, there is second category of people; who have lost interest in the world but still stay in the world since they are attached to the past, the family. Even they are struggling to make the two ends meet but are failing every now and then. They are feeling guilty about it. They don't have to live this way.

They need to recognize themselves for "Who they are". These are the kind of people, whose only goal is to serve the world to make it a better place and dissolve themselves.

What I am saying is; they are devotees and they are trying to become a businessmen, which is not in their very nature of being.

Sadhguru shared that the next 12 years will be the golden period for spirituality and people all over the world are waiting eagerly that someone will come and impart this yogic knowledge to them.
If you are living a fulfilled life, nothing needs to be changed. But if you feel that there is something, which you are not living here as a dynamic being, then there is this opportunity , which is open for you.

For full time volunteering, call this number 8300098777, email them at volunteering@ishafoundation.org and visit the link www.ishafoundation.org/volunteer
In the just concluded Sathsang, Sadhguru was most welcoming for full time volunteers. Happy volunteering.

Friday, July 22, 2016

What are parents really seeking from their childrens.

Questioner : Today is my birthday. As a child this was the most amazing day for me. As a teenager i would just party. Today I am in spiritual discourse and my family says "Whats wrong with you?" Birthday is now just another day, but I don't know whats coming next.
Sadhguru : You are evolving. You must help your parents to evolve because for the Indian person, I want you to understand the only reason why parents desperately want to have a son is because they believed......... that you will facilitate their liberation.

Do you know this?

Now its time, you remind them.
This is a important duty for a child.

If parents are aging, and they don't have sense to come to their senses, you must remind them.
So, has a birthday gift, you must remind them, its time they looked inward.

They are afraid, that if you take a spiritual step, you might not turn back. And they are right on that. It is not that you won't go home. You will go home. But they won't have the same bondage from you as they knew. They have their hooks on you, and suddenly you are free.........Thats something that nobody can tolerate. Please understand this. I am bound.....You are free...I cannot tolerate this. When I am bound....you should also be bound. I am bound to you.......why are you not bound to me......... "SO THIS IS THE WHOLE GAME".

So has a son, this is one of the most important duties to remind your parents it is time they turn inward. Invest some time and energy upon their own inner wellbeing because if they do not do this one thing, they will die miserably for sure....Yes.....If you have anything beyond the physical, when the moment of death comes, terror is the only way. There is no other choice. You want them to die gracefully. _/\_

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sadhguru on the use of syllables"SaReGaMa"

Existence will yield to you only if you pay attention to something.

Sadhguru : Anything in this existence will yield to you only if you pay substantial attention to it. But now people have become like this, they can’t look at anything, everything is chuk chuk chuk chuk. Now in this condition there will be no wonder, only conclusions in your head. There is no perception, there is only, you know monologues going on in your head, there is no perception. If there is perception all noise in your head will just stop. If you’re looking at something absolutely beautiful and engaging everything stops. Why people are enjoying your cinema is just this, you switch off the lights, they’re focused on the thing for those whatever few minutes or ninety minutes or whatever, their usual monologues are gone, something else is happening. They don’t know what’s the next scene or whatever which keeps them on. But the important thing is their attention is engaged continuously, which makes them feel something has happened to them today going to the cinema hall. If you just keep the lights on, you will see cinema will not be effective. Or if somebody is talking to them, it’ll not be effective. They just sit there like this (Gestures), it is the attention which is making the difference, it is not what play… what’s playing on the screen. It is what is playing on the screen is instrumental in grabbing the attention but it is the attention, continuous attention which is making the experience of being there. So this is a rudimentary form of meditation. It’s called dharana, that you…

Anupam Kher: Yes, that’s… it’s mentioned in the seven different forms. So how does one in today’s time retain that attention span?

