Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anger - Expression of Disturbed Mind

Today as I was coming back home on my motorcycle, I saw a autorickshaw farway, immobile. When there was a space to crossby, I thought that I could passaway. All of a sudden, the man came out of auto and I collided with him. The vehicle and myself were hit on the road. But strangely there was no upsurge of anger inside me. I find that the more I am focused to Sadhguru, the less there are chances of being disturbed. Only my body was hit. And the mistake by the man was not intentional. I and the autorickshaw, just parted our ways without looking at each other.

I remember a event few months back. I was sitting in my shop with few of my friends. My motorvehicle was just parked outside my shop. In India, the bullock carts are unpredictable vehicles of transportation. They don't have a brake. So all of a sudden, it hit my vehicle. I just stood up, as if nothing as happened. It was only the vehicle, not me. These meditations have dis-identified myself with all the outside objects. The friends, who were enraged, encouraged me to fight with the bullockcart man. The first thing, my consiousness was searching for, was, my chappals. Feeling embarrased at what I was doing, I enacted a argument with the man outside. But when I came back in the shop, my friends told me clearly that all my anger was a cover-up and it seems that your Isha Yoga Practices might have loosened the anger within you. I wonder that I have been introduced to only the basic exercises and am optimist on what the future holds for me since there are many advance programs, which I have not done yet.

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