Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just Be yourself

You may wonder how you can function in society and do your work if you're always innocent and childlike. But to be innocent and childlike doesn't mean to be a weakling - far from it! You have to be strong and assertive if the situations so demand. But, still, you should always, as far as possible, be as open and receptive as a child

Everything has its own dharma, and we have to act according to that. If a cow chews up a precious plant, and we politely tell it to move, saying, "My dear cow, would you mind moving?" of course, it's not going to move. On the other hand, if we shout, "Hey cow! Move!" then the cow will go away. We cannot call this action egoistic; it is a role we adopt to correct the ignorance of another being, and theres nothing wrong with that. But we should always have a profound inner attitude of being a beginner, retaining the innocence of a child.

~ Amma

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