Thursday, December 3, 2009

Himalayan Lust - A Book by Sadhguru

I cannot explain you the joy of going through this book. I have not yet read the whole of the book but could not wait posting it in the blog. For many reason's I would call a seeker's guide to walk on the spiritual path. Or a Guide to convert a tourist to a pilgrimer. In short, one can visualize Sadhguru at his best. The book will not bring you more knowledge but it will intensify the thirst to explore all the dimensions of life. Many significant doubt's of seeker, when he walks the spiritual path is replied with utmost wit and wisdom by Sadhguru. It also opens up the new avanues of life of making a pilgrimage to Kedarnath, Himalayas and many places like them. It will not feed you with more information but will leave a new desire to visit those places. I remember Sadhguru's words "Always desire for the highest. Do not worry whether it is possible or not possible. Just live with that desire and something will happen." So what are you waiting for.................................

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  1. I Just finished Part 1 of Himalayan Lust.It is stimulating my dormant desire for something which I am not clear yet. Pranaams to Sadguru.


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