Sunday, October 13, 2013


I recall when I first saw a picture of Ramana Maharshi in my teens and I had to go to India to see him. I had no idea, why? I didn't have the funds. A couple of months later my aunt died and left me fourteen thousand dollars. And I left my family and went to India. I don't know why.
And it has been like this all of my life. So I've learnt to surrender my wants, my desires, my ego, to the power that knows the way. And this power will always carry you on a stream of blessedness to your highest good, if you allow it. But you hove to become humble and you have to let go of fear. You do this by this the methods we teach, through self-enquiry and becoming the witness.

People ask me, when I see peace, what do I mean? I don’t have to see peace where it’s peaceful. I feel and see peace in every situation. Whatever there appears to be going on, there is peace. Just as in the center of a hurricane, there is a peaceful circle, total stillness at the center of a hurricane. The same is true in the center of a tornado, in the cyclone. There is a Center of Peace. We are all that Center. The true peace is YOU.

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