Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Linga Bhairavi - A Fierce Feminine Force

Questioner : Sadhguru, could you tell us something about Linga Bhairavi ?

Sadhguru : She is yet to be born. Giving birth to somebody or something which is far bigger than yourself is a tremendously beautiful experience. Because of a variety of disturbances from outside, her gestation period unfortunately has been stretched beyond what we thought it will take but hopefully we will deliver her sometime 2009.

Linga Bhairavi will be a very new form. A linga typically represents the masculine, but she is a Linga Bhairavi. Bhairav-I means it is feminine. She will be of different nature. She will respond to a particular kind of appeal. If someone knows how to do the necessary appeal, she will respond to them in a big way. So you will have a kind of super technology with which you can get anything you want done - that is the whole idea of Devi worship. There is a huge culture of Devi worship here in India. But not only in India - in Arabia, Europe, and large parts of Africa, everywhere goddess worship was the most prominent thing till the monotheistic religion came up. All the crusades and inquisitions were mainly against people who were goddess worshipper. They tried to completely banish the goddess from the planet, but in India she lived and she continues to live. Everywhere else, wherever the monostheistic religions dominated, they completely erased the worship of the feminine.

One crucial point they held against these Devi or goddess worship groups was, they said they were doing devil's work because they were doing things that other people could not grasp or understand. They could do things that others would not have means to do - that means they were into occult practices. Because they could perform occult practices, they were branded has devil worshippers and put to death, or their places of worship were burnt. Systematically, over centuries, goddess worship was completely erased.

Here in India, it is still a very strong culture, but today, even here it has become like this that people conduct Devi worship in a clandestine way. People have become educated - anything that does not appeal to their reason, they want to destroy. Because of this, most of the Devi temples conduct the core of their worship in a very clandestine way. , not known to the outside world. Not everybody, just a small group of people is involved in this, because unfortunately, society has become very male dominated.

When I say male dominated, I do not mean man is dominating. I mean the male mind is dominating. Woman also has become like a man today. That is the most unfortunate thing. Women think they are becoming free by becoming like men. This is the most horrible slavery, that a woman has to become like a man. Once the masculine mind dominates the world, anything that does not appeal to the reason will be destroyed; which is happening worldwide. Here in India also this is happening, but you cannot kill the Devi worship totally because it is too deep-rooted. There are still some hardcore people like me. People have still kept the feminine alive in them - there are many of them. But I think worship of the feminine being mainstream is over in the world. It will always be somewhere clandestine. That is one of the reasons Linga Bhairavi will take a corner. She is taking a corner, but she got a triangular temple because of that. The Linga Bhairavi temple is going to be in the southwestern corner of the Dhayanalinga complex. Linga Bhairavi will be a very fierce feminine force.

The Dhayanalinga is a very powerful energy form but he is made in such a way that he has no need to defend himself, so he does not defend himself. One form of Shiva is Bhole, that means he is simple minded; because he just gives to everybody irrespective of who they are; how they will use him, misuse him - he doesn't care. That's how he is. Because of this nature, people would want to use it. For anybody who is practicing the occult, the Dhyanalinga is like a goldmine because occult practitioners have a certain type of sadhana through which they know how to make use of energy but they do not know how to create it. This is why the occult has always involved sacrifice - they know how to use the energy but they do not know how to create it. So they destroy one life to use it the way they want it - that has always been their way. It would be boon for anybody who is into serious practice of occult to be in the presence of Dhayanalinga and do certain sadhana, and to use the energies for occult practices; but we would not like to encourage that.

In this generation, it will not happen, but in future it is possible that people who want to do occult practices and use these energies in so many different ways would want to take over the place; and they will be capable. They will be too diabolically calculative and they are very powerful manipulators; they could just take over the whole space to use for a completely different purpose. When you create such a big energy source, naturally they will be drawn towards it, and you cannot keep them out, because not all occult is necessarily negative. The occult can be a positive force. It all depends on who is using it and for what purpose.

