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Is our life Astrologically Dependent ? Sadhguru

If you sit in a Pitch-Dark Space - Friending Darkness - Sadhguru

From the Archives of Isha Blog, July 2010

Sunday was Amavasya, or the day when the moon disappears from our sight. On the no moon day, if you are willing not to disturb the darkness and keep it absolutely dark, if your mind is not in a primate condition where it jumps around and imagines ghosts, goblins and other nonsense coming from the darkness, darkness will be the most wonderful thing.

If you sit in a pitch-dark space, after some time you will not know the boundaries of your own body. You will not know where you are and where you are not.  If your mind is stable and meditative, sitting in a dark space will be a fantastic blessing. But for those whose minds are in a certain level of disruption, darkness is a serious problem. Most people are terrified in darkness, though darkness has never bitten anyone, anywhere, anytime. But because the mind takes so much visual content through the eyes, the moment the eyes become helpless in the darkness, the mind becomes terrified because it is so deeply enslaved to the five senses.
You have five friends who are all nitwits; they are half-brained. Whatever you see, whatever you experience, the senses only give you one part of the experience, they will never give you the whole. Because you start trusting and believing them, because you are deeply attached to them, your whole perception of existence is completely twisted.

So darkness is only a problem for those who have unstable minds. If you have a stable mind, darkness is a very beautiful thing. It is the coolest thing because nobody can disturb it. And it is the strongest thing because nobody can throw it out. It is the only thing which is eternal; it is the only thing which is all-pervading. The only thing that pervades the existence through-and-through is darkness.  The dark nothingness that is all-pervading is the very lap of creation. May you have the needed stability of mind to know the utter stillness and the eternal nature of darkness.

Love and Blessings.,


Devotion has found so many forms of expression - Sadhguru on Akka Mahadevi

Devotion has found so many forms of expression – from subtle and gentle, to fierce and extreme. Devotion essentially means you are making an effort not to have a will of your own, so that you arrive at the doorstep of the Creator absolutely willingly. You are making an effort to allow the dimension of energy that is the basis of your making within you to find its ultimate possibility.

Akka Mahadevi was a very beautiful woman, so the king married her. But in her mind, in her consciousness, she was already married to Shiva. After a few years of frustration, the king became so exasperated that he brought her to court and accused her of adultery. Then Mahadevi said, “You fool! I am not your wife. You think so because of a social event, but that is not so. Everything in me is already given.” The king lost his cool and said, “Everything that you have is mine. The jewels that you wear, the clothes, so what are you talking about your life being somebody else’s!” So she threw down all her jewels and clothes in the court and from that day onward, she refused to wear clothing and walked naked. Naked – not only of clothing – but naked of ego, naked of shame, naked even of herself. And she produced the most fabulous poetry that you can think of; her devotion and her love found expression in such fierce ways.

Here at iii, we are in the final weeks of Anaadhi. The devotion and focus that the participants have displayed in all that they do is remarkable, and for some participants, their devotion has found expression in poetry.
Devotion is that which is devoid of you.
The Flies of Mahima
The flies of Mahima love to play
On my toes and my nose they frolic all day
I used to try to swat them away
Now I bow down and hope they will stay


He came this morning –
silently in
silently out
You could have missed him
if you were not aware
But when he left
he was still there
- Pat M.

Mystic Slumber
Like a midnight cowboy
he works tirelessly through the night
so that I awake from my slumber
all shiny and new
He’s my lullaby in the evening
and my alarm bell at dawn
He’s a demolition crew of one
that blows my creation strewn
and for that I greet each day
with a whole lot of gratitude
- Christy

In Devotion.,

Sadhguru tells the story of Velliangiri – The Kailash of the South

“Why would a mountain become sacred? I am calling this Mountain (referring to the Velliangiri Mountains) sacred not because it’s hard to climb. For many, these Mountains became sacred because a long time ago, there was a young maiden in the southernmost tip of India, who aspired to hold Shiva’s hand as his wife. She started working towards making herself suitable to draw him, and she remained absolutely focused upon him. She set up a deadline, ‘If I am not married to him by sunrise on this day, I am going to leave my body.’ Shiva came to know of this and started hurrying down to South India. But all the other gods conspired. They thought, if he gets married here, he may not return. He may start living in South India. When Shiva was just a few kilometers from the place where the maiden was, the gods created a false sunrise by setting up a huge mound of camphor. When the light came up, Shiva who was so close, just 22 kilometers away, thought it was over and turned back. So the maiden left her body standing. Even today she stands as Kanyakumari. There is a shrine at the very tip of the Indian landmass which is the maiden’s shrine.
So Shiva turned back, despondent and frustrated with himself for not having made it in time. He started walking back and he needed a place to sit and work out his despondency. So he climbed up this Mountain and at the peak, he sat. It is a very strange kind of place because he was not sitting here in blissfulness, he was not sitting in meditation, he sat here in a certain kind of despondence and anger about himself. He stayed there for a considerable amount of time, and wherever Shiva stepped and spent a little bit of time, people called that place Kailash. So they called this the ‘Kailash of the South.’ It is a fortune that we are sitting here at the foothills of this Mountain.

