Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sadhguru, how do we get over death of our dear one ?

Q: Sadhguru, how do we get over the death of a dear one?

[Sadhguru breathes in and out heavily and asks] “What is this? Life? Right?”
[Sadhguru breathes out once and stops for a while before asking] “What is this? Death? Right?”
“Now, someone or the other is dying in my family on a daily basis. What should I do about it? You don’t understand? This universe full of people is my family. How should I get over it? Get over what? You mean to get over the fact that the body, mind and emotions that you recognised the person by is no longer here, right? But when you could feel all of that of that person what did you do with that? The very fact that you want to get over it means that there is something that you did not do for the person which you ideally wanted to do when the person was alive. Do you know what that means? The person died but is alive inside you.
Everything happening in this world is happening where? Inside you. Am I right? I am talking here, where is it happening? Inside you. The tree is there but where is it actually? In your eyes, again inside you, right? You know all that nonsense of light falling on that image is getting reflected and creating an inverted image on your retina that is being read by your mind and shown to you in the way that it is, right? So where is everything happening? Where is the world? Inside you. Whatever is happening here is actually happening inside you. The moment it comes into your experience the world is inside you. So where is death of a dear one happening? Inside you?
This January when I was at the World Economic Forum, there was this nonagenarian lady who came upto me and narrated her experience. As a 13 year old she was from some part in Europe that was being conquered by Hitler and they were systematically exterminating the Jews and other people as well. It was at a time when her parents had disappeared, assumed dead, and she was left with her 8 year old brother at the railway station for around 4 to 5 days waiting for a train that would take her somewhere. As soon as they got on to the train, she noticed that her kid brother was not wearing shoes. He had missed it somewhere. The temperatures there are freezing cold. She got enraged and wrenched her brother’s ears for not wearing his shoes and scolded him almost throughout the journey. The boy did not respond even a single line. As the train reached its destination the boys and the girls were separated and taken away to their respective camps for extermination. The girl survived the camp and came out alive after 4 or 5 years and never saw her brother again.
To this day she remembers this incident with lot of emotions. But she said that she made an important decision from then. The last thing that she ever gave her brother was admonishment and hence whoever she met from that day on she spoke to them as if it was the last word she would ever speak to them. Please see how you interact with people at home, neighbours, colleagues, people on the road and others. Imagine if it was the last word you would ever speak to them and speak to them from now on. How would you speak? Would you still speak the same way or would there be a change in the way you spoke to them? In fact it is a reality. Look at it - you are here now, I am speaking to you. Is there any guarantee that you will be here next moment or tomorrow? Not that I want all of you to die or disappear suddenly, in fact I wish and pray that all of you lead long and happy lives [folds his hands in prayer], but can you guarantee me that you will be alive the next moment for me to speak to you?
Now the reason that you want to get over the death of a dear one is because somewhere deep down you feel you have not done or said something that you ideally wanted to do for the departed. Now that the person has departed you feel you have lost the opportunity of doing whatever you wanted to do. Imagine if you spoke and lived as if it was the last time you ever saw the person. Would there be any reason for you to get over death at all?
While doing this program, Anandha Alai, two of my volunteers have had an accident and have broken their skulls and died. Two others of my family, very loved ones, very dear ones have passed away recently. If we have done whatever we wanted to do for them then we continue to live joyously, right? We don’t have to let sadness affect us because they have passed away. We can be joyful and happy when our conscience is clear”

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The tibetan book of the dead

The blog which you are reading now is simply expressible of my own understanding of the book "The Tibetan Book of the Dead". The author of this book is W.Y.Evans Wentz. I wish the readers of this blog will try to ascertain the facts themselves from this book. I feel the book is authethic since the author has himself travelled in the parts of Tibet, Himalayas and have joined the various schools of religious sect before ascertaining the fact. In fact the author has impartially worked only has a interpreter of this book. He has translated whatever has been said by a Lamaic Teacher from Tibet. You can buy this book Here. This book will change the very way you have lead your life.

What you should do when your near one's breath is about to cease while encountering death ?

