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One conciousness with the animal kingdom - Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi

.....................................................................................................................................................Ramana's identity with all creation, with all life was total. There were no "others" for him. The following is an interesting excerpt taken from the book "Timeless in Time - Sri Ramana Maharishi" :-

We have an interesting happening at the asram in 1948, recorded by a devotee Narayanan, illustrating the sense of equality prevailing. Not finding Ramana at his usual place, he and his friends were wandering round the ashram when they heard a child like voice "Chee, Asatte" (Tamil word meaning stupid fellow). Looking in the direction from which the sound emanated in the kitchen garden, they saw a small goat, a little monkey, a squirrel and Bhagavan Ramana. "Bhagavan was sitting on his haunches with his legs folded upto his breast. The goat rested between his knees, the monkey had its head resting on the right knee and a squirrel perched on his left knee. Holding a packet of paper in his left palm, Bhagavan picked up groundnuts from it from his right hand fingers, one by one, and fed the goat, monkey, the squirrel and himself by turns. His remarks (Chee, Asatte) seemed to have been addressed to the monkey which had tried to snatch a nut, as he was about to place it in the squirrels mouth. As we watched, the four companions went on enjoying the eating. All the four seemed equally happy, the way they looked at each other and kept close together was quite touching.
The nuts were over, Bhagavan threw the packet away, and said "Pongada" (meaning go away, you fellows) just as an old man talking to his grandchildren.



When Bhagavan was staying in the Old Hall, he was literally surrounded by squirrels. They would run all over his couch, on his body, and even under his pillows. Ramana had to be extremely careful before he sat or leaned, lest some squirrel be crushed by the weight of his body.
Once a mischievous and overactive squirrel bit Bhagavan's finger. This particular squirrel would not take his nuts from the tin but would insist on Bhagawan feeding him. Yet, when there was some delay, in chagrin he bit Bhagwan's finger. A regular tussle then followed between Ramana and the squirrel. Ramana said "You are a naughty creature! You have bitten my finger! I will no longer feed you. Go away!."
Would that fellow stay quite? No, he began begging of Bhagavan for forgiveness by crawling hither and thither. Bhagavan put the nuts on the window sill and on the sofa and told him to help himself. But no, he wouldn't even touch them. Bhagavan pretended to be indifferent and not to notice him. But he would crawl up Bhagavan's legs, jump on his body, climb on his shoulders and do ever so many things to attract his attention. Then Bhagavan told everyone, "Look, this fellow is begging of me to forgive him his mischief in biting my finger. He wants me to feed him with my own hands."
He pushed the squirrel away for some days saying, "Naughty creature! Why did you bite my finger? I won't feed you now. That is your punishment. Look, the nuts are there. Eat them all." The squirrel would not give up his obstinacy either. Some days passed and Bhagavan had to finally admit defeat because of his mercy towards his devotees.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love you, Sadhguru

Cast aside your ego, and abide in yourself


Firm and disciplined inheritance in Atman without giving the least scope for the rise of any thoughts other than the deep contemplative thoughts of the self, constitutes self-surrender to the Supreme-Lord. Let any amount of burden be laid on him, He will bear it all. It is, infact, the indefinable power of the Lords that ordains, sustains and controls everything that happens. Why then should we worry, tormented by vexatious thoughts, saying "Shall we act this way ? No, that way ?" instead of meekly but happily submitting to that Power ? Knowing that the train carries all the weight, why indeed should we, the passengers travelling in it, carry our small individual articles of luggage on our laps to our great discomfort, instead of putting them aside and sitting at perfect ease ?" - Ramana Maharishi

The main point focused on by Ramana is that happiness is inherent and common to all life. Such happiness is experienced by the mind which is abiding in its source, in the spiritual heart. A mind which abides in the heart is the Self itself. Such a mind is a pure mind. When the attention is so focused on this core without paying attention to the rising thoughts, the mind subsides in its source. The mind is always aware of the bliss in the heart.

Source "Timeless in Time - Sri Ramana Maharishi" page 98.



On the seekers aspiration on how to achieve self-realisation, Sri Ramana replied "One should cast one's burden on the Lord of the Universe who is always victorious. He is the excellent doer of all actions. You should always concentrate your intellect on the heart, which is the seat of the atman and abide there.

"This does, the Lord, is powerful enough to fulfil your object in the future.

"The lord of the Universe controlling the past and the future should be entrusted as the efficient actor.

"When the time comes, the excellent object would be fulfilled. Let there be no doubt in your mind, jeewel of the learned. By steady abidance in the heart, your welfare is sure. Let the work be surrendered to Siva."
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