Saturday, October 25, 2014

The master makes the disciple go through numerous tests to mold him or her properly. ~ Amma

When two disciples make the same mistake, the master may get angry with one of them and be very loving toward the other, acting as though nothing has happened. The master knows the level of mental strength and maturity in each disciple. Because of their ignorance, onlookers may criticize the master. They see only what is happening outwardly. They lack the insight to see the changes taking place in the disciples.

The tree can't emerge until the outer shell of the seed breaks. Similarly, you cannot know the Truth without totally destroying the ego. The master will test the disciple in various ways to ascertain whether he or she has come to the master out of a short-lived surge of enthusiasm or out of love for the spiritual goal. Those tests can be compared to surprise tests in the classroom; there is no advance warning. It is the master's duty to measure how much patience, renunciation, and compassion the disciple has, and to test whether he or she becomes weak when faced with certain situations, or has the strength to overcome them. The disciples are expected to provide the world with leadership in the future. Thousands of people may come to them one day, placing their complete trust in them. The disciples have to possess enough inner strength, maturity, and compassion to live up to that trust. If a disciple goes out into the world without those qualities, and lacks enough inner purity, that will be the greatest type of betrayal. As a result, the one who is supposed to protect the world would become a destructive enemy instead.

The master makes the disciple go through numerous tests to mold him or her properly.
~ Amma

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