This is the most important moment in the life of the deceased. Please do not overlook this fact. It is the moment, when all the relatives and near one's should leave the deceased alone with the expert yogic preacher who will recite the verses from the above mentioned book. The preacher will keep reminding him about the states which he is going to experience. The suffering and crying's of the relatives disturbs the spirit of the deceased and the deceased is unable to hear what preacher is trying to say. I can understand the emotion's and pains of the relatives, of being separated from your dear one's. But this is the moment, when the deceased can realise that he is simply a void state of mind. This state of mind of the deceased continues even after death. The mind is clear, clean, uncreated yet powerful. It can avoid taking rebirth in this world of suffering and gain enlightenment. To gain enlightenment is very easy at the moment of death since the mind is many fold powerful at that time and it can understand things more clearly than our ordinary state of mind. BUT THE BIGGEST QUESTION FOR THIS MOMENT IS THAT , CAN WE FIND A YOGIC PREACHER OR BECOME ONE ?

Why people consider death as a taboo ?

t is strange that people avoid speaking on the subject of death, when the inevitable is going to happen to everyone. Wouldn't it would be wise if we become familiar with this phenomenon of death. One thing I came to know from this book is that there is existence even after death. It is not that has soon has we die, we will reincarnate in some other life form. We will have to pass through variety of visions, like dazzling lights, rays, peaceful and wrathful deities ,after death, which are coming from the centres of our own brain centres. This visions described in the book, are written with perspective of a buddhist. The visions will differ for a muslim, christian, hindu etc. There lies the secret key. One needs to understand that those visions are coming from one's own self. Those lights and deities are described in the stupendous form in the book, which I in no way can describe it my blog. What happens is, while our body is dead, the mental body is still alive. The mind becomes more lucid and clear after death and it sees things in unimaginable forms. Our conciousness is no longer entangled to our body. So these visions will come in dazzling forms. If one has lead a self-centred life, than he will be afraid of watching these visions and will try to flee away from this visions. No matter how much he may try to escape, those visions will follow him wherever he goes. The only thing the deceased can do is to recognise that this visions are emating from thy own brain. It is the part of his own intellect. On the other hand, if a person has lived a life of love, peace, joy, than that person will be able to recognise those visions. It has been specified in the book that if the person has come from yogic tradition, it will be easier for him to understand that whatever visions he see, is part of his own self. The visions and yourself are the same unity. One only needs to recognise and merge into it.

The goods news
for human beings who are not in the spiritual practices is, this very book is designed, so that they can be liberated from this world. But one will need an expert preacher, who can practice, what has been prescribed in the book. The same things happen when you dream. You might had a nightmarish dream. The dream may be unreal but still you perspire in reality watching this dream. The watcher fails to recognise that this dream can cause no harm to him. The dream only acted has a reminder that there is fear inside you, which you have not addressed. What happens in this practice is, while the deceased is watching this dazzling visions, and is getting horrified by this visions, at that same time the preacher keeps reminding him that it is only a dream. No harm can come to him. Be calm and composed. Remember thy guru, the compassionate lord, or its tuteliery deities and thus it can be liberated from suffering and misery of this world.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My experiences 2 - Bhava Spandana (Yoga Program)

When i attended the 7 days Isha Program, some people who have already done the B.S.P (Bhava Spandana Program), were asked to relate their own experience of doing this program. 3 out of 5 people, simply broke down. The joy was so enormous, that they had difficulty relating their experiences. I could read the message behind their tears. They wanted us to experience this same joy.
That very day, I decided that I will attend this program. I booked my travelling tickets, 3 months in advance, not knowing whether the circumstances will allow me to go there. During those 3 months, I never enquired with anyone with what happens in the programs. I was simply prepared to do what they would tell me to do.
When I reached there in Coimbatore, I was worried about my family, not knowing how they will manage in my absence. But soon those thoughts of worry were overtaken by beauty and splendour of the Ashram. The commitment of the Isha Volunteers was simply irreplacable. They served us has we are part of their self. Their love was so silent. I got the first glimpse of what love can be, love without any boundaries. Love of just being related to each other, without any name given to it. We simply enjoyed in each other's presence. The feeling was divine. I wish everyone basks in the love of the divine. The best way to be present in the B.S.P is either we can be alone or we can be with all of the participants or we can be with any of the participants. Please avoid enclosing yourself within a group. Its a place where you can open up and break up many unneccesary resistance. One only needs childlike simplicity to enjoy the program. One is required to give only 4 days of intense participation. And then, one can see the result for ourself.

