Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lessons from Meher Baba

One episode of this trip revealed to us Baba's benevolent attitude toward suffering. When we reached the top of the mountain, a poor emaciated dog came limping from the bushes toward the group. His face was almost eaten away by some disease. The only visible eye looked pathetically at us, as he whined miserably.

A couple of the younger women cried out hysterically and involuntarily drew back from him. Baba instantly came forward and, leaning down, gently placed his hand upon the running sores. The dog sat down on his haunches and turned his face up to Baba, obviously grateful for the healing balm which was being poured upon him. His whine changed into a deep sigh of contentment as the hand of the God-man wiped away the intolerable pain.

Turning to the group Baba admonished: "If you can do nothing to help suffering, don't make it worse by indulging your emotions."

from AVATAR, p. 216 1947 © Jean Adriel

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