Tuesday, September 17, 2013


You see, you live in a universe which is self-existent, self-abiding, self-sufficient. This means that all of your needs are met from within. ALL OF YOUR NEEDS ARE MET FROM WITHIN. But this will only happen when you accept it this way. If you think that your needs have to come from a person, place or thing, you've always get a fight on your hands because you're hoping to get a better job or get some money in the bank or that someone will come along and help you with some problem. These are all erroneous thoughts. If you could only learn to rely on the Self, miracles would take place in your life! 

If you can only learn to rely on the Self. How do you learn to rely on the Self? By trusting life. Trusting life just the way it is. I'm not saying to trust certain people, or to trust certain conditions, certain situations. I'm saying just to trust life. To trust life you go beyond people, places and things. You trust the substratum of all existence. You trust Consciousness. In other words, you feel and believe in your heart that there is a power that knows the way. You came out of it. So you're That also. For you are It. You are that power yourself. And you feel good about it. This is what I mean when I say, trust the power that knows the way.

There's nothing to fix in your life. Nothing to change. Nothing to accomplish. Nothing to do. Except to abide in the power that knows the way. Ifs so simple yet it's so hard for some of us. And it's hard because we allow the thoughts to come to us and spoil everything. You have to control your thoughts, control your thinking. When you are free from thinking, you will always abide in Consciousness, which is the power that knows the way.

And soon you'll find yourself becoming happier and happier every day.
Peaceful. Harmonious.

What can really disturb you and make you sad, make you afraid? Only something that you think may happen to you. But if you're living in the eternal now, if you exist this moment, and you do, in this moment is there a problem? There's no problem in this moment. It's only when you begin to think of tomorrow or the next week or the next week that you think of problems. But if you learn to stay centered in the moment where nothing is happening, this moment will become the next moment. And the next will become the next hour, the next day, the next week, and the next year.

Robert Adams in 'Silence of the Heart'

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