Saturday, May 24, 2014

Devoting oneself towards one form of God. - Sadhu Om.

The mind which is nothing but the reflection of
the Self, is a very great wondrous power in its pure
state. It is so powerful that it can create and see
anything which it thinks of intensely, in gross form.

The mind which is nothing but the reflection of

The main point of Yoga is to collect the scattered
thoughts into one and fix the mind on that one
thought only. The worship of God is a means to focus
the mind on one point, setting aside the other
innumerable thoughts concerning one’s daily activities
rising (in one) during the waking state. In the Path of
Love (Bhakti Marga) when such confidence in God:
“God will look after everything in my life; why should
I think and worry about it” increases, thousands of
unnecessary thoughts will depart.

But this alone is not
sufficient. The important point in Bhakti Yoga is to fix
the mind on one name and form of God, and not
change the worship from one name and form of God
to another and thereby allowing the mind to branch
out into so many thoughts and waver.

The right sign that one has understood that
God is one only, is one’s clinging to one God only.
Spelling and singing so many different names of
God, only betrays the lack of faith and understanding
of the oneness of God!

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