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In sleep, where did your world go ? Robert Adams

Again as in sleep.
When you are in deep sleep and you do not dream where did your world go?
What happened to the world? There is no world for you.
The world only begins when you wake up or when you dream.
Then there is a world.
But in deep sleep there is no world, where did you go then?
What did you become then? Find out.

So the beginning of wisdom is when you understand that
this world is only an emanation of your mind.
That is all it is, it's a bubble, a dream bubble.
If you really knew this and you understood this,
would you ever feel serious about anything that's going on in this world again? Would you believe someone is trying is trying to hurt you?
That you have to have revenge and hurt somebody else?
Would you believe that you have to have your own way and
make things happen the way you want it to be?
You would simply become the observer wouldn't you?
Where you observe this whole world and all its manifestations wouldn't you?
You just watch everything happen, taking place.
You would not react to person, place or thing.
You would not react to anyone and you would never be hurtable again.
What could possibly hurt that you think is separate from you?
For in truth you are one with it.

This is the reason I say so often,
noone can ever leave you or be away from you.
There is nothing you could ever lose.
For you are all of these things yourself.

~Robert Adams -T.219 - Become What You’ve Always Been -
24th January,1993

A simple way of surrendering - By Robert Adams

How do you surrender?

Everyday you should sit half an hour in the morning and
half an hour in the evening by yourself.
Don't meditate more than half an hour.
Sit by yourself and watch your thoughts.
Don't react to thoughts.
Whatever comes to your mind never react,
just watch, smile and you are surrendering.

As you thoughts come, as thoughts come to you,
you no longer pay any attention to it,
it does not bother you, that is surrendering.
The next thought comes to you,
you never pay attention to it.
It doesn't frighten you,
it doesn't make you happy,
it doesn't make you sad,
just watch it and it will go away,
you surrender that thought.
You keep it up , keep it up.
As you keep it up, your mind become calmer and calmer,
quieter and quieter until the mind dissolves itself in the heart
and you will be free.

~Robert Adams - T. 238 - Stop Fighting - April 12, 1993.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Doesn't Hard Work Bring Me Success? Sadhguru

Wholeness - Musical from Sounds of Isha


When you have surrendered yourself to the Guru, he may do anything, subject you to no matter what trials, yet you still regard yourself as a tool in His hands. You will then have reached a stage, where in spite of all difficulties, you persist with the work, knowing it to be the Guru’s order. Keep in mind that by this attitude you will grow steadfast in endurance, patience and perseverance, and your energy and capacity will be enhanced.

In action there is bound to be conflict. When can there be freedom from this conflict? When there is no question of feeling hurt. Even in the midst of work, at all times and under alt circumstances, one must be prepared to obey any kind of order. 

Imagine you are hungry, and just as you are raising your hand to put food into your mouth, you are asked to go elsewhere. At that very instant, you should gladly let fall the food you were about to eat, and obey the call. Such an attitude is an indication of one’s becoming established in a happiness that is not of this world.

- Anandamayi Ma

To observe silence means to keep the mind fixed on Him. - Anandamayi Ma

Words of Sri Anandamayi Ma

This evening the following statement was made "Through the observance of silence one attains to Supreme Knowledge (Jnana)".

SRI MA: How is that? Why has the word ‘through’ been used here?

A DEVOTEE : Silence is itself wisdom, the means is itself the end.

SOMEONE ELSE : By silence we have to understand the stilling of the five senses.

SRI MA : Yes, but why say ‘through’?

A DEVOTEE: Complete and exclusive concentration on the Self this is the significance of ‘through’.

SRI MA : When speech is suppressed, the activity of the mind still continues. All the same, such silence helps to control the mind. As the mind dives deeper, its activity slackens off, and then one comes to feel that He who provides for everything, will arrange matters. When the mind is agitated by thoughts of worldly things, the benefit that should be gained by abstaining from speech is lost.
One may, for instance, keep silent at the moment of anger, but some time or other it is bound to burst forth. When the mind is centred in God, it keeps on advancing steadily, and along with this emerges purity of body as well as mind. To let thought dwell on the objects of the senses is a waste of energy.

When the mind is thus occupied and silence is not observed, it finds release in speech. Otherwise, this kind of silence might put undue strain on the senses and possibly result in ill-health. But when the mind is turned inward, not only can there be no injury to health, but more than that, by constantly dwelling on the thought of God, all the knots (granthi) that make up the ego are unravelled, and thereby that which has to be realized will be realized.

To observe silence means to keep the mind fixed on Him.

At first one feels the impulse to talk, later all inclination and disinclination vanish. It is also like this : just as the bee collects honey, so all that one needs is gathered together naturally. What is necessary becomes available of its own accord -presents itself, as it were - when there is ever closer union with Him.

When one entirely refrains from speaking and even from communicating by signs or gestures (kasta maunam), how is the body kept alive?

Everything dovetails, and the silent person just watches as a kind of spectator. In the measure that one progresses towards union, one will notice that obstacles disappear, and whatever is necessary provides itseif;
It is one thing if everything happens by itself, and quite another to make arrangements by one’s own effort.

Real silence means there is actually nowhere else for the mind to go.
In the end, whether the mind exists or not, whether one speaks or not, makes no difference.
To say "through silence He is realized" is not correct, because Supreme Knowledge does not come "through" anything - Supreme Knowledge reveals Itself.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Do taste control your life ? Amma enlightens.

Venu, devotee of Amma, narrates his experience. 

"Nothing can be concealed from Amma. She knows everything. About five years ago I had an experience that illustrates this fact. One night during supper while everyone was eating kanji (rice gruel), I suddenly had a strong desire to have some mango pickle has a side dish. I had seen some in the ashram kitchen earlier that day, but as they were meant for the labourers and the visiting devotees, we residents were not supposed to take them. Also, Amma had told us that, as spiritual aspirants, we should not eat things which were very spicy, sour, salty or sweet. She would often come into kitchen unannounced to see whether her instructions were being followed. Although, I was fully aware of this, the desire for some mango pickle got the better of me.

"Without making any noise, I entered the kitchen and stealthily stole two big slices of mango pickle. I was about to leave when suddenly I heard Amma's voice, "Venu, what is in your hand?" I was shocked and, to avoid being caught red-handed, i threw the mango slices away.. Amma then searched and found the slices. Seizing me, she caught hold of my hands and tied them to a post. I was ashamed and full of fear."

Seeing his childlike fear and innocence, Amma burst into laughter. Actually, Amma was enjoying looking upon Venu as the child Krishna, who was tied to a mortar by his mother, Yashoda, for stealing butter and milk from the gopi's houses. After a couple of seconds, Amma untied him and lovingly served him some mango pickles. She said, "Son, only if the taste of the tongue is controlled can one enjoy the taste of the heart."
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