Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bhagwans intimacy with all beings

One day when Bhagavan was seated in the midst of his disciples, he suddenly got up and strode quickly toward the hill. Kunju Swami said, ―I was very curious. Bhagavan usually never did anything unpredictable. Whenever he did, on rare occasions, there was some significance behind it.‖ Kunju Swami was waiting for Bhagavan to instruct him to come, but the guru went alone. From a distance he could see Bhagavan surrounded by monkeys. After half an hour or so, Bhagavan came back with his eyes swollen from shedding tears. ―We were alarmed and asked what happened,‖ Kunju Swami narrated.
Bhagavan replied, ―These monkeys have been searching for me at Skandashram. When I left, they searched all over the hill, putting their lives in peril. Monkeys live in kingdoms, and if they wandered into another territory, they could be killed by rival monkeys. These monkeys have come with their children at risk and are begging me to come back to Skandashram because they miss me there. It took me a long time to persuade them. I explained my situation and asked them to go back. I gave them my assurance that they will get back safely.‖
Whenever Kunju Swami narrated this anecdote, he would weep copiously because he would bring before us Bhagavan‘s poignant unity with the animal kingdom, including monkeys.

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