Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just throw your heavenly spiritual experiences in the TRASH-CAN

"One day I said to Mother (Sri Anandamayi Ma),—”Ma, all these days the Mantric Sounds 'Arise' in me in a continuous stream. In the daytime as well as at dead of night the Flow of the Sound -naturally Wells out of My Heart, like the gushing jets of a fountain.”

When I said it, some 'slight tinge of personal satisfaction' lurked in the inmost recess of my heart. Mother gazed at me and said nothing. When I reached home, the Sound 'ceased' and in spite of my best efforts, I could not revive it. The day passed and night wore on, but the 'joyful stream' of Mantric melody could not be restored.

Next morning I requested Bhupen to inform Mother about my sad plight. Bhupen met Mother on the way while She was proceeding to a devotee’s house in a carriage. She began to laugh. It was 10 A.M. Just at 'that moment' I found that the choked-up Stream began 'To Flow' with its former ease.

I came to know from Bhupen afterwards at what time he had met Mother. In this connection, Mother 'was heard' to observe that in Spiritual matters, even the 'slightest tinge' of I-ness retards one’s progress."

English edition of Bhaiji’s Matri Darshan

~ Divine Photo of 1930's: Bhaiji, one of 'greatest devotees' of Ma, Sri Anandamayi Ma and Ma's husband and devotee of Ma, Bholanathji

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