Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spiritual Music reminds you of where you are coming from.

And that has been my experience. Especially the music here in Isha has that divine quality in it. It fills the morning with so much peace and joy. One can feel the waves of stillness all over the place. It reminds us to be at our original place. It awakens love within us. And that fragrance can be carried with us all day long. The Music of Isha is the outpouring of love for Sadhguru. Love has a miraculous quality for transformation.
I will recommend readers to purchase all the 4 albums of Isha which have been released upto now.
1. Exuberance of the unmanifest - Sound of Isha
2. White Mountain - Sound of Isha
3. Project Green Hands - Sound of Isha
4. In the Lap of the Master - Sound of Isha

Adding to this, The Album of Krishna - Vikram (Art of Living) has wonderful devotional music. Devotion by Sharma Sisters has beautiful spiritual music to add to your basket. One can purchase the songs individually on the internet from the given link And last but not the least I will keep developing the Music Jukebox given at the bottom of my blog.
I am quite aware that I am the most selfish person in this planet. I have experienced that the more I share, the more joy it brings to me.

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