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Seeing this world through the eyes of LOVE - Osho

Ramakrishna Paramhansa Dying (leaving body) from Cancer-Osho;

Ramakrishna was dying. He had cancer of the throat, and in his last days it became impossible for him even to drink water.

Vivekananda said to him, ”Bhagwan, can’t you ask God to do you just a little favor? If you simply ask God that at least you should be allowed to eat and drink it is bound to happen. It is becoming too great a suffering for your body – and not only for your body but for us all. We cannot eat because we know you cannot eat. It has become impossible for us to drink because we know you cannot drink. How can we drink? So if you don’t care about yourself, okay, but think of us – we are also suffering. Just for our sake close your eyes and say to God, ’Do me just a small favor.’”

Ramakrishna closed his eyes, opened them and started laughing. He said, ”You fool! If I listen to your advice God will laugh at me. I asked him....”

That was his way. He had not asked – there is nobody to ask – that was his way. He would not hurt Vivekananda. He closed his eyes, he may have even moved his lips to show Vivekananda that he was praying to God. And then he opened his eyes and he said, ”God laughed at me and he said, ’Ramakrishna, you are listening to these fools? You follow their advice? Are they your disciples or are you their disciple? Who is who? You have eaten with this throat for so many years – can’t you now eat and drink with the throats of your disciples?’

” And Ramakrishna said, ”Vivekananda, his argument appeals to me. So stop torturing yourself, suffering, because now that I have lost my throat, I have to depend on your throats. Eat as much as you can – a little more than usual, because a part of it has to go to me. Drink a little more than usual because there will be my share, too. So eat, drink and rejoice, because God has said, ’Ramakrishna, you can eat through your disciples’ bodies. Why depend on this body? And this body is gone and rotten!’ ” There is a certain invisible unity, an organic unity, between the Master and the disciple.

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Nikal Pado (Full Song ) | Aamir Khan [Episode - 13 Last Episode] | Satya...

Satyamev Jayate - The Idea of India - We The People with English Subtitles

Grihastas, Racoons and Higher Possibilities

‘Amavasya’ means the new moon day. For those generally considered ‘Grihastas’, the ‘Pournami’ or the full moon is considered more suitable if at all they want to do something spiritual. A ‘Grihasta’ literally means householder, one who is holding on to his house. The house was supposed to hold us, but now we are holding on to the house. The idea of a house came up only as a physical shelter, but now it is no more just a physical shelter, it is more of a psychological shelter. Every device we create for our wellbeing, we have a specialty of turning it into a tomb for ourselves. A house is wonderful device to organize a few things so we can focus on what we want to do with our lives, but that is not how it turned out for most people. The organization of the home completely ate people up to such an extent they became house-holders, holding on the house.

So for the householders, generally, the full moon is considered more suitable to do anything spiritual because it is gentle on them. And generally, what is gentle is also slow. Amavasya is for the ascetic, for those who are in a rush, for those who don’t have much time. I am not talking about old age, I am talking about hunger. One who is burning with the longing to know doesn’t have much time because this burning may just burn him into ashes tomorrow morning. For that kind, this night is more suitable. This night is associated with Shiva, because Shiva is associated with destruction and burning and ashes. The moment you utter the word Shiva – ash, fire, burning, destruction – these things are part of that word. The nearest thing that can happen on this planet, which is naturally close to nothingness, is Amavasya. In fact, the night before is the darkest night, so that is known as Shivarathri. It continues into the next day which is Amavasya, the actual new moon day, because the moon is just beginning to come up.

We keep talking about the nature of creation because the whole essence of knowing is just to be like that – not to become your own rubbish. Just to be like that, the way the Creator intended you to be. So should I be just like any other creature on this planet – eat when I feel like it, do this when I feel like it, do that when I feel like it? If the Creator intended you to be like that, he would have made you a raccoon — eat when you see food, copulate when the season is on, reproduce when the season is on and die when the time comes. When I say a raccoon, do not think it is a lowly creature, he is a very intelligent guy. I have been in appreciation of him the last few days. Just two days ago, they brought a flower pot and kept it outside on the porch. The plant was full of flowers, but it was in the shade. When any plant is in the shade, the fragrance of the flower will not be as strong as in the sunlight. Within a few hours, this Tennessean raccoon just knew where his evening snack is. He comes, rips the plant off, chews up the plant and goes away. We don’t know where he went for dinner. One little plant appears here, and wherever he was, he knows where his snack is.

