Monday, July 20, 2015

Conscious or Unconscious ? Action or Reaction ? Sadhguru

The more deeply you are embedded in your karma, the more deeply your
body reacts. 

  • There is someone who, if you smear his face with some filth, will just go, wash his face well and come back. 

  • Someone else, if you smear his face with some filth, he will be revolted and puke. 

  • There is someone else who’ll get angry, irritated and disgusted with it. 

  • Somebody else may just fall dead; it’s possible. 

It depends on how strong your karmic structure is, accordingly, the reaction is that
powerful. As your karma becomes lighter, your reactions become lighter. That means your whole life
and existence is moving more from unconsciousness to consciousness. That’s why your reactions are
becoming less. The more unconscious you are, the more reactive you are. The more conscious you are,
the less reactive you are.

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