Friday, May 20, 2016

I am complete - A incident narrated by Byron Katie

Byron Katie :-

I have a friend who, after doing inquiry sincerely
for a number of years, came to understand that the world is a reflection of mind.

She was married to a man who was the love of her life, and one day, while they were sitting on their couch, he had a heart attack and died in her arms. 

After the first shock and the tears, she began looking for grief, and there was none. For weeks she kept looking for grief, because her friends told her that grief was a necessary part of the healing process.
And all she felt was a completeness:
that there was nothing of him that she'd had while he was physically with her that she didn't have now.

She told me that every time a sad thought about him appeared, she would immediately ask,
"Is it true?"
and see the turnaround, which washed away
the sadness and replaced it with what was truer.
"He was my best friend; I have no one to talk to now"
became "I am my best friend; I have me to talk to now."
"I'll miss his wisdom" became "I don't miss his wisdom"; there was no way she could miss it, because she was that wisdom.
Everything she thought she'd had in him she could find in herself; there was no difference. And because he turned out to be her, he couldn't die. Without the story of life and death, she said, there was just love. He was always with her.

- Byron Katie, ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’

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