“It’s not just mountains. This is a temple for us.”

This Mountain is known as the Seven Hills because if you climb, there are seven undulations which make you feel like you are going up seven hills. The last peak is totally wind-blown – nothing grows there except grass. There are just three very huge boulders which have formed a shelter between themselves which is like a little temple with a small lingam. It is an incredibly powerful place.
So many beings, the kind of men that Gods would be envious of because they lived with such grace and dignity, have walked this Mountain. These great beings let the whole Mountain imbibe what they knew, and it can never be lost. This is also a Mountain where my Guru walked and the place he chose to shed his body. So for me and everybody here, it’s not just mountains, this is a temple for us. There is a tremendous amount of information here and for me, everything about how to consecrate the Dhyanalinga, was from here.”

Shivapadam – Take a residence at the Velliangiri Foothills, at Shiva’s feet

Isha Foundation is offering individual residential accommodation for Isha meditators who wish to reside at the foothills of these sacred Mountains and imbibe the tremendous possibilities that they represent. This residential facility will provide a comfortable and personal space for seekers while creating a rare opportunity to focus on sadhana in a space graced by the Presence of the Dhyanalinga and an Enlightened Master.

Being at the foothills of Velliangiri is not very different from being at the feet of Shiva. The cascade of energy that this mountain bears is a privilege beyond compare.

- Sadhguru

Thenkailaya Yatra

To provide people with the opportunity to experience the life-transforming power and energy of these Mountains, the Thenkailaya Bhakthi Peravai – a non-profitable charitable trust created by devotees of the Velliangiri Mountains, organises the day-long Thenkailaya Yatra to the Seventh Hill. The yatra through the dense forests of these hills, makes one available to the mystical essence that pervades every rock and crevice of these sacred hills.

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Dhyan Yatra - A Meditative Pilgrimage. Sadhguru

Isha Dhyan Yatra - Himalayan Trek

"Your mind is society's garbage bin" - Sadhguru

I don´t need you anymore - A Questioner to Mooji

A Handful Will Step Out Of This Samsara Life ~ Mooji

Radha-Govinda Melody

The Power to Create is Within Ourself - These Isha Volunteers demonstrates, while creating space for Sadhguru Sannidhi

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Annadhi - A 90 day retreat program

After being through some incredible sights, smells and tastes of West Asia, here I am at the 3 “i”s – Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Some hard-core spiritual situation here. We are at Anaadhi (THE BEGINNINGLESS), a 90-day retreat for hard-core seekers. Anaadhi is about introducing people to a completely different level of sadhana and exploration. After sifting through close to 500 applications, we arrived at a little over 200 participants.

This is quite a stretch both physically and mentally. Above all, it demands extreme discipline. This type of sadhana and exploration probably has never happened in this part of the world till now – at least not to my knowledge. It is great to see American meditators gearing up to go through this; each one of them I am sure had to sacrifice something they value to be here. The hope is to build spiritually profound people with great strength, character, commitment and above all clarity. As a part of this, we are also having a 10-day Samyama program for 400 participants – served by a little over 25 volunteers. It is very touching to see how things are being done.

It is their fortune that the Buddha Pournima happens to be during Samyama – that full moon day when Gautama attained became the basis of a spiritual wave that has left an indelible mark upon humanity.

Love and Grace,

When I bow down to Kailash, I bow down to it the same way I would bow down to my Guru - Sadhguru

The very idea behind a pilgrimage is fundamentally to subdue the sense of who you are. It is to become nothing in the process of just walking and climbing and subjecting yourself to various arduous processes of nature. Today things have been made much comfortable. We are flying up and then driving down and just walking a little bit.

Physically we are much weaker human beings than what they used to be a thousand years ago because somewhere we do not know how to make use of the comforts and conveniences for our wellbeing. We have used it to make ourselves weaker, more difficult with ourselves and with our surroundings in which we exist. So all the more, the fundamental idea of pilgrimage becomes much more relevant to modern societies than it was to the ancient ones. In terms of the destination, Kailash and Manasarovar is probably the greatest that one can make.

I am not in an inner state where I need to do any pilgrimage, but still this pilgrimage to Manasarovar and Kailash has been absolutely astounding for me in terms of experience. I never expected it to be this way. I have seen enough. A few lifetimes of memories still being with me, I am not the kind who is easily surprised or excited by anything; but these last 15 days, have been, not really a surprise, but quite mind boggling in my experience.

