Saturday, December 14, 2013

No one can give you desire for God. You must cultivate that desire in yourselves.

Yogananda : No one can give you the desire for God.  You must cultivate that desire in yourselves.  God Himself couldn't give it to you.  For when He created human beings, He didn't make them puppets.  You must desire Him, yourselves.

"Be wary of developing too keen an intelligence.  Many people use their power of reasoning cleverly to justify their delusion.  Concentrate more, on developing heart quality.  Devote as much time as you can, daily, to meditation; to actually experiencing God.

"Don't sleep too much.  Sleep is the unconcious way of contacting God.  Sleep is counterfeit ecstasy."

"Don't joke too much.  I myself, as you know, like a good laugh, but if I make up my mind to be serious, no one can make me even smile.  Be happy and cheerful - above all inwardly.  Be outwardly grave, but inwardly cheerful."

"Don't waste the perception of God's presence, acquired in meditation, by useless chatting.  Idle words are like bullets: they riddle the milk pace of peace.  In devoting time unnecessarily to conversation and exuberant laughter, you'll find you have nothing left inside.  Fill the pail of your conciousness with the milk of meditative peace, then keep it filled.  Joking is false happiness.  Too much laughter riddles the mind and lets the peace in the bucket flow out, wasting it.

"Wine, sex and money: These are the three great delusions.  Don't be trapped by them.  Some of you are weak, I know, but don't be discouraged.  Meditate regularly, and you will find the joy inside that is real.  You will then have something to compare to sense pleasures. 

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