Sadhguru: One simple thing is… I mean if I say yoga, that’ll be a bad thing because it’s like I am promoting it – no. Everybody must do something about themselves. Every child, every school should bring this dimension that a child is required to pay attention to something continuously. It could be music; it could be dance. See you cannot do music or dance unless you pay attention to it you know. You’ll make a fool of yourself if do not pay enough attention. But you can pass an examination without attention. You understand? (Laughs)

 Above all, if you just… I’ve seen this simple thing, children came to us… we have a Isha Home School, which is a very… run in a very different way. I one day went to the Assembly hall, these six, six-and-a-half year old kids, they’re all like this (Gestures), like this, like this. I said, ‘Why are the kids like broken tops? Why are they shaking around like this?’ Then I just brought this thing, simply every day in the morning, ‘Sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa,’ fifteen minutes, everybody must do. You go there after two months they’re all sitting like this. (Gestures) That’s all it takes.

If you just make them walk in the forest in the night, one night, okay, in the darkness you just make them walk, you will see they will become like this. (Gestures) Their ability to pay attention will become like that. Their sense of wonder will explode. You just take them into the jungle, make them walk for a night, without torches, without cell-phones, without anything, in a protected atmosphere, you will see within one night there’ll be a tremendous transformation in the sense of wonder in the child’s life. But we are making them physically incapable of these things. Sitting just in front of the computers they are becoming physically incapable. When physically it hurts they will protest; they will not do anything. So it’s something that parents must take care off. Bringing up your child does not mean just sending him to school and getting marks and grades and nonsense. Your child in body and mind should grow up to full capabilities. That is when it’ll manifest in his life as success. Just marks will not manifest as success.




Friday, July 1, 2016

Devotion has no rules

Devotee series:

In a quiet village of West Bengal lived Bamacharan, who as a child was so devoted to the mother goddess that if her image would not answer his prayers, he would roll on the ground screaming and crying. He was considered mad by the villagers and they gave him the name Bamakhepa. He sang songs with his father who used to go into ecstatic states while he sang for the goddess. He grew up to be an extraordinary child, having a relationship with the goddess which none understands, alternating emotional love and exhilaration, with anger and hatred, love and belonging. He went on to become a priest at Maa Tara’s temple at Tarapith but his stay there was marked with confrontation. He refused to perform any rituals or do any rites as a priest. He roamed around, making friends with dogs, sharing food with them, sitting for hours at the cremation grounds and seeing the goddess dance to the tunes of life and death. What outraged the caretakers and others who frequented the temple was that he would eat food to be offered to the goddess before the worship ceremony was finished. The caretakers started murmuring, “Bamakhepa is one mad man, completely unfit to be the priest. See he is making the food impure and unsanctified by not offering the food to the goddess first.” One fine day in anger they beat him severely but Bama insisted that it is the goddess who asked him to take food in this way. He was thrown away from the temple site. But that day the temple owner, the Rani of Natore, had a dream. She dreamt that Maa Tara was leaving the temple. Maa Tara looked very sad and her back was bleeding and full of cuts, and vultures and jackals followed behind her, lapping the blood from her wounds.

In fear, Rani asked, “O Maa, why do you show me these terrible things, and why are you leaving us?”

The goddess answered, “I have been in this mahapitha for ages but now your priests have beaten my dear son whom they consider mad and as a mother, I have taken these blows upon myself. I am in great pain, for four days I have been starving, because they have not allowed my son to eat my ritual food. So I refused to accept the offerings too. My child, how can a mother take food before her child is fed? It is my wish that all that food offered to me at the temple should be first given to my son before it reaches me.” Saying this, the Big Mother disappeared.

The Rani was perplexed and she ordered that the priest be brought back and treated well. Bama continued being the priest at the temple, the most unconventional priest who inspite of having the knowledge of the vedas and puranas, chose not to worship the goddess through any rituals or mantras. He, instead, followed the path of pure, raw devotion. A state of devotion and despise, love and anger, ecstacy and the pain of separation. To him She was his mother, the Big Mother, the beginning and end.

