Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is màking a inward journey a difficult one? Sadhguru answers

Sadhguru soaked in Silence, in search of words

Sadhguru : What we are just referring to creation is such a fantastic, coordinated design. Itsunbelievable. No human being can logically ever arrive at it and say “I have got it”. Its too much and at the same time its so cohesive and so fantastic. When you see it; even for a moment if you see it, there is no way you can remain the same person.

So, since then, my life has been to make devices, to rub off theseexperiences on people, even if it is for a moment. I can tell you millions of people today, if they as much as close their eyes, tears of ecstasy will dribble out. They do not know the Ultimate but they are near, just the fragrance of the Ultimate, justbreaks them up, dissolves them. This is something that must happen to every human being. Before we fall dead, this is the goal we all must set, whether you become a billionare or not, that I do not know, that is subject to many things. Whether you climb mountEverest or not, I do not know, but before you fall dead, you must know this piece of Life in its entirety. This is important than important. If you pass this life, without knowing the nature of what this is (Sadhguru referring to life within), in my opinion it is waste of life. It doesn’t matter what you might have done, whatachievements you may have done in the world, if you leave this place without knowing this piece of life in its entirety, it’s a waste of life. What this is (Sadhguru referring to life within) , is bigger than anything that we can ever think of doing in this world.

Questioner : For many people perhaps in this room, what you just described seems very far, out of reach and we were talking about….

Sadhguru interrupts

Sadhguru : I would like to correct that, I know that is not a normal thing. I want you to understand, all of you. See when it comes to outside world, we are all differentlycapabled. What you can do, I cannot do. What I can do, you cannot do. That is a fact and that is how it will always be, and it is wonderful that way otherwise we all will be doing the same damn thing but once you look at your interiority, there is no human being here who is better equipped than the other.

In physicality, you may be better equipped than the other.

In your psychological space, you may be better equipped than the other.

But in interiority, you are neither worse, nor better than anybody else.

I am not any better than anyone of you or anybody in this world for that matter internally.

In your interiority all of us are equally capable. This is not something that depends on your competence. This only simply depends on your intention, willingness. This is not a question of competence at all. So, it is never ever out of reach. It is just that we are looking at it, at different

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