During the course of the program, I was awake at 4am early morning. A few people very walking here & there. So it was pitch dark in the hall and suddenly my eyes met a man. I have never seen him before but somehow the experience of energy within us was so strong that we embraced each other for no reason with tears of joy falling out of our eyes. That defines how things have been for me during the program.

It just happened that when I reached home I was fast asleep in the afternoon. All of a sudden I heard a divine voice, which was singing. When I opened my eyes, I found that the song was being played on the T.V.. It was an ordinary song, if it was played, on any other day. But the energy was so intense inside me, that it revealed divine colours in the song. Soon, my cousin came up and said that when i was fast asleep, she noticed an all pervading blissfullness in my face.

Next day, I had to go to railway station early in the morning at 6 a.m.. Has nature plays its own game, the train was late by 1 hour. So I had spent my next 1 hour relaxing in the platform. All of a sudden, everything was moving in a slower pace. The lights all over were displaying in vibrant form. It reminded me, that this glimpse must have experienced when I was in the early ages of just born child. Everything was crystal clear. I noticed the sweet tinkling of the eyes of the hens, who were caged inside the cage.

Compassion was overflowing inside me. I noticed a beggar, who was paralysed, lying in the platform helplessly. I ran to a nearby hotel , to get some food for him. I placed the parcel in front of him but he was unable to take it (paralysed). I gave a little opening to the parcel, so that the strong aroma of the food, would give him some strenght to wake up. I ran away, leaving the rest in the hand of existence. Obviously I did not want the people in the platform to know about what was happening to me.
Everything was so clearly visible, since things were moving so slowly. I noticed a sweet child of 2 years old, pulling a suitcase, with the help of the trolley. He was enjoying every bit of it till his parents came and took the suitcase away from him. The parents were worried about the well being of the child but were completely unaware of the joy that the child was enjoying playing with the suitcase. The child started crying, the moment suitcase was taken away from him.

People would become joyful, just with my presence around them. I experienced one conciousness with all the people around me, whether known or unknown. When I was sitting in my shop, I noticed a fight brewing up between a Alcoholic man of 30's and a kid of 10. Unable to bear the sight of kid being beaten up, I interfered and overpowered the alcoholic man. Soon the general public overtook the man and handed him over to the police. He was mercilessly beaten up by the police. While the general public was rejoicing in the justice being handed over to the man, I was all in tears, on the sight of man being tortured. For me, the victim and the aggressor became one. While the general public was operating as a part of its intellect, B.S.P opened a new avenue of living within me, the heart centre. So love was the very order of the day.

                      There is no greater experience than being with Sadhguru. I felt that these glimpses were a gift from Sadhguru, to make us aware that when Energy is running at the highest peak, everything looks so divine. This glimpses inspired me to live the life to the fullest, which i have learned so much during the B.S.P. Anyway, the experiences of the B.S.P, is the thing of the past. As Sadhguru says, the spirit of B.S.P. has to be imbibed in our life, when we get back to home. These programs breaks so many resistance in us, which we have created unconciously. I know that if one does this program with 100% participation, one will come out has a just born human being.

Most importantly, though i had shared my experience, it doesn't have to be the same for everyone. But one thing will be same in everyone.... #Intense

For many days I would sleep late at night by 3 or 4 am. I would simply enjoy the view outside the street. It was just miraculous that I was enjoying every moment of life energy moving in the street. The stillness of the night was just incredible. In summary, I value the experience of oneness with all beings than the psychedelic experience I had.
Wish all the participants, the best of my wishes. 

When I look back at those events that happened back 1 year, I am immensely grateful to all the people who made this program such has Bhava Spandana available to us. That experience of oneness with all the beings has been with me all the time and has taken a new form in the name of "Volunteering in Isha". It is just like that when you watch a beautiful movie, you cannot be content with only watching the movie. You would also want all the people to watch the movie has well. And I took to volunteering, wanting people to experience it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Music - Make your morning refreshing

If you have any songs which are devotional, instrumental, meditative, then please give their link in the comment section. Choose the songs which are unique. It should be more of quality than quantity. I will be grateful to you, for your contribution. If you find the song enlightening, then please leave a word of thanks for the performers. These small acts can make your life richer. These performers are living their life at their highest peak. I wish i could emulate them.
You may need to install the missing plugins, if the current listed songs down below, do not play. You may need a realplayer software to download the clips. You can click here,if you don't have one. I have carefully selected the list of songs which you cannot afford to miss:-


