Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drishti - Yoga of Vision - Sadhguru

If you feel the world around you - the human part of the world around you - you will see your experience is a cacophony of voices, thoughts and emotions. These voices, thoughts and emotions are all an outpouring of confusions of many different levels and states. With a very distorted perception of the current reality, these voices, thoughts and emotions are formed and expressed.

When man is in this level of confusion, when he is subjugated by the misconceptions or the wrong perception of reality around him, the noise that he creates around himself, the pain and suffering that he creates for himself and the people around him and to all other life forms around him is very unfortunate.

With all the conveniences and facilities we have because of science and technology, individual man and humanity have still remained an absolute confusion, an absolute mess. All the noises he is making in the form of his thoughts and emotions, if you look at it, if you really are a little sensitive to feel people's thoughts and emotions around you, you will see it is an absolute mess, it is an absolute confusion,

That is the reality you see today. There is no clarity in him. Nor any will or vision. Most people in the world live their lives without even understanding what it is that they really want for themselves. Or even if they know what they want, they neither have the will nor the vision to create what they want in their lives. Most of the time just settling for whatever is easy, whatever they term as attainable, whatever is within their reach; they settle for anything if they feel it is easy.

If something is easily attainable, people go for it. Not really seeing whether they really need it in their lives or not. Not really seeing whether that is what they really want in their lives. It is easily attainable, that is the whole thing. At any given moment in life, if we go by the experiences of our past or in other words if you trust your logical mind to decide what is possible, what is not possible, what is attainable, what is not attainable, then it will always tell you mediocre things as to what is possible.

We are always trying to create our life based on the current reality that exists around us at this moment. Whatever may be with us at this moment is not the point. Where we cant to go tomorrow need not be connected to where we are right now. What we want as the highest in life need not have anything to do with our present situation. If we enslave our visions to current situations, then we are once again settling for what is attainable, what is easy, what we think is possible. It is not in terms of thinking what is possible or not possible. It is just in terms of seeing what is your vision, what is the highest that you can seek in your life.

If man has a vision of what he wishes to do with himself and the world around him. it is not beyond man's capacity to create it. It may happen in this lifetime, it may take a couple of lifetimes but what he wants will definitely come. For that person, for whom his vision of life is clear and who just seeks it every moment of his life, for him, the highest things will come and fall at his feet. It is only because man is a bundle of confusion, it is only because man is most of the time seeking what he doesn't want that things that he really wants never come to him. This lack of vision and will in his life is fundamentally because of a distorted understanding of the world around us.

What you know as the highest, you just seek that. It doesn't matter whether it is going to happen or not going to happen, simply living with the vision itself is very elevating. is itself very liberating, is itself a very joyous process for any person. Whether it is going to happen tomorrow or after 100 years is not the point. But you have a vision and you are not concerned whether it is easy or difficult, you are not concerned whether it is attainable or non- attainable, or in other words, you are not concerned about the result in the end. It is just that you have a vision and you give your life towards it. This is one of the easiest ways to attain the highest also. The whole Gita is just about this - to simply give yourself to what what you want, not caring whether it is going to happen or not going to happen. It is a spiritual process by itself.

Vision is a important way of transcending limitations within and outside ourselves. If one wants to live here without any vision, without being burdened by visions, without being burdened by will, then that person should be absolutely innocent. Absolutely. Such a person can simply live here. He need not live with a vision. He does not need a vision. He does not have to have a will about anything if he is absolutely egoless and childlike. And if it is not so, it is very important that man lives with a vision.

There have been many stories, many examples in the Indian culture. Certain sages and saints, once they willed, even Gods had to come down and do things for them. There are many stories like this. Lord Shiva cannot help it; if a man sits here with complete will and vision that he wants Shiva to come down, he has to come down - he has no choice about it. There are many stories like this. So all these things demonstrate to you that if what you want is very clear to you and if you are set on it, what seems to be impossible today, tomorrow becomes a normal part of your life. Without any fuss it falls at your feet. But if you question this at every moment logically and think in terms of "is it attainable or not attainable", then the confusion you create in your mind, the confusion that you create in the world around you makes the world itself into a big confusion.