I am saying this because when it comes to the survival process, you don’t have the level of organization that he has. If dinner is served unannounced tonight, you will go all over the place — you wouldn’t know where it is. If you were a raccoon, we could serve food anywhere without announcements, you would just know where it is. I am not saying this with any disrespect towards him, I have great regard in seeing the intelligence behind the whole thing. As a householder, he is far more organized than you; you are not in competition with him. The idea of becoming a householder is to organize your survival, so that you don’t worry and struggle with it on a daily basis. You might have glorified it and raised it to heaven, but that is your problem. Essentially, that is all it is — to organize your physical needs in such a way that you can conduct them in a decent manner. I am not saying it is right or wrong, it is just that that is all it is. And that is also an important part of human life, so it is fine.

So being dedicated to the physical, this is ‘raccoonism’ — is physical wrong? No. If physical is a stepping stone to the beyond, it is fantastic. Nothing wrong with the physical. If your home is a possibility so that you don’t have to bother with little things on a daily basis, if it is organized enough so that it allows you to seek something, then that is great. And that is how an ashram should be, always. For those of you who are part of making the ashram happen, it is only a tool for a higher possibility. It doesn’t become a comfort zone by itself; it doesn’t become a purpose by itself. It is not a purpose, it is only a device.

Love and Grace,

Source link : http://blog.ishafoundation.org/sadhguru-spot/grihastas-raccoons-and-higher-possibilities/

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Advice Of Anandamayi Ma

Krishna Das - Breath of the Heart - Kashi vishwanath gange

Osho and his contradiction's - Going beyond Logic

There is a Tibetan story about Marpa. His Master told him to make a house, alone, with nobody's help. It was difficult to bring the stones and bricks from the village to the monastery. It was four or five miles distant. Marpa carried everything alone; it had to be done. And it was to be a three storey house, the biggest that was possible in Tibet in those days. He worked hard, day and night. Alone he had to do everything. Years passed, the house was ready, and Marpa came back happy. He bowed down to the Master's feet and said, 'The house is ready.' The Master said, 'Now set it on fire.' Marpa went and burned the house.

The whole night and the whole next day the house burned. By the evening there was nothing left. Marpa went, bowed down and said, 'As you ordered, the house has been burned.' The Master looked at him and said, 'Start tomorrow morning again. A new house has to be built.'

And it is said that it happened seven times. Marpa became old, just doing the same thing again and again. He would build the house - and he became very, very efficient, by and by. He started building the house sooner, in less time. Every time the house was ready, the Master would say, 'Burn it!' When the house was burned the seventh time, the Master said, 'Now there is no need.'

This is a parable. It may not have happened, but this is what I am doing to you. The moment you listen to me you start creating a house inside: a structure of theories, a consistent whole, a philosophy to live by, a dogma to follow, a blueprint. The moment I see that the house is ready I start demolishing it. And this I will do seven times, and if it is needed, seventy times. I am waiting for the moment when you will listen and you will not gather words. You will listen, but you will listen to me, not what I say. You will listen to the content, not the container; not the words but the wordless message. By and by, this is going to happen. How long can you carry on building a house knowing well that it is going to be demolished? That's the meaning of all my contradictions.

I want you to be absolutely empty of words. This is the whole purpose of my talking to you. One day you will realize that I am talking and you are not creating a structure. Knowing well that I am going to deny whatsoever I am saying, you don't cling. If you don't cling, if you remain empty, you will be able to listen to me, not to what I say. And it is totally different to listen to the being that I am, to listen to the existence that is happening right now, in this moment.

I am just a window: you can look through me and the beyond opens. Don't look at the window, look through it. Don't look at the frame of the window. All my words are frames: just look through them. Forget the words and the frame... and the beyond, the sky is there.

If you cling to the frame, how, how are you going to take wing? That's why I go on demolishing the words, so that you don't cling to the frame. You have to take wing; you have to go through me, but you have to go away from me. You have to go through me but you have to forget me completely. You have to go through me, but you need not look back.

A vast sky is there. I give you just a taste of that vastness when I contradict. It would have been very much easier for you if I were a consistent man saying the same thing again and again, conditioning you to the same theory again and again. You would be vastly happier, but that happiness would be stupid because then you would never be ready to take wing in the sky.

I won't allow you to cling to the frame; I will go on demolishing the frame. This is how I push you towards the unknown. All words are from the known and all theories are from the known.

The truth is unknown, and the truth cannot be said. And whatsoever can be said cannot be true.