What is the shade of devotion? To the world a devotee might seem mad, a misfit, but isn’t devotion, an insane encounter?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Without a commited atmosphere, there should be no transmission of Yoga - Sadhguru

Sadhguru :  “To tell you to what extent this holds, I must tell you this… I hope you understand this in the right perspective. My mother was ill many years ago. We knew that she was going to die. My mother was spiritually inclined and as her death came closer, she said, ‘I want to experience meditation.’ I said ‘Okay, I’ll organize a class in the town, you come.’ She was in a bad condition but according to me, she could come and do it. But my father being a physician said, ‘No way is she going to leave the house for three-and-a-half hours and sit there. Do whatever you want in the home, but no going and sitting in the class.’ He is the senior man and you know how it is… but my mother repeatedly expressed, ‘I want to experience meditation.’ I said to her, ‘Convince him and come somehow. Anyway you are going to die. What is there if you fall dead in my class?’ She wouldn’t have fallen dead and I would have made sure that she experienced something truly worthwhile but this didn’t happen.”

“Twice I fixed programs so that it would be convenient for her to come and attend, but it didn’t happen. I refused to teach it at home in an uncommitted atmosphere. I am not interested in teaching any yoga to a mother or sister. If you sit with me you have to sit right. Otherwise there is no question because it will not be what it should be. That is how it is held, not because of some extreme attitude, but because we know the implications of what it is.”

So what constitutes the ‘committed atmosphere’? The participants of the Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program have had a session on how to create this. Sadhguru says, “A lot of care has been taken to organize the program in a certain way because how we set up the program is as important as how we conduct the program. We want the place to be set up in such a way that even as people enter the place they know this is a committed place. They don’t even have to go through the class, they can sense it. That setting up is very important. Without the right kind of atmosphere the right kind of things will not happen.”

So, the participants have been given guidelines on how to choose the appropriate location and hall for their classes, how to judge its size, the ambience and amenities that it offers. They have learnt how to lay out the class with respect to carpets, mats and cushions, how to install the dais, and set up the demo table, the audio system, and the screens/projector as the case may be. They have been instructed on what kind of attire is suitable for the teacher and the demo person. The importance of certain other details have been communicated – the significance of lighting a lamp, the placing of consecrated items, the arrangement of incense and flowers in creating the right energy support and ambience. More “mundane” matters are given attention too – lists of stationery material needed for the class and even how their yoga students should park their footwear outside the premises. This orientation has gone a long way in building the confidence of the group as it gives them a solid grasp of the practical details that they will encounter later on.

As always, Sadhguru’s reasons for this meticulousness are profound: “You must learn to do the simple tasks of your life and the most important tasks of your life with the same involvement. If you bring this culture into yourself, whether it is footwear or a crown, you handle it with the same care. Whether it is an ant or an elephant, you treat it with the same concern. When it comes to Isha Yoga Programs, the volunteers are going about as if carpets are some kind of precision instruments: it must be exactly where it should be. Everything in your life must be handled that way. That is a very good and conducive culture for a spiritual seeker, a culture of involvement with everything. It is not that one thing is important and another is not. Everything is important.”

Friday, May 20, 2016

I am complete - A incident narrated by Byron Katie

Byron Katie :-

I have a friend who, after doing inquiry sincerely
for a number of years, came to understand that the world is a reflection of mind.

She was married to a man who was the love of her life, and one day, while they were sitting on their couch, he had a heart attack and died in her arms. 

After the first shock and the tears, she began looking for grief, and there was none. For weeks she kept looking for grief, because her friends told her that grief was a necessary part of the healing process.
And all she felt was a completeness:
that there was nothing of him that she'd had while he was physically with her that she didn't have now.

She told me that every time a sad thought about him appeared, she would immediately ask,
"Is it true?"
and see the turnaround, which washed away
the sadness and replaced it with what was truer.
"He was my best friend; I have no one to talk to now"
became "I am my best friend; I have me to talk to now."
"I'll miss his wisdom" became "I don't miss his wisdom"; there was no way she could miss it, because she was that wisdom.
Everything she thought she'd had in him she could find in herself; there was no difference. And because he turned out to be her, he couldn't die. Without the story of life and death, she said, there was just love. He was always with her.

