Friday, October 15, 2010

We mentally hold on to the pain for a week, a month or years together, unable to shake off the pain from our memory – Swami Sukhabodhananda

A farmer had an old donkey. One day, the donkey fell into a dry well. The farmer tried his best to rescue the donkey but failed. Finally he decided to let the old donkey die by burying it in the well itself.

He took a spade and started filling the well with debris. The donkey being a wise one, shook off the debris from its body as and when debris fell on it. This continued for a while. Suddenly, the farmer was surprised to find the donkey emerging from the well. The continous shaking of the debris helped the donkey to come out of the well.

It gives a great insight. Shake it off and step up. People may throw garbage, but shake the garbage off and step up and life will be different and divine.

But why do people abuse and throw garbage on us ? How can I be still inspired in spite of my boss and others throwing garbage at me?

“Garbage in” is “Garbage out”. One can give what one has. Once you understand this, you will be kind. You cannot expect a scorpion to kiss you. People around, with their hurt bodies create pain for others. Their minds are so noisy that they create noise. Be an anthropologist and study unhappy people. If Victor Franklin could do that why can’t you do so ? He was in a Nazi jail for ten years and studied how people could bear the torture and some could not. After being released from jail, he wrote a beautiful book – Man in search of Meaning. He said that one thing the Nazis could not do to him was to take away his attitude. Remember , the success of most people depend on 90 % attitude and 10% situation. Many studies validate this.

Be like the donkey in the story, shake it off and step up. Quite often, we hold on to what has happened in our lives. We mentally hold on to pain for a week, a month and create a hurt body in us. We cannot shake it loose from memory. The hurt body starts eating our joy. It starts re-living the experience of abuse and creates a mountain out of a molehill. Observe and try to change. We have a choice to keep an abuse within us or live or re-live with it or shake it off.

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