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A sharing by Isha Meditator on her turnaround from diseased life

Vivianne Nantel is an artist, author, and Isha meditator. She shares:

On March 8, 2007, I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had already metastasized in my body. I went through six intense months of chemotherapy, and almost died on my first treatment from a severe adverse reaction to the chemo. Two major surgeries and three months of daily radiation followed after that. Because of the physical stress, I greatly suffered from classical shingles, exhausting adrenal fatigue and many other ailments. To say the least my immune system was destroyed, and my adrenal glands burned out. I lingered in the abyss of recovery for almost five years with adrenal fatigue, a very weak immune system, and with minimal energy until Sadhguru unexpectedly embraced me into his arms and uplifted me.
After practicing the Shambhavi Maha Mudra for only one month and half, I felt guided by Sadhguru to take the Shoonya meditation program in Tennessee. Unexpectedly, a miracle took place there! Overnight I recovered from the adrenal fatigue which prevented me from going beyond. I went from sleeping 12 hours per night to only six, and getting up around 5.30 AM. to do my Sadhana instead of 9 or 10 AM. Not only I have been feeling blissful, content, and serene since I took the Inner Engineering program, I feel so energized and alive! My concentration, memory and “joie de vivre” are back! 

 "My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for Sadhguru."

Source link : http://www.ishausa.org/blog/my-joie-de-vivre-sharing/

The Alarmingly Growing Water Crisis and Effective Solutions to ward off the crisis - Satyamev Jayate in English Subtitles

Please click to know more : http://www.satyamevjayate.in/issue12/learnmore/detail/66/www.jagomumbairadio.com/

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Satyamev Jayate - Old Age - Sunset Years, Sunshine Life with English Subtitles

Sadhguru speaks about the Isha Government School Adoption Program

A Donor's and Teachers’ initiative led to mid-day meals at Isha Vidhya

A large section of Isha Vidhya students belong to the weaker sections of rural society. Their parents are daily wage earners who leave home early for the day’s work. So they mainly cook only in the night. A portion of this is also kept aside as next day’s breakfast and packed as lunch for the children too.

In many of our schools, teachers noticed that the lunch brought in by many students got spoilt by the lunch break. Given the hot climate of Tamil Nadu where all the Isha Vidhya Schools are located, the teachers figured that the meal cooked the day before could not survive the heat and thus got spoilt by lunch time next day.

They also noticed that quite a few students especially those from financially weak background, brought lunches which consisted mostly of rice mixed with a gravy and just a green chilly or a pickle as side dish. There were no vegetables or proteins and therefore bereft of nutrition.

They brought it to the notice of school management as they knew that this insufficient nutrition was the main cause of malnutrition among the students. During the annual health checkups held in all schoola, doctors diagnosed that about 70% of Isha Vidhya students were suffering from anemia or malnutrition. This was of great concern to all as it is a well known fact that malnourishment in young children causes slow development of brain and body. Malnourishment also depresses grasping, retaining and analyzing abilities of young children.

It became clear that nutritious meals cooked in the school would be the only solution. It was also clear that the same would have to be subsidized heavily to make it affordable to the targeted students. While the school management was trying to find funding resources for both, one of our long standing volunteers from UK, who had come to know about it, contacted us. Deeply moved by the plight of these children, he found a donor who was willing to sponsor construction and equipping of a kitchen in each of the seven Isha Vidhya schools and another donor who subsidized more than 50% of the meals for the first year. The Donor for the kitchens, had just one condition. He wanted the kitchens to be completed and become operational by the start of the new academic session which was less than 2 months away. Our team was so charged by the donor’s generosity and keenness to help that they rose to the challenge and completed all the seven kitchens although with a slight delay of 15 days.

Each noon-meal is a well balanced one consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and micronutrients. 75% of the cost is subsidized by the school which in turn is supported by donors. Till last year, cost to children was Rs 4 per meal, which had to be increased to Rs 5 this year to meet the increasing cost of raw material and salaries to kitchen staff. For many children, this is perhaps the only good meal that they have in the day.

And thus mid-day meals started in Isha Vidhya.

(Appeal: You can sponsor noon meals for Isha Vidhya children for Rs. 3000 per child per year. Or you could sponsor the food for all children in one school for Rs. 10000/ day in any school of your choice on any day or occasion of your choice. Our schools are located in the districts of Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Nagarcoil, Tuticorin, Cuddalore and Villupuram. Please write in to us at donations@ishavidhya.org)

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