For thousands of years realized beings always traveled to Kailash and deposited their knowledge in a certain way, in a certain energy form. Hindus say Shiva lives there, and South Indian mysticism always says their greatest yogi, one of the seven direct disciples of Shiva who are known as the Sapta Rishis, Agasthiya Muni, who is the basis of South Indian mysticism, lives there in the southern face of Kailash. What it means is not that they are actually living there, but they deposited all their work there because they could not transmit it into the people. So it is a treasure house of knowledge.

Whatever temples and places and whatever else may be there in the world – and I have been to many truly sacred and powerful places, I have seen many powerful beings – when I bow down to them I am genuine, but I bow down to them a little less than I would bow down to my Guru, always. But when I bow down to Kailash, I bow down to it the same way I would bow down to my Guru. Never before I have done that to anything or anybody in my whole life, I always kept a little bit extra; but with this, once when I bowed down, I really bowed down as I do to Him.


Breaking the mental chains - Sadhguru

Question: How does a person become free of their bondages when they are in a family where so many people are dependent on them and there are certain chains around you?

 Sadhguru: Maybe you cannot release your body from the chains but you can definitely release your mind from the chains. That is in your hands, isn’t it? Right now, maybe you cannot take Sanyas and live in an ashram – your husband, wife or your children will not allow you, but you becoming mentally free, can anybody stop you? No. The bondages have come only because of yourself and nobody else. Freedom does not mean we have to change all our situations. We do not have to turn our life or situations upside down to become free because one situation is not better than some other situation; don’t ever believe that. It is just a choice. Somebody chooses to live in this situation and somebody else chooses to live in another situation; everything has its pluses and minuses. The important thing is how you are within yourself, isn’t it? So, you may not be able to change your external situation immediately, maybe there is nothing wrong with it and there is no need to change it. But you should change your inner situation because it is bothering you.

This mind can become a ladder to divinity, it can make you ecstatic. Many times this mind made you happy, isn’t it? And many times it made you very unhappy, fearful, tense and frustrated. So the same mind is doing both. It is doing whatever it wants because this little instrument of a mind is not in your hands, it has gone out of control. You can take your car and reach the next city or you can ram it straight into a tree. It is left to you. So, it is just about what you do with it. You can reach very far if you keep the controls in your hands.

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Nirvana Shatakam

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Manish Vyas - Shivoham with Lyrics

What are your thoughts on Smoking Marijuana? Sadhguru

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Sadhguru Sannidhi Pada Yantra

Sadhguru Sannidhi is a live temple, a certain atmosphere that throbs in one space. The establishment of Sannidhi creates a powerful energy space within one’s home. Particularly for those who have established spirituality as the priority in their lives, creating Sannidhi has a profound influence on one’s inner evolution. 

 Each Sannidhi is energized by a Sadhguru Sannidhi Pada Yantra, a sacred form, particularly designed by Sadhguru to generate a supportive energy situation for one’s inner growth. If maintained with a certain discipline, Sannidhi works wonders in terms of the internal and external wellbeing of all who come within its sphere, thus extending the spiritual possibility to those around us as well. 

Isha Nature Awareness Program for Childrens

M S Subbulakshmi::Bhaja Govindam (w. Eng. subtitles) - A Music Video with South India Flavour

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Moon Temple - Karunesh

Spiritual Knowledge & Guru Puja - Sadhguru

What is the purpose of human life? Sadhguru

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Kitaro Dance of Sarasvati -- Kitaro (Om Namo Shardaya (Saraswati))

Competing in Business with Integrity. Sadhguru

A Discussion on Intuition. Sadhguru

People today talk of Stress Management. But why would anyone want to manage their Stress - Sadhguru

Total Wellbeing through Inner Engineering Online

Velliangiri Mountains the Kailash of the South. Sadhguru

India My Love - A music video by Prem Joshua

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River of Love - A tribute to Mooji - Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

The story of transformation - Living Life at Full Throttle - The Car Racers conversation with the Mystic

Parenting our child - Sadhguru in conversation with Sona Jain

Buddha Pournima - This year it falls on May 17th 2011. Tune into Sadhguru’s live darshan from iii, US at 6pm US Central Time & 4.30am IST.

The emaciated Siddhartha Gautama becomes Gautama the Buddha. This stone sculpture now at the Lahore Museum, dates to the 2nd century AD.
In the yogic culture, Buddha Pournami is a very significant day in any spiritual aspirant’s life because this is the third pournami after the earth shifts to the northern run of the sun. Today, in commemoration of Gautama the Buddha, we have named it after him.

Buddha Pournami, is seen as Buddha’s day of enlightenment. After almost eight years of very body-destroying efforts, Gautama had become very weak. For four years he had been a Samana. The main sadhana for a Samana was to walk and never seek food – just walking and fasting. This destroyed his body almost to a point of death. At this time, he came to the river Niranjana, which as many other rivers in India today, has dried up and disappeared. This river was actually just a large stream with knee-high water flowing swiftly. He tried to cross the river but half-way across, his body was so physically weak that he could not take one more step. But he is not the kind to give up so he just held on to a dead branch that was there and just stood.

