Monday, February 10, 2014


Ma Anandamayee

" Yes , if you can observe silence and be in harmony with everyone all around , it will excellent . Try to remain without the help of signs and gestures for as long as possible ."

 To observe silence means to keep the mind fixed on Him.

At first one feels the impulse to talk, later all inclination and disinclination vanish. It is also like this : just as the bee collects honey, so alt that one needs is gathered together naturally. What is necessary becomes available of its own accord -presents itself, as it were - when there is ever closer union with Him.

When one entirely refrains from speaking and even from communicating by signs or gestures (kasta maunam), how is the body kept alive?

Everything dovetails, and the silent person just watches as a kind of spectator. In the measure that one progresses towards union, one will notice that obstacles disappear, and whatever is necessary provides itseif;

It is one thing if everything happens by itself, and quite another to make arrangements by one’s own effort.

Real silence means there is actually nowhere else for the mind to go.

~~ Sri Anandamayi Ma ~~

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