Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Osho : I used to sit by the side of a river in my village, under a small tree. It was the same kind of tree under which Gautam Buddha became enlightened, and because of Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment, the tree’s name has become the bodhi tree. I used to sit under this bodhi tree by the riverside for hours. It must have been almost the middle of the night, a full moon night, and we had become such friends….

Just that day one of my teachers had told me, “I hear that you are saying to people that there is a possibility of communication between man and trees?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Don’t spread strange ideas for which you don’t have any proof.”

I took him with me on that full moon night and I told him, “You touch the tree and just tell me how you feel.”

He said, “It is cold.”

And I said to the tree, in front of the teacher, “It is a question of your friend’s word. I want you to respond in some way. And the easiest will be that when my teacher puts his hand on you, show your warmth, don’t be cold.”

The teacher said, “You must be mad, you are talking with the tree!”

But I said, “There is no harm in trying. The tree is willing – I feel the willingness all around. You put your hand there.”

He said, “I don’t believe that there is any possibility of communication.” But he put his hand on the tree and was shocked – the tree was so warm, and it was a cold night.

He said, “My God, now you have got me also into trouble! Everybody thinks you are a little bit crazy, now what about me?”

I said, “You are my disciple – first disciple! Just start spreading the news that….”

He said, “I have never done such a thing…but I will have to do it because I have experienced it myself.”

He told others and everybody laughed. And I never wanted so many people to hear, because I was not certain how much the tree liked people, who she liked, who she did not like, whether she liked to be in a crowd or just to be alone, standing high in the sky – or perhaps just with a chosen few friends.


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