- Byron Katie, ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Chandrakund" and "Theerthakund" water bodies, to become receptive to the Grace of Dhyanalinga

In "Yoga", when we say "health", we only look at "energy" - the way it is - Sadhguru

When it comes to health, no human being gets to live in perfect conditions. The pressures of life, the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, all these can affect us in many ways. The more our activities are in the world, the more we’re exposed to many things that can throw our chemistry off balance and create health problems. But if the energy in our system is properly cultivated and kept active, these things will not have an effect. The physical body and the mental body will be in perfect health; there is no question about it.

We need to curtail our human population. Humans.................slowdown...

Sadhguru Sri Brahma Samadhi in Trichy

The Magic of Being with Sadhguru - Moving from Untruth to Truth

The Success Conspiracy

The Crippled Fox ft Sadhguru

Monday, April 18, 2016

Whats seems nectar in life, is poison. What seems poison in life, is nectar

#Sadhguru #UltimateNectorOfLife #UltimateTruth #BondingWithBeyond #KrishnaOnBhagavatGita

What is Truth?

“What is truth, and what is its nature,” was the question Arjuna asked Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Sadhguru explains Krishna’s answer, and elaborates on the “ultimate nectar of life.”

When Arjuna asked Krishna,
“What is the nature of this truth that you are talking about? I am not able to grasp it,”
🌸Krishna said,
 “The nature of the truth is such that if you drink what looks like amritam (nectar), it will become visham (poison). If you drink what looks like visham, it will become amritam.”🌸

The one thing that you don’t want in your life is emptiness.
All the trouble that you take on in your life in terms of education, family, profession, money and problems, is because somehow, you want to ensure that your life is not empty.
That’s all you are trying to do, at any cost.

👉But if you become empty consciously, that is the ultimate nectar of life.

And yet, in your normal perception, it is absolute poison. Nobody wants it. But if you drink it, it becomes your nectar.

🌀"If the divine has to enter you and manifest itself within you, you need empty space."🌀

At the same time, all the other things that you thought of as nectar – whether it was knowledge, money, power, love or whatever – you ran after them, but what is it that has happened to you?

🌀Little pleasures have come to you but ultimately, by the time you look around, your life is gone.
In trying to run after the so-called nectar, you are robbed of life.
And all the bitterness and suffering on this planet is only because people are running after these things, isn’t it?
But if you go for that which looks like poison, your life will become nectar. That is the nature of the truth.🌀

If the divine has to enter you and manifest itself within you, you need empty space.
Otherwise, all that is there is just the devil of your mind.

🌸Only if emptiness happens, divine-ness will happen to you.🌸

You have known love, joy and peace only in moments of emptiness – all the beautiful things have happened to you only in moments of emptiness.
 But logically and mentally, you think emptiness is the one thing that you don’t want.
👉It looks like poison, but it is nectar.

Hitting the Goldmine

If you run after fulfillment, it will be an endless run.
 You will never be fulfilled.

 There are three ways in which you try to fulfill yourself.
✴You want your pocket to be full with wealth.
✴You want your head to be full – you want to know everything.
✴You want your heart to be full – you want to love and you want people to love you.

These are the only three ways through which you are attempting fulfillment.

👉 Now suppose I give you all the money in the planet, will your pocket become full or can it take some more?
It can take some more, isn’t it?
So in the very nature of things, your pocket cannot become full.

👉If I grind all the libraries on this planet and pour it into your head, will your head become full? No, it can take some more. So in the very nature of things, your head cannot become full.

👉If you include the whole population as a part of yourself and love them, will your heart become full or can you include a newborn child also? You can, so this also cannot become full.

🌀So if you run after fulfillment, you will be on an endless run.🌀

🌸But emptiness is always full. That which is empty is absolutely empty. It is never half empty. There is no such thing as incomplete emptiness. To see this, it takes awareness, and only then you recognize the nectar of life.🌸

 👉Otherwise, you mistake the poison as nectar and waste your life running after that.
This is the fundamental of spiritual life.