It is time to really create a vision within ourselves as to what is it that we really care for, not just for today. If you look deep enough, your vision will be universal vision. Really, being a human being, see what is the highest that you can seek and simply create that vision. Whether everything else happens or doesn't happen on the way is not the point. Whatever you have known as the highest, simply seeking that with undivided attention, is a way of knowing life here and beyond. It is a simple way of knowing life here and beyond.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Experience of a newly initiated Brahmachari -

I couldn’t believe it was finally happening, the moment I had been waiting for, for almost 3 years… It wasn’t the way I thought it would be, I wasn’t the way I thought I should be…but it was something else, something so much more, so much bigger than what I could ever have imagined.
Throughout our silence, I was in disbelief… "Is this really happening to me? I’m finally going to get initiated." I kept counting the days, "Okay, 14 days…hmmm – is it tomorrow? What will they do? Where will we go?" The suspense was killing. Many times, I couldn’t even focus on my sadhana … I just kept thinking, "What next?"
The sadhana, the silence was indescribable, it was as if every day something was being shed, something was being left behind, some cleansing was happening. I was emerging cleaner, stronger, more stable. More ready. But still my stupid mind was racing non-stop. If only it would have stop for a few seconds, maybe I could have savored this and been more sensitive to it.
The night before the initiation, it was so good to see Sadhguru and have Him talk to us. His vision of what this means, what this means to the future of humanity (and not just for myself) just reinforced what a big responsibility this is, and at the same time what a tremendous privilege to receive it, and that too from Him. And when He spoke about His vision for the whole of humanity, how He wants to offer a spiritual process which will touch as many people as possible, I was left in tears. What else is there to do but this, to offer myself to this?
When he said something along the lines that this could be the fire that could burn you up if you allow it to, I wanted that, I wished I would be in the best way to receive it. I couldn’t sleep much that night.
The day of the initiation was a mixture of total calm, nervousness, expectation, love, tremendous gratitude to all the beings who were working to make this happen. A sense of being part of a "family" – but not in the usual way… Everyone walked us through the whole process so patiently and lovingly.
There was no fear of going through with it, but just that "Will I be able to live up to it? Will I be able to put my nonsense aside and really be the way He wants us to be?" I had been struggling within myself with some attachments. Finally, in a moment of frustration, I just left it to Him, saying that this is how I am right now, I’m not going to pretend to be above it. And guess what – they disappeared!
I can never forget the day of the initiation. The setting, Sadhguru, the Brahmacharis, the Dhyanalinga, everything set to make me something more than what "I" am right now.
In many ways, I’m carrying this feeling like I’m a new born baby – no past baggage, a new name, a new sense of clarity and purpose, a new intensity – and my Master’s Grace coursing through me. This feeling that I’m no ordinary Brahmachari, but initiated by Him – what a big responsibility I have to live up to. Each day, each moment of my life, with each breath I take, I have to remind myself and live up to it.
– Maa Dakshina, Isha Brahmacharini

Postponing your Yoga - Sadhguru explains

Question: Whenever I plan to do yoga, my mind says, 'Later, later…' and I am not able to do it. What is the solution?
I want to tell you about this popular superstition in some villages in Karnataka. As soon as the sun sets, the villagers fear that ghosts and demons will come to their homes. So, in order to save themselves, they have a sign painted in red at the door that reads -- Naale Baa, meaning 'Come Tomorrow'. The idea is that on seeing the message, the ghosts and demons will know that they are supposed to visit this house the next day. But, as tomorrow never comes, neither do the demons! Isn't that wonderful?
But, in your life, for all those things that are essential, you have put up a 'come tomorrow' sign for them too! So, it's 'come tomorrow' for blissfulness, peace and yoga itself! This 'tomorrow' is a deep trick of your mind. Your mind says, 'I won't do yoga'. Your ego says, 'How can you not do it, man! You must do it'. If you say, 'I won't do', a feeling of guilt sets in. So, the mind (very cleverly) will never say, 'I won't do', but instead 'let's do it tomorrow'. Tomorrow is always a good day, isn't it? Today, there is some problem. But, when you say 'tomorrow', everything is over as tomorrow will never come for us to experience.
If you wish to do anything, whether it's concerned with your internal or external well-being, creating the necessary atmosphere is a must. Whether you want to run a business, or lead a peaceful family life, or maintain perfect health, or a healthy mind, if you don't create the necessary atmosphere, there is no prospect of things happening well.
There were these four friends, who tried to run a business in partnership. But, no matter what they did, their business ended up as a failure. One after the other, they tried their hand at several businesses, but nothing worked and soon they lost all their money. Then one of them suggested that they buy a car and start a taxi service in Chennai. So, they somehow managed to buy an old Ambassador. They parked it at the Chennai central railway station, but no customer came. They moved to the bus-stand, still no customer. They drove all over the city, yet couldn't find a single customer. Do you know why? Simply because all the four were sitting in the car!
They had the desire to run a business, they wished for their business to be successful too. But if this is the way they went about it, would they ever be successful? In the same way, whatever you want in life, if you don't understand what's needed and try to do something about it, some work might happen at the end of it, but there's no chance of reaping any fruit from such work. If you want to do yoga, you have to understand what kind of atmosphere is needed for it. If you eat 20 dosas at 10 pm and plan to do yoga at 7 the next morning, your body will say, 'Hey, rest now, do it tomorrow'. If you eat a little less, it will be awake at 4 am. If you just take a cold water bath, your body will say, 'You can do yoga'.
You have to create the necessary ambience. If you create the resolve in your mind, and necessary settings for the body, you will be eager to do yoga. If you continue doing it for a few days and start reaping the benefits, then there will be no need for anyone to remind you to do it. You will do it all by yourself.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did Krishna induce Arjuna to fight in Mahabharatha ? Osho Explains.


