Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mother and Father are next to God

Today I came to know that my father's heart pumping rate is quite slow. Though there is no immediate danger, I became aware of the possibility of death in face of the bad health. The doctor suggested a costly procedure to recover from this condition. Looking at my financial position, It was unlikely that such an operation could happen. My mother suggested to me that not to worry about his health since medicines along with control in diet will work well for him. I know how much she loves him. I was broken down when the suggestion came from the mother herself. She needed to be so strong within herself. She did not make me feel like I was not doing enough. I was just standing there like a beggar, realizing that how much little I was doing for them. Every moment became precious. I just wanted to be with them in whichever way I could participate with them. Those words that "Mother and Father" are next to God became a reality in my life. I know my mother how she had sacrificed herself for the sake of wellbeing of her children. Never caring for her health. She has been my inspiration. I have not well behaved with my father in the past. I was always pinpointing his mistakes without realizing that Love ignores all shortcomings of life. What is precious is being together. Just sharing small moments together. Rejoicing in life, given has a gift by God. Death and Love are two sides of the same coin.

Despite our financial difficulties, the word "Suffering" looked so unreal. Yes, there can be physical pain, there can be sadness, but even sadness is the emotion which is sweetly coated with Love. And that has been a greatest gift from Isha. All the hankering for the worldly objects dropped. Only enjoying in each other's presence became the truth of in our life. Only serving each other was the source of bliss, which I learned during my Volunteering in Isha. It showed that money is so powerless in front of Love.

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