💁People think that someone on the  spiritual path has given up everything.
🌸They have not given up anything.
🌸They have hit a goldmine.
🌸No problems, no nonsense.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yoga Namaskar - Practice, which is instrumental in strenghtening the Spine

Sadhguru on significance of Yoga Namaskar Practice, which is instumental in strengthening the Spine.


• A light stomach is recommended (keep a 1.5-hour gap after food). If you do not fulfill this condition on a particular day, please skip the Yoga Namaskar practice.


Questioner] A few days ago, you spoke about the spine being the physical,
emotional, and spiritual growth center. Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

[Sadhguru] The spine, we call it “Merudanda.” “Merudanda” means, it is the axis of the Universe.
A human being can live just as a biological entity or he can transform himself into such a thing he is almost like the center of the Universe.
So, spine is one dimension of you, which determines which direction you go.
If you manipulate the spine in a certain way, the very way your mind and the brain functions can be greatly altered. I should not be saying all these things.
I can blow your head off just by touching your spine, you know, really. I can just touch your spine and have your brain going into a real tizzy, because spine is a root. So, when you do the kriya or when you generally in your life except for sleeping postures, it’s good to keep the spine erect.
That itself will do many things to you, many things.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Isha Shoppe USA - Android App

Isha Shoppe USA - Click here for link to download this Android App

 Shop online using Isha Shoppe mobile app. This is for Isha store in the USA.

Mystic Quotes - Android App

 Mystic Quotes - Click here for link to download this Android App

“If you are willing, I am available in ways beyond your logical understanding.” – Sadhguru

Receive Sadhguru’s quote, every day, at a time of your choosing. Insightful, provocative and devastatingly logical, the quotes are a great way to receive Sadhguru's wisdom every day.

Features include:
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Isha Foundation - Android App

Isha Foundation - Android App

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Features include:
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  • Sadhguru's Daily Message
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  • Videos - Most recent, Most Watched and more, all from our Youtube Channel
  • Calendar - Keep track of the monthly lunar events like Amavasya, Ekadasi, Pournami and major Isha Events like Mahashivarathri.
  • Yogic Temple - Information on Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple and Linga Bhairavi, including bus timings and directions.
  • About Isha - Learn about Isha Foundation, Sadhguru and their activities, outreach programs and social media destinations.
  • Downloads - Ringtones and Wallpapers available for your mobile device.

Now keep in touch with Isha and Sadhguru whereever you are.
Please Note: Internet connection (2G+ or Wifi) is required for some features.
WEB : www.ishafoundation.org
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E-MAIL : socialmedia@ishafoundation.org

Isha Chants - Android App

Isha Chants - Click here for link to download Isha Chants

 Isha Chants includes three collections of chants – Vairagya, Ye Devi and Linga Bhairavi Arati – each with its own flavour.


Vairagya consists of five chants, each with its own unique hue.

First, the Nirvana Shatakam is an outstanding composition by Adi Shankara, embodying the essence of vairagya. This chant is regarded as synonymous with the path of brahmacharya.

The Guru Paduka Stotram is a devotional tribute in gratitude and praise of the sandals of the Guru.

Brahmananda Swarupa (“the image of the Creator’s ecstasy”) is a consecrated mantra which one can chant throughout the day to connect to Sadhguru’s energy and Grace.

Aum Namah Shivaya, known as the “Maha Mantra” is a very powerful arrangement of sounds which forms an integral part of a Brahmachari’s sadhana. It is also the highlight of the Mahashivratri meditations at Isha Yoga Center.

Shambho (“the auspicious one”) is a very gentle and beautiful manifestation of Shiva who readily responds to those who call upon Him.

A series of posts that explain the significance of these chants are available in the Isha Blog:
Making Use of Vairagya
Here are Sadhguru’s guidelines on finding which of the 5 Vairagya chants will suit you best.
Listen to each of the mantras a few times. Don't try to like or dislike them in terms of their musical quality or whatever – just listen to them. When you feel one of them really draws you, keep that mantra going all the time – at home, in your car, on your phone – everywhere. After some time, it will become so much a part of your system and will set a certain ambience for you.
These sounds should become like your breath. After some time, without even listening you will be reverberating with the chant. It'll do wonderful things to you.

