Monday, April 20, 2009

Volunteering - An ultimate experience

It's really difficult to define volunteering since it carries many values within it. The first and foremost meaning I felt is that I wanted people to know the joy of being with sadhguru. People like Sadhguru are scarce in this world and we have got that job to carry forward the message. Just being with him, I have forgotten my problems and anxiety but now new kind of problems have come in. There is a strong urge within me to work as a full time volunteer but whatever I do falls short of expectation.
Distributing pamplets door-to-door and hanging posters was an extra-ordinary experience. Distributing pamplets was not a simple work but it needed a kind of alertness and intelligence. Many times before approaching anyone, I would check whether he is in a mode of listening. If he is not entangled in any work or if he is calm within himself, then i would approach him and tell him about the program. This way I found many people who were excited to learn about isha yoga. Usually people try to finish off distributing pamplets in a day or 2, feeling they have done the job. But what happens is that in the faster mode of distribution, the pamplets does not reach right kind of people. I succesfully approached a doctor to allow the pamplets to be kept in his clinic. Similarly I approached temples with the positive response.
Hanging posters was an enjoyable experience. There was so much to contemplate before we could decide on which place to hang the posters. Usually we would start off after 9 p.m. Learnt so many things. You will have to find whether large group of people would go through the poster by walk. Is the view clear ? Is it at the junction point ? Have you covered all the area within the 4 km radius of the venue ? How to prepare the posters, so that they can carry a little longer life span than they usually carry ? It s a never ending experience and I am sure that there will always be something new to experience with every volunteering oppurtunity.

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  1. I really appreciate and i thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I read your blogs regularly and they are insightful read.


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