Monday, February 1, 2010

My quarrels with my wife - Isha effect on my life

In the past, the gaps of physical relationship between me and my wife were growing. For me it was just spontaneous happening but not for her. Though the quarrelings happened only on occasions, We ended up with lot of quarrelings on this issue. The problem with quarrelings is, one's whole concentration is just focused on hurting each other. Neither of us were interested in finding the solution to the problem.

The practices of Isha Yoga has brought a stability to my wavering mind. It has given me a choice, whether I should involve myself in the situation or not. There is so much clarity and sense. Also the quarrelings, which were looking like hell in the past, now it all seems to be like a cosmic joke.

Though there are very few quarrels with my wife now, but it happened yesterday on the issue of widening gap between our relationship. She started all the tantrums with her aggressive behaviour.
I watched all the proccedings with a witnessing attitude. I did not get involved in the argument. Believe it or not, all her outburst were looking really funny to me.
http://www.smileycodes.infoThere was no relationship between one statement and the other. Where there was uprising of anger inside me in the past, there was a sweet feeling of gratitude for Sadhguru. This dignified feeling is always with me and is self evident when you attend the Sathsang.

I began to understand on why she is behaving like this. Has for me, my whole energy is directed towards Sadhguru, but for my wife, I am her whole focus of attention. She loves me tremendously but with a childish attitude. Finally she concluded that just because it was my mistake, I had been silent all through the 1/2 hr argument. She was happy. When she emptied her anger, she just slept beside me, holding me with her loving arms.
http://www.smileycodes.infoShe is beginning to understand that just being together is bliss and it need not be backed by physical relationship.
She is almost double my weight. It is good for me that she does not realize her enlightenment on the physical plane otherwise she could very easily throw me out of the room.
Sadhguru says that if you can observe this world with a witnessing attitude, the whole world will look like a cacophony of confused sounds, voice and energy. Ultimately, everyone is longing for Divine merging. May it happen to all of us.

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