Tuesday, December 10, 2013

They all laughed and they all said, "You don't know the beauty of movement. When the river is flowing, it is alive. But a tank is dead - it is stable.

Osho : "Life is unsafe, insecure - you can die any moment - so why be worried about it? All that you need is to live as totally as possible while you are living.

There are people on the earth - gypsies. That is a strange group that never makes a home. It is always on the move, lives only in tents, and absolutely free. Whenever it wants to change the city, it starts moving its tents, bullock carts.

In my village many gypsies used to pass, and I had asked many of them.... You may be surprised that gypsies are Indians; eighty percent of their language is Hindi, so it was not difficult to talk with them. They became known as gypsies because first they went to Egypt, and from Egypt they spread into Europe. From "Egypt" they got the name "gypsies."

I used to ask them, "Why don't you stay in one place? What is the point of troubling yourself by continuously moving?"

They all laughed and they all said, "You don't know the beauty of movement. When the river is flowing, it is alive. But a tank is dead - it is stable. The river does not know where it is going - that is its surprise... moment to moment the new. Why get caught up with the old?"

All the governments have been trying to provide them with houses so they can stay in one place, so there is no need for this constant movement. But they are not willing. It seems that, in this movement, they have known a certain beauty, a certain freedom.

And I was surprised: they are the most strong people. Their women are so strong, you cannot believe it. All their business is done by their women - their women will sell things on the market.

And if you even ask the price of a knife, you get into trouble!

The gypsy will say, "Five rupees." Naturally, you have to give some offer. You say, "Two rupees." She says, "Okay, take the knife." And if you don't give her the money, she will take hold of your hand - and the gypsy woman is so strong that even a man will not be able to get rid of her.

And they are so beautiful! I have seen so many women, but no comparison with gypsy women. They are beautiful, they are strong; and the men are beautiful, they are strong. Perhaps their continuous wandering, facing new difficulties, new challenges, has created a certain stamina which people living in houses in one place - being a clerk in the office - have lost. These gypsies don't want to lose it, and they can see the difference.

Losing the home... it is a beautiful experience to be homeless, because all the animals are homeless, all that exists is homeless. Only man has created out of his cunning mind some safety measures, which don't help - they simply make him weak, they make him ugly. He is in constant paranoia; and to get rid of that paranoia brings a new upsurge of energy.

So I am in favor of going around the world, moving, so you forget the whole idea of a home. You start having the freedom of a homeless person, and you drop the idea of safety and security... because they don't exist: they are just fictions."

~ Osho, https://www.facebook.com/GloriousSilence

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