Questioner : The stanza from Bhagvadgita "The one who thinks it to be the slayer, and the one who believes it to be the slain - both do not know. It neither slays nor is slain."

In the context of the discussion we had about this verse this morning, if indeed the being neither slays nor can be slain, then General dyers acts in India and the Nazi's concentration camps can be justified. Where do these events stand as far as total acceptability is concerned ?

Osho : No one ever dies and no one ever kills. That which is, has no possibility of ever being destroyed. Is one therefore to deduce from this that there is nothing wrong in commiting violence ? Does this mean that the violence commited by General dyers or the genocide that took place in Auschwitz, Germany, or the total violence that happened in Hiroshima are not condemnable ? Are they worthy of acceptance ?

No. This is not what Krishna means, and this is worth understanding.

Just because no one is ever really killed doesn't mean that the desire to kill is not bad. Death is not there, but the desire for violence, the motivation for violence, the violent state of mind is there. One who has a desire for violence, one who takes an interest in killing, one who feels happy killing other person, one who takes credit for killing someone - even though no one ever actually dies, the idea that he killed someone, his taking pleasure in killing, his mental belief that killing is possible - all of this is evil, sinful.

The sin is not in occurence of violence. The sin is in the act of commiting violence. The occuernce of violence is impossible, but the act of violence is possible.

When a person is commiting an act of violence, two things are involved; Krishna says that the occurence of violence is impossible, but a psychological state of violence is possible.

Let us also consider this from the opposite end. Does this imply that there is no meaning in Mahavira's and Buddha's nonviolence ? If the violence that took place in Hiroshima and in the Aushtwitz concentration camps has no relevance, then does Mahavira's and Buddha's nonviolence also lose all meaning ? Yes, if you think that the only purpose of non-violence is to save someone from dying and being destroyed, then it has no meaning.

But no, Mahavira's and Buddha's nonviolence has a different meaning. This desire, this intent to save and protect, this desire and intent not to kill, this state of having no interest in killing, this mental state of feeling joy in protecting...... For example, when Mahavira is walking, making sure that not even an ant is killed under his feet, it doesn't mean that the ant was saved because of Mahavira's efforts. That which is going to survive in the ant has already survived forever, and that which is not going to survive cannot be saved by Mahavira either. But this feeling in Mahavira to avoid killing is of great value. This feeling does not cause any particular benefit or loss to the ant, but it certainly does to Mahavira.

Deep down what matters is how one feels, not what happens. Deep down the question is of the feeling, of what the person thinks, because a person lives surrounded in his thoughts. Events take place in reality but the person lives in his thoughts, in his feelings.

Violence or killing is evil. It is evil despite Krishna saying that it doesn't actually take place. And Krishna's statement is not at all wrong. In fact, Krishna is speaking from the existential state, he has discovered this in the layers of existence itself.

When Hitler is killing people, he is not in the same state of mind as Krishna is. Hitler enjoys killing; he delights in destroying, in exterminating. Whether anything actually gets destroyed is another matter, but Hitler has a passion of killing. This passion for killing is violence.

Understood rightly, the passion to destroy, the desire to kill is violence. Whether death actually occurs or not, is all together a separate issue. And this passion in Hitler to kill is the passion of the sick mind.

It is important to understand that if someone feels an interest in killing and destruction, that person is insane inside. The more silent and blissful a person is inside, the more impossible it will be for him to be interested in destruction. The more blissful a person is inside, the more he will be interested in creativity.

Mahavira's nonviolence is a creative feeling, a creative feelings towards the world. Hitlers violence is a destructive feeling towards the world. So the feeling is important. But from where we are living, what happens existetially is not valuable yet. Let me try to explain this to you through a small anecdote..........

