Monday, May 5, 2014

'Become aware that what is seen is the seeing." - Nisaragadatta

Sit quietly. Stop all thoughts [including day dreaming and all imagining]. Be aware of yourself, this is most important. If you are sitting on a chair be aware of your weight on the seat and of the back of the chair. Sense the pressure of your feet on the ground and of the clothing on your skin -- you bring an observer into the picture by doing this. Whilst stopping thoughts, and being aware of yourself, expand your attention. See all that is facing you and on either side, smell and hear, and without turning around be aware of all those around you. Hold this. Watch what you see, feel, taste, smell and hear. Note what happens inside you. All this with no discursive thoughts.

Just Be aware. Observe -- do not interfere. Do not worry about anything.

Consciously experience. Not as an achievement, or a conclusion or a goal. Become aware that what is seen is the "seeing".

'Become aware that what is seen is the seeing." And then experience seer, seen and seeing, merging into Youself. What remains is "I Am", Hold It. Keep holding It as long as one can. Remain fully aware. If swerved, become aware of yourself once again and just be.

Nisaragadatta Maharaj

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