Ye Devi
These sublimely powerful chants were especially selected by Sadhguru, and adapted by Sounds of Isha, to be played at the consecration of Linga Bhairavi. Ethereal vocals, resounding with the stark intensity of the mantras, and subtle soundscapes of traditional instruments evoke a warmly serene, meditative ambience. A mystical space to connect and resound with the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe.
Linga Bhairavi is the most exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine, unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga. Her triangular-shaped abode is adjacent to the Isha Yoga Center. Powerful, earthy and humane, Linga Bhairavi is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess – all-powerful and all-encompassing.

Linga Bhairavi Arati
This collection brings three powerful Sanskrit mantras sung by Sadhguru for the Devi.
1. Linga Bhairavi Arati – An appeal for Devi’s Grace and an offering of oneself.
2. Linga Bhairavi Stuti – The 33 auspicious names of the Devi are a key to imbibing Her form.
3. Linga Bhairavi Stuti with Chorus – In this version, you can learn the Stuti by repeating after Sadhguru.
4. Linga Bhairavi Mantra (“Lum Vum”) – Devi is a manifestation of the three-and-a-half chakras in the human system which correlate to one’s health, wellbeing, stability and prosperity.
Consecrated by Sadhguru, these devotional chants describe the manifold qualities of the Devi.
She is the one who is Mother to all, who protects her devotees, who is beyond fear, who is the giver of ecstasy and who grants ultimate liberation.

Isha Kriya - Android App

                                      Isha Kriya - Click here for link to download this Android App

Isha Kriya is a simple but powerful guided meditation for clarity, health and joy. This meditation can be practiced by anyone above 12 years of age.

'Isha' means that which is the source of creation.
'Kriya' means an inward action towards that.

Daily practice of Isha Kriya, which takes just 12 minutes, will help you to reorganize your energies and provide:
Enhanced Clarity
Improved Health
Heightened focus and energy
Greater prosperity and a state of peacefulness and joy
This meditation is designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, profound mystic and humanitarian, in an effort to raise human consciousness.

Yoga Tools from Sadhguru - Android App


Just five minutes a day can transform your life! Whether you’re seeking health and joy or peace and love, whether it’s success in the world or inner exploration you’re striving for, these 5-minute practices are designed to help you cut through the struggle and walk through life with ease.
The app includes guided instruction videos with demos and explanations for each of the seven practices.

The videos are available offline too, so once downloaded, the app needs no internet connection.

The seven practices include:

Yoga for Health

This practice is a simple way to activate the energy nodules in your joints and exercise your muscles, bringing ease to the whole system.

Yoga for Success

The energy and neurological systems branch out in a big way in the region of the shoulder blades and above. The neck practices activate these systems, bringing alertness and intellectual sharpness.

Yoga for Wellbeing

Yoga Namaskar is a powerful practice that nurtures the physical, psychological and energy dimensions of a human being.

Yoga for Peace
The Nadi Shuddhi practice cleanses the nadis – the pathways through which pranic energy flows – resulting in a balanced system and psychological wellbeing.

Yoga for Joy

Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound or reverberation – allows you to utter the sounds that create an inner atmosphere of joy, making it a natural way to be.

Yoga for Inner Exploration

Shambhavi Mudra is an easy, effortless process that enhances your perception and makes you receptive to that dimension of life, often termed as Grace.

Yoga for Love

The many nerve endings in your palms make them very sensitive. By placing them together in a Namaskar, you can change your chemistry to foster love within.

Benefits of Upa Yoga

Designed by Sadhguru, these practices are based on the science of Upa Yoga, which is oriented towards physical and psychological benefits. These practices help:
• Enhance vitality, focus, memory and productivity
• Stabilize the body, mind and emotions
• Strengthen and stabilize the spine
• Help relieve back pain, stress, anxiety and tension
• Help relieve chronic ailments and improve overall health
• Enhance teamwork and communication
• Impart a lasting sense of joy, peace and fulfillment

Practice Guidelines

• The practices can be done at any time and anywhere. It is best to do them in the sequence given in the app. Each practice can also be done individually, if your focus is only on some of the aspects.
• If you are looking at doing just one practice, we recommend doing Yoga Namaskar for overall wellbeing.
A light stomach is recommended (keep a 1.5-hour gap after food). If you do not fulfill this condition on a particular day, please skip the Yoga Namaskar practice.

