Monday, August 8, 2011


You must also be a loving person. You must have clean eyes, an unprejudiced mind -- that's why you can ...see my people and their love and their purity. Everybody who comes here sees things which he is capable of, which he deserves. Where you can see love and its purity and cleanness, there are people who see sexual orgies happening here. I have never seen... I would love to see, but they never happen. I have been listening to the reports about sexual orgies and I have been asking Anando, "What sexual orgies?" She says she will try to find out. Everybody comes with prejudices, colored glasses on their eyes. Then they see everything colored according to their glasses. Yes, a few people come just like you, unprejudiced, without any idea gathered from yellow journalism. You come just to see on your own, with your own eyes, without carrying any conclusions beforehand; that's why you can see the reality. A prejudiced mind is almost mad -- it has not the clarity, not the sensitivity.

I am reminded of a madman who thought he was dead. It was very difficult for his family: he would not go to sleep; he would be moving around and would not allow anybody else to sleep. They would say "Please go to sleep." And he would say, "Have you ever heard of any dead man going to sleep?" On each and every point it was a trouble. They tried to convince him that he was not dead, but he was so convinced they finally took him to a psychoanalyst and asked, "Help us. This poor guy thinks that he is dead." And the madman laughed and said, "Can a dead man be psychoanalyzed? Why are you wasting your money?" The psychoanalyst also felt a little embarrassed about how he was going to deal with it; it was such a new problem. Sigmund Freud did not mention it, neither did Jung nor Adler. This was an absolutely new problem. But he said, "I will try," and he tried to convince him. Finally, seeing that there was no way he could be absolutely certain, the psychoanalyst took a needle and put the man in front of the mirror. He said, "Now I will do an experiment which will prove everything. I want to ask you one thing: have you ever heard that dead men don't bleed?" He said, "That's true. When I was alive I heard that dead men don't bleed." So he said, "Now give me your hand, and watch." He pushed the needle into the man's hand and blood came out. The madman started laughing. The psychoanalyst said, "What are you laughing for?" He said, "I am laughing because for millions of years fools have believed that dead men don't bleed. They do bleed! -- it is proved. You have proved something of great importance. I appreciate your genius." At that point the psychoanalyst called the family of the man and said, "Take him away, because he is starting to influence me. Last night I started wondering whether I am alive or dead. Who knows, perhaps that dead man is right and I am wrong -- because he is so certain. I am not so certain. No argument can prove anything against his argument. I cannot stand so much argumentation when somebody comes to prove that he is not alive. Just take him away. I have my wife, I have my children, and if this thing also becomes my idea -- that I am dead -- they will all starve."

When somebody comes with a conclusion, then he looks through that conclusion and chooses only things which support his position. Logic is a prostitute. It can help anybody -- for or against, it has no problem. I know my people, I know their love, I know their purity, I know their silence. And when two sannyasins have met after years and they are hugging each other, journalists rush to photograph them. Now you cannot photograph purity, you cannot photograph love... and they will print those photographs to prove: "Look what is happening!" You are fortunate that you have come with a clean and clear mind. I hope that those who come here with clear eyes show fairness. I don't want them to say something which they don't feel; I simply want them first to feel, and then to decide -- not to decide before experiencing it. OSHO

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