It is said that he stood like that for many hours. We do not know whether he actually stood for many hours, or for a few moments which seemed like hours in that state of weakness. But at that moment, he realized that what he is seeking is after all within himself, so why all this struggle? “All that is needed is absolute willingness and it is right here. Why am I searching around the world?” When he realized this, he had that little extra ounce of energy to take that step, walk across the river and sit down under the now famous Bodhi tree. He sat down with the determination that, “Unless the Ultimate happens to me, I will not move. Either I will get up as an Enlightened Being or I will die in this posture.” And in a moment he was there because that is all it takes.

All it takes is that it should become the only priority. Then it is just one moment. The sadhana, the effort is just for this. Because people are so scattered all over the place, it takes such a long time just to gather them and make them into one organic whole. People are identified with so many things. So the first thing is to gather yourself. Only if this human being is fully gathered as one whole, we can do something with him.

So it was just that one moment. He became fully enlightened as the full-moon was just rising. He sat there for a few hours and then he got up. Seeing the intensity of his sadhana as a Samana, over the years, five co-travelers had gathered around him who looked up to him. The first thing Buddha said when he got up was, “Let’s have dinner.” These five were aghast. They thought he had fallen. They felt totally disappointed. Gautama said, “You are missing the whole point. It is not about fasting, it is about realizing. The full moon has risen within me. Look at me. Look at the change in me. Just be here.” But they went away. Out of his compassion, after a few years, he went in search of these five people one by one and put them on the path of enlightenment.

So there have been many, but this incredible human being, in many ways has changed the face of this planet and still continues to do so. 2500 years is not a small amount of time.
- Sadhguru

Isha Yoga Center celebrates Buddha Pournami with a day of sacred Buddhist chants and special offerings at the Dhyanalinga, as well as a evening and full moon meditations. The energies of this night are considered to be very conducive for one’s inner evolution. The sathsang and meditation with Sadhguru, wherever he happens to be at that time, is a much looked forward to event.
Meditators during the Buddha Pournami celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center, last year.

This year Buddha Pournami falls on May 17. Tune into Sadhguru’s live darshan from iii, US at 6pm US Central Time & 4.30am IST.

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How to plant a tree - Project Green Hands by Isha Foundation

 Part 1

Part 2

Getting close to nature

How does drinking alcohol affect one's prana Sadhguru by TRUTH

Osho Music - Open Window / Rainbow

Sadhguru's daughter Radhe, bowing to her Mother Vijji
Wednesday, 02 Mar 2011 

Sadhguru : Of the many things that have happened in the last week – from signing important business deals to opening the Ishana store in the New Delhi airport to launching Linga Bhairavi temple projects in two centers to finalizing Adi Yogi Alayam plans and other various construction projects – one event stands  out for me. The 23rd of Feb 2011 , Wednesday, will remain etched in my memory for always. I can share this unabashed as our lives have always been so public during the last two decades. My daughter Radhe grew up in this challenging atmosphere where there is hardly any line between what is private and public. Living a near nomadic existence from her infancy, she learnt to enjoy unfamiliar situations and people.

Sadhguru embracing Radhe
Vijji, my wife, longed to be a dancer but never had that opportunity as a child and after she became my wife, I arranged for a dance teacher in Mysore. She went for it with great passion, but alas, we had to constantly travel and her dance lost more than a step.

Over 23 years ago, Vijji and I visited KALAKSHETRA in Chennai and imbibed the exuberant atmosphere of music and dance. Vijji wished that if we ever had a girl, she should come here.  I said ‘let it be so’ as I had no intention of having a child and such a need did not exist in me. But over 20 years later, Radhe passed out of Kalakshetra and here, in the electrifying ambiance of the Bhairavi temple, she hit the stage. As she was rendering her last piece, the sky opened up and poured but she continued to dance – an enchanting moment it was.

Her mother is not here, but anyways, she would have died of joy at that moment.
Since then, every evening has been a scintillating performance as a part of the Yaksha festival. Guests are beginning to arrive for Mahashivarathri, a night-long fest. Over a million people are expected. The air is electric with expectation and joy.
Too much happening for one life.
Bliss and Bliss.

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Why do you tell people not to do Healing? Sadhguru

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Karunesh of Anugama - Tribal Music

The Promised Land - [ Music:Anugama ]

Isha Vidhya

Osho - The Movie (1978) - A film Documentary by Robert Hillman

Music from the Album Project Greenhand - By Sound of Isha

Bhairavi Shatakam - From Sound of Isha

Alai Alai Alai Alai Alai Alai........................................

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