• Anyone over 7 years of age can do the practices.

Twilight Moments: You Can Know Life Only Now - this is the moment - Sad...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sadhguru's message to us

Sathsang (Apr 1,2016)

"I am With You - Sadhguru"

Everyday from 6.20 to 6.30 pm,
 if you are in office, work, walking, sleep, cooking, where ever you are at this time stop everything and you do "Brahmananda Swaroopa" chanting
 for 7 minutes and 3 minutes silence.

" At this time I'm with you. You must do it everyday."

Please Note : For people outside India, the presence time is same i.e., 18:20 to 18:30 hours.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Can you deny thought, which desires to possess, yet allow the sensation to remain ?

 Krishnamurti :

Look, you desire something, don't you, sir? You desire to have money, you desire to have position, or you desire, what? - a woman, or a man. Of course you are all holy, therefore you never face that issue. You desire. Now see what happens, trace it out. You see something beautiful which appeals to your senses, that is the sensation. Then thought creates the image of you having that. Thought when it creates the image is the origin, or the beginning of desire. Is this clear? Obviously. This is fairly clear, I don't have to repeat it. But the question is: can thought not create the image but only sensation remain? I see that beautiful tree, which is beautiful. But I have a house with a piece of land, I want that tree to grow in my land. So desire has taken place. That's all. And desire cannot possibly bring about transformation.

Friday, March 25, 2016

J.Krishnamurti on the role of school teacher

If parents really cared for their children, they would build a new society; but fundamentally most parents do not care, and so they have no time for this most urgent problem. They have time for making money, for amusements, for rituals and worship, but no time to consider what is the right kind of education for their children. This is a fact that the majority of people do not want to face. To face it might mean that they would have to give up their amusements and distractions, and certainly they are not willing to do that. So they send their children off to schools where the teacher cares no more for them than they do. Why should he care? Teaching is merely a job to him, a way of earning money.

 The world we have created is so superficial, so artificial, so ugly if one looks behind the curtain; and we decorate the curtain, hoping that everything will somehow come right. Most people are unfortunately not very earnest about life except, perhaps, when it comes to making money, gaining power, or pursuing sexual excitement. They do not want to face the other complexities of life, and that is why, when their children grow up, they are as immature and unintegrated as their parents, constantly battling with themselves and with the world.

 We say so easily that we love our children; but is there love in our hearts when we accept the existing social conditions, when we do not want to bring about a fundamental transformation in this destructive society? And as long as we look to the specialists to educate our children, this confusion and misery will continue; for the specialists, being concerned with the part and not with the whole, are themselves unintegrated.

 Instead of being the most honoured and responsible occupation, education is now considered slightingly, and most educators are fixed in a routine. They are not really concerned with integration and intelligence, but with the imparting of information; and a man who merely imparts information with the world crashing about him is not an educator.

 An educator is not merely a giver of information; he is one who points the way to wisdom, to truth. Truth is far more important than the teacher. The search for truth is religion, and truth is of no country, of no creed, it is not to be found in any temple, church or mosque. Without the search for truth, society soon decays. To create a new society, each one of us has to be a true teacher, which means that we have to be both the pupil and the master; we have to educate ourselves.

 If a new social order is to be established, those who teach merely to earn a salary can obviously have no place as teachers. To regard education as a means of livelihood is to exploit the children for one's own advantage. In an enlightened society, teachers will have no concern for their own welfare, and the community will provide for their needs.

