Sunday, June 28, 2015

The worst thing you can do (to Yourself) is to put yourself down. - Robert Adams

 Student: I think part of the problem is, speaking for myself of course, is that I don't believe it will happen. I feel it happens just to a favored few, like Jesus, Buddha or yourself. What's the sense of trying it if it's not going to happen?

Robert Adams : Well, if you don’t feel it's going to happen, what can you do? Go see a movie. You've got to realize you are greater than you think, and you've got the same power within you as everybody else does. It may appear to be asleep, but as you work on yourself, work on yourself, work on yourself, you will awaken it, and one day it will become stronger than you are and take you over completely and you'll be free. But you've got to keep on working on yourself, and stop putting yourself down. That's the worst thing you can do is to put yourself down. That's blasphemy because you're putting God down. Think of yourself as a higher person, love yourself, worship yourself, bow to yourself. You are greater than you think.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Not able to settle ? ---- How compassionate the Divine is, that it somehow keeps you on your toes. - Sadhguru

Sadhguru : Many who take to the spiritual path have this question every day in the morning when they have to get up at five. ‘Why should I do all this? The whole world wakes up at eight o’clock. Why should I get up at five o’clock? Everybody eats five meals a day. Why should I eat two? Everybody is looking happy, like Mother Earth. (Gestures to show round figure.) Why should I look like this?’ That is Mother Earth’s shape; that is not the human shape, but a lot of people are trying to imitate Her.

So this question always comes up, ‘Why should I do this?’ Of course traditionally, they would say, ‘You must realize yourself, you must realize God. You must attain liberation.’ But in the morning, you say, ‘I don’t want liberation. I just want to sleep. I don’t want to see God. I just want to eat well. I am really not interested in meeting God. I just want to meet the neighbourhood girl or boy.’ These thoughts will come up, they are very chemically supported. Spiritual longing is not chemically supported. But still, the question of ‘why’ becomes very big. ‘Why? Why?’

If you had the intelligence of a worm, there would be no ‘why.’ If you even had the intelligence of a buffalo – it is a bigger brain than you, at least a bigger head – you would not have these problems. The problem is what you see as creation. If you look at it closely enough, everything is contradictory. If you are just engrossed in one thing, it looks like it is complete by itself. When your hormones are spiced up and they are ruling your body and your brain, it looks like that is the very purpose of life. Then when you get married you think, ‘Why the hell did I get caught up in this?’ So the question is not about whether life works out well or not. The question is just whether you have a working head or not. If you have a working brain, it does not matter how well life arranges itself. ‘Why the hell am I stuck in this?’ will anyway come.

If you have observed and paid attention to the nature of the creation, you will have to learn to exist in contradiction, which makes you very compromised. Only somebody who is completely blind, only somebody who never pays attention to his own emotions, thoughts and actions can believe that he is all right. Otherwise, if you pay enough attention, you know it is all a terrible compromise. Wherever you are put, it doesn’t matter where, if you have a working head, it will ask, ‘Why? Why am I in this?’ People try to freeze their brains with all kinds of things, but it will not work. If you have an active working brain, the ‘why’ will come soon. If you have a frozen brain, it will come at the moment of death.

My blessing is the question, ‘Why do I exist, why am I doing this?’ This should come to you at the earliest possible time so that you have the necessary energy and strength, and you are not so heavily encumbered that you cannot choose the path which will liberate you from this ‘why’ and the torment of ‘why.’ The ‘why’ becomes very big – you cannot sleep. You cannot sit in one place peacefully. You cannot do anything properly because this is the very nature of existence. Only somebody, only a creature which is below the mind can settle into this existence. One who has a working mind cannot settle into this existence. Whichever way you look at it, you cannot settle into it. If you are put in a city, you cannot settle into it; if you are put in the jungle, you cannot settle into it; if you are put in a small hut, you cannot settle into it; if you are put in a palace, you cannot settle into it; because that is the very nature of the existence. Existence is created like this, so that the human being does not stagnate. Wherever he is, it feels meaningless and he wants to move somewhere else. How compassionate the Divine is, that it somehow keeps you on your toes.