So we want to create Linga Bhairavi as a space which will be open for the occult. We will open up that possibility. This may cause a certain amount of misunderstanding and disturbance in people around right now, but that does not matter. I have gotten used to live with misunderstanding, and misunderstanding will always be there. These are sciences; these are things that very few people in the world can do. So, we will establish this space when I am still around. These are things which will live for a very longtime, and these are things which people will cherish. This is not only for the occult. For people who are only seeking physical health and material wellbeing, Linga Bhairavi could be far more responsive. I only hope the Linga Bhairavi temple will not become more crowded than the Dhyanalinga. That should not happen.

Still, for majority of the people, their immediate wellbeing is the most important thing. If we make their immediate wellbeing effortless, if they can achieve their material needs so much more easily, I am hoping - you know I am a hopeless optimist - that if they have more time in their hands, they will dedicate it to their spiritual search and wellbeing. I fear Linga Bhairavi may become more popular with people than the Dhayanlinga, but she also has a spiritual dimension. She could be one more conduit. On the northern end of the outer parikrama, we created the Theerthakund as a conduit for people to experience the Dhyanalinga. Similarly, on the southwest end, the Linga Bhairavi also will become a conduit to enhance people's ability to experience the Dhayanalinga.

So in one way, Linga Bhairavi is like a side attraction for people. People may find her more impactful than the Dhyanalinga itself because she will be very raw energy. The Dhayanlinga is subtle - it takes some amount of focus to feel it. But she will be so raw, nobody can miss it; very strong, raw power. In a way, she will be a kind of insurance for the Dhayanlinga on a long-term basis. If people want to do certain work, they can use Linga Bhairavi.

Why are we facilitating such things ? - Because I am not against anything in life; I am okay with everything. It is just that we have to counterbalance everything with something else. If we try to eradicate it, it will only grow. Right now, because of ecological pollution and other things that are happening, tomorrow, shall we pass a law to stop all the industry, buses and automobiles ? You think it is going to work ? We are saying, "Let's plant more tress." Actually, planting more trees is not a 100% solution; we are just delaying the process. If you take medicine that your doctor gives, you are not becoming immortal, you are only delaying death. That is how the whole life works.

You cannot eliminate those things from the world. They have been there for a very longtime. So, we are setting up a small corner where people can make use of this energy. And also for the devotees and meditators who come there, their life is not all spiritual. There are other aspects to their life. They have a family, they still have to struggle for their money, they have to fight for their professional wellbeing - there are so many things. For people, who are seeking physical and material wellbeing, these aspects are also available in the Dhyanalinga, but the Linga Bhairavi will cater to them a little better.

We do not want the Dhyanalinga to be a space to be used for any kind of personal pursuits, whatever they are. The Dhayanlinga, should be constantly kept as a spiritual space, not to be used for anything else. But people have other aspirations. It is not in me to decide and judge what somebody should be doing - it is upto them what they do. It is just that if they show an inclination, we are willing to help. If they do not have an inclination, they just want to enjoy the physicality of the world. I have no issue with that. It is up to them. Till they realise the limitation of what it is, let them go....

So, if you want health, wellbeing, prosperity - these kinds of things are very strong in the Linga Bhairavi energy. People who imbibe it can benefit from it that way. And she has a spiritual possibility also. Especially for those who are emotionally bound, the devotee kind of people, Linga Bhairavi will become a stronger attachment. It will give them a stronger sense of emotional connection than the Dhyanalinga because the Dhyanalinga doesn't really respond to your emotions. He only respond to your energy. He is just on all the time. That is the most wonderful way to do things but people have their limitations and inclination. So Linga Bhairavi can become a powerful force.

She will be fierce and powerful. What level of consecration to go for depends on many factors, especially the kind of support that will be there. When we did the Dhyanalinga conscration, we were doing this with time, space and certain kind of compulsions. There was very minimal support and a huge amount of resistance and struggle in the social situation around us. Now we have a much larger support base, both socially and otherwise. There are lots of suitable people around. If the situation allows, we would include a large group of people and make it happen. Otherwise, it could be done in stages, involving a small group and then a little larger group for peripheral work.

