Sunday, August 28, 2011

We were able to succeed in the first phase of 2nd Freedom Struggle because we forgot our caste, our religion, our name and we came together has ONE SINGLE DIVINE ENERGY.

                                                                   It has been hard for me to find people who could support this movement of India Against Corruption".  Looking at the way the Corruption has evolved in this country, they believed that "It is simply wasting its own time and energy" and "Nobody can change the fate of the country.  Its Doom", things like that. It was really hard for me to tell them that People are awakening from their sleep.  People have experienced the power they have in their hands, thanks to the Platform laid down by Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption Team.
                                                               Look at the Imam of Jama Masjid telling Muslims that they should not join the fight against corruption since shouting slogans like "Vandemataram" goes against their religion.  An attempt to divide the country along the caste lines.  Had they approached the problem as a simple humanbeing, they would have dealed with it effectively.  My God, when will people wake up out of their sleep. 
                                                       I have never looked for company to make things happen.  I start doing things, which I believe is right.  More than anybody else, I believe in myself.  I started attending rallies, started working on the blog to awaken the people, to inspire people who were already in fast, things like that.
                                                                  Now with the Parliament bowing down to the People's Wish by agreeing to refer the 3 main demands of Jan Lokpal Bill to the Standing Committee, IT WILL BE REMEMBERED IN THE HISTORY THAT IF PEOPLE GATHER TOGETHER HAS ONE ENERGY AND WORK TOWARDS THE GOAL WHICH WILL BENEFIT  EVERY HUMANBEING, THEN IT IS VERY EASY TO FORCE THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS TO MEND THEIR WAYS.  It is really very unfortunate that Anna had to go on Fast since nobody was ready to enact a law in the country which could root out corruption.  ANNA GOING ON FAST ONLY INDICATES ONE THING, THAT THE POLITICIANS OF THIS COUNTRY LACKED COMMITMENT TO COUNTER CORRUPTION VIDE THEIR VESTED INTEREST BE HARMED DUE TO THE PROCESS.
                                  We can only hope that in future, these politicians will not force Anna to go on fast by their weak-willed efforts of curbing corruption.  WHETHER IT BE CORRUPTION OR ANY OTHER ISSUE, THIS MOVEMENT HAS BROUGHT FORTH THE PEOPLE'S POWER, THAT THEY CAN CHANGE ANYTHING, IF THEY WILL.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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