Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kalpavriksha - Do we care for planet earth ?

I have been hearing a lot about global warming all these days. Scientist have been telling that we might be the last generation which will probably survive this mass destruction, that will affect the humanity. The words of Sadhguru are piercing. He made me feel embarass that Are we doing enough for the planet ? He says that though the awareness is dawning in people that they should do something for saving the planet, but their action is inspired by survival instincts and not love for the nature. Mother Nature has nurtured us from eternity and what have we done in return. I don't know if you are aware that if all the trees in this planet are uprooted, then you cannot exist even for a moment. It is a intimate relationship between the people and trees. While we inhale oxygen from trees, the trees inhale carbon-di-oxide from us. You must have experienced the coolness of the breeze, when you pass through a array of trees. Trees bring so much beauty and silence to the place. But has India is experiencing the economic upsurge, people are constructing more and more buildings by uprooting trees. This will prove disastrous to our existence. Certainly we cannot blame these people, who are commiting this acts in unawareness. They are strongly rooted in their minds and all their action are inspired by their past or their community. But the problem we are facing is anew and it is difficult for them to grasp the importance of the present. We are lucky that we are with someone as inspiring as Sadhguru. He has made us see what action is needed in present. Meditation has helped us to erase many of the unneccasary things which were cluttered in our minds. So, I feel that we are ultimately responsible for the well-being of this planet earth. The mass proportion of the humanity is not even aware of the existence of Sadhguru.

We can contribute by participating in some tree planting. As Sadhguru says, even our body gets organised when we are in touch with earth. You must have come accross yogis who are immersed in the ground upto the neck. That is their way of charging the body. The very soil generates intelligence. Even when we die, as our body is burnt, it is the same material of the planet earth. We can also contribute to tree planting by purchasing KALPAVRIKSHA VCD.
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