Many of Kabir's devotees used to visit his place. The would sing hymns and songs in praise of the divine, and just as they were getting ready to leave, Kabir would invite them to have a meal. This created a lot of trouble for Kabir's wife and son.

Finally, one day his son said to him, "This is going too far! How long can we go one borrowing money and supplies ? How can we go on feeding people like this ? Please stop asking people to stay for a meal."

Kabir saud :"I completely forget; when guests come to visit, I completely forget that we have nothing in the house to feed them with. But at a time like this, when guests have come, how can one bother about whether there is anything in the house or not ? So I go on urging them not to leave without a meal."

Angrily and sarcastically the son retorted, " So should we start stealing now ?"

Kabir said, "That is a great idea! Why didn't you think of it before?"

The son could not believe his ears. He never expected Kabir to say such a thing.

But the son was not an ordinary son - after all he was Kabir's son. So he said, "So shall I go and steal tonight?" Kabir said, "Absolutely!"

Testing Kabir even further the son asked, "Will you join me?" And Kabir said "Ofcourse!".

That night, the son said to Kabir, "Let's go!". He wanted to take the whole matter to logical conclusion; he wanted to see if Kabir would really be ready to steal.

Kabir ready to steal? It was simply beyond son's comprehension. And similarly it is beyond Arjuna''s comprehension: Krishna ready to kill?

Kamaal, Kabir's son, took Kabir along with him. He started breaking into house, and as he was doing so he kept looking around.

Kabir asked "why are you so nervous? Why are you so shaky ?"

The son finally managed to break the wall, and he asked Kabir,"Shall I enter now?" And Kabir said "Ofcourse. Go ahead!" The son entered and pulled out a sack full of wheat. He thought Kabir would stop him any minute. It was really too much.

But Kabir helped him to pull the sack all the way out of the house, and then he said to his son. "Now go inside to where the people are sleeping. Inform them that their house has been broken into, and that we are taking away a whole sack of wheat away with us."

The son said, "But what kind of stealing is this? Does one ever disclose the act of stealing?"

Kabir said, "Stealing that cannot be disclosed is a sin. So go ahead and inform them!".

The son said "All this time I was wondering, and it really kept bothering me, how you could allow me to steal."

Kabir replied, "I was completely oblivious to it, because since I have come to realize that all is one, I haven't seen anything is mine or as belonging to anyone else. So if this belongs to another, then ofcourse stealing is a sin. But I didn't remeber that what we are taking is not ours. I am glad you reminded me. Why didn't you tell me this before ?"

Kabir is saying that as long as something belongs to the other, then stealing is a sin. But if nothing belongs to anyone in particular, if everything belongs to the whole, and if the air the other is breathing is as much mine as the air that I am breathing, then in this respect, on this level, it is meaningless to call stealing a sin.

But Kabir is talking about this from a existential level. This is being said by one who has entered the ultimate state of enlightenment.

So Kabir said "If you are unable to wake this people up, then return this sack of wheat - because if you are afraid of informing about something to those who are none other than your own self, then the thing in question is certainly not yours. Then it is better to go and put it back. After all, whom are we really trying to hide this stealing from ?"

Now this has become a matter of two totally different levels, two totally different worlds. Make sure you understand this well. One is the existential world, where everything belongs to the whole, to existence, where stealing is impossible. Kabir is living in this world. The second is the world of our minds where the other is "the other" and I am "I" ; where my thing is mine and what belongs to the other is "the other's." At this level, stealing is possible; it is happening, it can happen.

As long as a thing that belongs to the other person is "the other's", stealing is sin. In reality, stealing never occurs; objects are moved from one location to another. How can the phenomenon of stealing can ever happen in this earth ? Neither you nor I will be alive in the future; neither will my possesions remain as mine, nor will your possesions remain as yours. Just the objects will remain here. What difference does it make whether they remain in this house or that one ?

Stealing does not happen at the existential level. Stealing occurs at the psychological level, at the level of our feelings and emotions.

If Hitler had been capable of saying that there is no violence in killing, that there is no death, then there would have been no need for him to have had bodyguards all around him. And if that had been the case, then he would have gone ahead and killed the people in Auschwitz. I would have no objection. But a person like Hitler, who is anxious to save himself and who is eager to kill the other, believes very deeply that one does get killed. After all, he is doing everything to save his life.