1. Shivoham - Manish Vyas

2. Water down the ganges - Prem joshua

3. Darbari NYC - Prem Joshua


4. Tangerine Thumri - Prem Joshua

5. Lahore Connection - Prem Joshua

6. Shranay - Prem Joshua

7. Mangalam - Prem Joshua

8. The Conversation - Karunesh


9. Heart to Heart - Karunesh

10. Namastasay - Kabir & others from PachaMama

11. Quanda La Luna - Kabir & others from PachaMama

12. For the joy of it all - Karunesh

13. Zensual - Karunesh

Experience 1 - Cockroaches - Life after joining Isha Yoga

I will start relating my experiences about how my life has changed since joining Isha Yoga. I have been afraid of cockroaches. A weird looking creature. It will send shivers in my spine, if I see the cockroach lying upside down, scrambling for life. The horrible spongy body. The flying cockroaches. You never know when they will come upon you.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (From now on, I will refer to him as Sadhguru) has always advised his meditators to be playful and creative. He would say that you will have to commit any 5 playful things during the day. Every act you do, should have a quality of newness. Your life will simply grow, has life progresses. It so happened, that I decided to experiment with the cockroaches. I wanted to know, why I am resisting this harmless creature. I cannot catch the cockroach in my hand because that will suffocate him, So I simply placed my hand before the cockroach and waited till it would crawl up in my hand. But something strange happened. It was running away from me, fearing for his life maybe or maybe this act is so unusual for him to see. So, it went on. I kept running after it and it kept running away from me. I conquered my fear of cockroach. Sometimes, i would simply touch the feathers of the cockroach in front of childrens, and they would get excited. I started playing with everybody's fear. I told everyone, that the day i found any dead cockroaches, I will sprang it upon them. I came to know that such small acts can enrich one's life. If i find any new event's to be added in the cockroach blog, I will add it later................

Life is happening here - Visit www.ishafoundation.org

At the age of 26, I began reading Osho. From the very first day, I knew that I have founded something invaluable. A perfect enlightened master, maybe a little controversial. But that was his way. And it was all because of his mischievous ways, that I was in love with him. If you try to understand him logically, then you are surely going to miss him, and along with him you will also miss life. It was necessary for him to shake the people vigorously, since people are so clouded in the mind. To be in the mind means, If one is born in hindu society, than he will only believe what the hindu spirituality teaches. He will never look outside its religion, if there is any truth in other religions. But if one is adventurous, if one is alive, then one will enquire any spiritual book, which is worth reading. For a period of 7 years, I read his books but without experimenting with any of his meditation wholeheartedly. Maybe, I was not confident, since he was not alive. And most importantly, I could not find any active meditation centres in chennai. There was a great transformation in my life, after I came in contact with Osho. I could feel it virtually that I have become strong from inside. Despite being alone in the society, no one was able to shake me up. Those 7 years that I spent reading his books and hearing discources, were like spending my life in paradise. Just hearing the words of truth would run me into ecstasy. Truth is so powerful and enlightening. I was more intense in my enquiry during those 7 years period. I still remember the words of Osho, where he says that always find a living enlightened master. If everything is going well with your practices, then there is no need to find a new master. Even the past masters will work wonders for you. The important thing to remember is to get started with programs and exercises, which I have not done under Osho.

And that day came in Jan'2008, when I came across the Book Mystic's Musing's of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Immediately I knew that I have found a living enlightened master. I joined the 7 days Isha Yoga program in January'2008. From day one, these yoga programs worked like a magic for me. During the day, many times I would become joyous for no reason. I could not understand what was happening to me. I was excited about the future prospect. If this is the beginning, then what will be the end.

I feel the reason behind my success was my 100% participation in the Isha Yoga program and the grace of the sadhguru. I will do what the teachers would tell me to do. One also needs to be alert during these programs, since there is no spoon feeding business. One needs to learn life on its own feet. Isha simply provides the platform to stand.

It is the complete yoga in itself. What Baba Ramdev teaches about yoga is beneficial to your health but it is incomplete. It is only concerned with your health. Just think over it. Even if we are healthy, we still live a self-enclosed life while life around us are still suffering? What worth is our life, if we cannot enhance life around us. It is exactly at this point of time, that Sadhguru fills that space.
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