When we were on the Kailash Yatra, I saw some slackness in the way some things were being done, so I called the volunteers and teachers and said, ‘What is the problem? Has Kailash become mundane because you are coming every year? People would give their right hand to be here. What is the issue with you?’ Then they said, ‘No Sadhguru, we are just tired.’ I said, ‘Tired is good. You are not dead. Tired is not a problem. You are not dead, right? You are young.’ Then one of the participants said, ‘They have just been on their toes.’ I said, ‘That is the best way to live your life.’ Do you think being on your backside is a good way to be? Being on your toes is the best way to be. That means you have a life that is happening. You don’t have a stagnant life. You have a life that is happening all the time.

You must be fortunate that things are always happening – seven days of the week, three hundred and sixty-five days, it is happening. That is one thing you cannot complain about in Isha. You cannot say, ‘Nothing is happening.’ Something is happening all the time. This is very important. May you know the joy of action that leads to stillness.

Love & Grace,

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Be sensitive to hear and listen to your Inner Voice. Trust. Mooji

The instant you genuinely say Yes to Truth inside your Heart
a subtle vibration is felt. Don’t overlook it.
As you become open, it will guide you in subtle ways.
Day by day, you become increasingly aware of its presence.
Sometimes, it may just whisper. Why whisper?
So you bend down to listen and develop more sensitivity to truth.
In the beginning you have to make an effort to hear and to listen,
because other voices are also talking inside your head.
The more one identifies with the ego self, the more heavy life is felt to be.
The one who calls you is with you. Trust.
You must engage your discerning power to identify which is the true voice.
Basically, the less of ‘you’, the person, there is, the more Truth reveals itself.
The one who grasps this begins to see things in such a calm and light way.
Stay like this—observant. Move like this—empty.
Don’t wait for the Real to come.
Recognise, inside your heart - I am already here.

~ Mooji, Sahaja 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't Go Up In Smoke!

The Key To Health: Treating Water With Reverence

When nothing happens in your life, its a hibernation process - recognize it.

Bhagavan Ramana once told a busy grihastha sadhaka (family aspirant) : 

"There will come a stage in sadhana, when the aspirant will be forced to live in seclusion. It is truly the blessings of God on him. Then, he will be blessed with the capacity to withdraw himself from all forms of outward activities and commitments, like the tortoise which involuntarily withdraws its limbs and head within the protective safety of its own huge shell, when it sees 'danger' ! This

inner hibernation is a precious opportunity blessed on a true spiritual aspirant by the Higher Power, to silently meditate; and, in such silence, he will receive inner commandments of guidance !"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Difference between a seeker, disciple and a devotee - Robert Adams

There are three types of people that enter the spiritual path. 

The first is called the seeker, 
the second is called the disciple, 
and the third is called the devotee. 

The seekers are the worst ones because they never stop seeking. While they are at satsang they think about who they will see tomorrow. They never stop. They run from pillar to post; they go to India to seek a teacher, then to Hawaii or St. Louis when they hear about another teacher. They are seekers, and this is good to an extent, because they are better off than the people who do nothing and think they are human. Unfortunately you can be a seeker for a thousand lifetimes without ending it. 
                                    If you are a sincere seeker, with a heart that truly wishes to awaken, the time will come when you become a disciple. 

The disciple finds a teacher and learns all they can from that teacher. Yet they still are not sure; they still have
doubts. They still are interested in me, me, me, me, asking, “What am I getting out of this?” Also they still go to other teachers from time to time, even while staying around one particular teacher. They may be a disciple but they are not that close. 

                             If the disciple is sincere in their heart, with love and compassion, thinking kind feelings towards all, they will eventually become a devotee.
  The devotee becomes the consciousness of the teacher. A devotee forgets all about him or herself. They could be in satsang where everyone is going wild, but the devotee sees nothing but the teacher. The devotee is oblivious to anything going on in satsang, but only has love and good feelings towards all. The devotee is interested in the teacher's welfare and ultimately becomes enlightened. It is the devotees that awaken before anyone else. 

In which category are you? Ask yourself.

Robert Adams
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