There is no question of ritualistic consecration. It is bound to be energy work. It will again be mercury-based linga. But will it be like the Dhyanalinga ? No. The kind of consecration we will do for Linga Bhairavi will need maintenance to keep it vibrant. She will not be like Goddess Kali - she will not ask for blood on daily basis. She will be consecrated in a different way. Because there is rasa - mercury is refered to as rasa - she will not need any outside help, but still she will need some maintenance. The Dhyanalinga does not need any maintenace. If for thousand years nobody enters the temple, after thousand years, it will still be the same. It will not drop even a notch. But if we consecrate Linga Bhairavi, it will not be like that. It can sustain itself for a certain period but after that it will dissipate.

There are many levels of consecration that can be done. One thing is consecrating the idol and making it powerful; that we will anyway do. Another is creating a form like this and letting it loose, so that people can seek it wherever they are. There are many forms like this, which at different times in history, people created and let loose, and even today people are making use of them. In India, there are many many examples - people call for a certain goddess and she actually appears for them. Most of these goddess were created in terrible forms. She appears to them in that form and things happen.

One example that is fairly well-known is Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Ramakrishna used to call Kali and she would come. He would actually feed her and she would eat. The plate would become empty. It was the real form, because these forms were created long ago. These are not just dolls that are created for the psychological wellbeing of a person. These are energy forms, which have been created and let loose. If you know how to bring them down, you can bring them down right here, like a live thing.

If we want to go for that level of consecration, it will involve a lot more. A new goddess will become alive. Making her alive in one form, here in the idol is one level of consecration. Making her truly alive, not in just this form, so that simply she is there, is something else. We could also establish a method that can be imparted to people, through which they can bring down that particular form into their lives. That will take a lot more. That is the kind of work I must be doing. I am in my elements only in that kind of work. We will make up our mind how exactly to create her, whether to make her mild or to make her wild. What kind of goddess do you want, mild and nice, or wild and wonderful ?

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  1. this is a wonderful information.thanx to the person who blogged.namaskaram

  2. Excellent Info. Though i attended LingaBhairavi Consecration, only now i'm clear. Pranams for the person who posted it..

  3. my comment might get deleted from here .. but that wont stop me .. The fundamental assumption and thiking behind this is that the man created god and we can create as many gods and energy forms as possible that take a bigger force in future and guide the generations to come.. and this assuption implies that the god is fundamntally a cultural infuence or a sort of illusioned vision passed on handed over from generation to generation. Fundametally a falasy nurtured by our faith.... this is definetly not the eastern views .. completely western in origin...

    Estern views about god is more like a truth.. and a science.. all forms of god.. including the form of shiva and shakthi are scientific truths.. lets take the example of shiva's form.. its not a fallacy or someones imagination in mind.. there is a fundametal way the chit shakthi.. modified which lead to various forms of shiva at the beginning of time.. the chit shakti.. got dividied into five specific types.. Paraa shakthi, Aaadi shakthi, Iccha shakthi jnaana shakthi and krisya shakthi.. they inetrn interacted with the parabrahma.. which lead to inetermediate states of primordial universe .. 1. Shiva saadkya, 2. Amurta or unmanifested universe 3. Murta Sadaakya or manifested universe 4. Kartru sadaakya or the creator universe 5. Karma saadakya or created universe.. these are the five primordial forms of shiva.. 1. Sadashiva, 2. Eesha 3. Brahma 4. Eeshwara 5. Eeshana... all of these have specific shapes.. for example... eeshawara is four faced..with four colours and Eeshana is 5 faced.. after Eshana form is manifested multitude (several billion) of universes emeged form it.. and we are an infinetisimal part of the universe or as upanishad says a microcosom..

    these views as you can see are fundamentally opposite.. hence caution needs to be exersied when worshing a new form god or godess created purely out of understanding that god is nothing but cultural infuence infact god is much much more than that.. do not get entrapped in your own or some one elses.. idea of god.. depend on time immeomorial sanatana dharma and shrutis.. thats the only way out...Om, Nam, Mam , shim , vam , yam..

  4. Sir please answer ..
    Can I wear linga bhairavi pendant while taking non vegetarian food.. Eagerly waiting for your reply

    1. I am sure you can eat whatever you want. However, when you eat cleaner foods and are more pure and cleansed internaly, you will be able to function better as an individual with the grace to devi.


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