 The true teacher is not he who has built up an impressive educational organization, nor he who is an instrument of the politicians, nor he who is bound to an ideal, a belief or a country. The true teacher is inwardly rich and therefore asks nothing for himself; he is not ambitious and seeks no power in any form; he does not use teaching as a means of acquiring position or authority, and therefore he is free from the compulsion of society and the control of governments. Such teachers have the primary place in an enlightened civilization, for true culture is founded, not on the engineers and technicians, but on the educators.

 ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

 From 'Education And The Significance Of Life', ch. 5

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Krishnamurti - It Doesn't Matter If You Die For It

Torn between society and your hidden talent - J.Krishnamurti

Human beings have some kind of human talent. That is to paint , play violin, to play the flute or to be a very good human being. Your society , your parents,  everybody says become a  businessman, or become a doctor or become a engineer. So your brain is conditioned by parents or by the society in which you live. Do you understand what I'm saying ? Our own talent is destroyed by this pressure. You might be a great singer or a marvelous botanist but your parents your society know that this is not good enough. So you destroy your own talent. What is important is to have your own talent and to be happy with it. You understand what I'm saying ? So you are to discover your own talent and stick to that Talent, whether you become rich, poor or successful.

Children : but you can also become a businessman and by side you can also be a painter.

Krishnamurti : clever boy.  they say that you can become a businessman, a general , Army Captain and also paint. Do you follow how his brain is working ? Then you don't do it fully, properly, happily.

Children : Why sir ?

Krishnamurti : Because you are torn between the two.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Playlist tutorial from Fourth Way, towards our aim to "BE"

Videos structured on right order to learn.
Its best to watch, one video at a time.
Giving a weeks timem before one can watch the next one.
And work towards it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sadhguru encounter with a devotee, a hanuman bhakta

Questioner: How can a person go beyond maya or illusion? Even when a person is truly good, a good bhaktha, however much he tries, he is unable to elevate his status in life. Is this because of maya?

Sadhguru: (……………………………………………………………………………….)There is a man in Namakkal(a district in Tamilnadu), a Hanuman bhaktha. I never meddle with him because he is a very simple being. Hanuman is the path for him. Hanuman is everything for him and anything he asks for gets answered for him. For him it is like this. Even this yoga program – he does not know what yoga is. He is too simple a being. For him Hanuman is everything. So he went to Hanuman and asked him if he should go to the yoga program and apparently Hanuman told him that it is good and he could go. It gets answered for him somehow, it does not matter whether a flower falls, or something else. That is not the point. That man is so simple and so sincere that it will definitely work. Somebody just has to say, “Hanuman” and tears will flow out of his eyes. It is fantastic for a man to be like that. If I just hug him, he will go into ecstasies because he is just on the verge. I make fun of temples, I say, “Hanuman is a monkey, he is not God.” I say many things in front of him, it does not matter to him because he sees Jaggi also only as Hanuman. That’s how he sees. For him, Jaggi is also another form of Hanuman. He feels the same vibrations here.  You say whatever nonsense you want about Hanuman, he will happily sit and listen. It is okay with him! Immediately after the program he will go straight to the temple. It is fantastic for a man to be like that. It is very easy, just like that everything will fall in place for such simple folk.

It is not Hanuman, it is your own consciousness. How you hold yourself is everything. What you hold as you is God. If you are sincere enough, if the logical mind is eliminated and you ask this question with love, God is right here. Because you cannot see it directly, if you see it in the form of Hanuman, it is okay. It is a beautiful device if it works. If Hanuman is just about going and putting vada mala or jilebi mala and then you start the barter, then you are a fool. For you, temples should be destroyed; but if there are people like this Hanuman bhaktha, we must build temples. It is needed. If people are like this, a temple is a great instrument.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

No time. Don't come, when you think, you have plenty of time - Mooji

He came and sat to the table and asked me
"I need You to kill me", he says.
"And only You can do it."
I said well, first you have to tell me what is there in you to kill?
And he started crying. Deep, deep tears. Humanity tears. Not just a person's tears.
He says "I have no time to be on fire. You have to kill me today."
And at the end of our time he has found it.
You have to come like that. Don't come when you think you have plenty of time. Because if you came and said I've got three months to get this, it would take at least three months.

27th February 2016
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