If Krishna were to say to Arjuna: "These people on the battlefield cannot die, so go ahead and kill them.... but please protect yourself, guard yourself lest you die at someone's hand," then that would be dishonest. But Krishna is telling him, that neither does anyone kill, nor is anyone killed: "If these people kill you, then nothing will die. If you kill these people, then nothing will die." We have to remeber that what Krishna is saying here is deeply existential.

But as long as someone is keen on saving himself, he cannot be allowed to put forward a doctrine as a rationalization for killing others. As long as a person is saying, "This belongs to me, let no one steal it," and at the same time is going and stealing from someone else house, it will not be the same as Kabir's stealing from a house. Kabir's stealing is not stealing at all; Krishna's violence is not violence at all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Are you suffering from life ?

If you think you are unhappy, think about them ?


If you think your salary is low, how about her


If you think, you don't have many friends......


When you feel like giving up, think of this man...........

If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does ?


If you complain about transport system, how about them ?


If your society is unfair to you, how about her ?


Oh Papa, I am not happy with the school I'm going


Oh, I,m fed up of my Mother, annoying me to drink milk


Oh, I'm bored with being entertained with same things in life


Do you think nobody is perfect in this world !


If you are taking everything in life for granted, then look at them

Are you still complaining ?
Observe around you and be thankful for all that you have in this transitory life.
We are fortunate we have much more, than what we need to be content.
Blogger's Remark
I remember Sadhguru saying that When one is not an issue to himself, only then there is a possibility that he can look at other dimension's of life. These meditations have helped me a lot to see that there are no problems in life. All the problems are invented by man himself. All the artificial needs have vanished from my life, and only the essential have remained. So I have to learn how to deal with few problems.

The thing is when you are too close to the object, your judgement is coloured by the state of your mind and hence distorted. When I was working with my father in the office in the past, I could observe that if my father can put in with a little more effort, our earnings could improve a little better. My father's non-cooperation resulted in frustration. Meditation created a distance with the object and I was able to view things more clearly. What I was not able to view that my father's body was aging. I could not see that without him, with all his mistakes, I will not be able to sustain the business to whatever level it has been established upto now. According to him, he was working to the best of his ability.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sadhguru on the need to be uni-directional


The more you try to be special, the more you get hurt. Just be, just melt and become part of the wind around you, the earth around you, become a part of everything. You are here only for a while. Atleast when you're in a place like this, where nobody is going to trample on you, let your defenses down. Let it be. Forget your comforts, your sensibilities, your likes and dislikes. Leave all that nonsense and be with me. Live like the snakes. Just crawl around, eat and if you feel like curling up under a tree, do it; at least for a few days, it's worthwhile. I am telling you, a lot of barriers can be removed by going out and living in nature. That's the reason why, when one begins a spiritual journey, they go to the Himalayas or to some other mountain. By merging with nature and living there, the ego will be destroyed, just by doing that. That itself is half the sadhana.

I met some Naga Babas in a place just above Kedar, in the Himalayas, and stayed them for two days. They had run out of money; they were hungry and cold. For two days I took care of their food and spent time with them. I only had on a little woolen in-shirt and a T-shirt. Fortunately, somebody had given me a shawl which was a big blessing. If the shawl hadn't been there, I would have frozen. It was so cold that even my insides were shivering. I could literary feel the stomach bag shiver. These Babas are naked sadhus who are not supposed to wear anything that is stiched. They wrapped something like a shawl over themselves, because it was too cold. They weren't even wearing footwear and they didn't even have money for tea. They were saving the little they had to go to Kumbh Mela.

That was more important for them than having something to eat. When I asked them what their sadhana was, they said they were doing nothing. They just roam about like the nagas, the snakes. Their Guru had told them to spend twelve years in the Himalayas and then he would initiate them. When one is so uni-directional that he can wait for twleve years, being oblivious to harsh weather and difficult living conditions and just wait for his initiation, reaching the highest can't be denied to him.

There's not much for the Guru to do; whether he has something to give or not, these guys will get it anyway because of the very way they have made themselves. They don't need a Guru. If a man has that much patience and stamina that he can stay for twelve years, not knowing when or if the next meal is going to come, just waiting in that terrifying cold in a queue to be initiated, he will get it anyway. That itself is a sadhana. The Guru knows that if he initiates someone the same day the person comes to him, it will be wasted on the man. He will waste the whole opportunity. So he sends hundreds of people to the mountain like this every year. Maybe only some of them make it - many run away because it's a very difficult path. It's very tough to stay in such sonditions. When a person is willing to do this, whether he does it or not, that's not the point. If he's willing to go to any lenght, that man gets it. It is that simple.

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