Sunday, May 24, 2015

In sleep, where did your world go ? Robert Adams

Again as in sleep.
When you are in deep sleep and you do not dream where did your world go?
What happened to the world? There is no world for you.
The world only begins when you wake up or when you dream.
Then there is a world.
But in deep sleep there is no world, where did you go then?
What did you become then? Find out.

So the beginning of wisdom is when you understand that
this world is only an emanation of your mind.
That is all it is, it's a bubble, a dream bubble.
If you really knew this and you understood this,
would you ever feel serious about anything that's going on in this world again? Would you believe someone is trying is trying to hurt you?
That you have to have revenge and hurt somebody else?
Would you believe that you have to have your own way and
make things happen the way you want it to be?
You would simply become the observer wouldn't you?
Where you observe this whole world and all its manifestations wouldn't you?
You just watch everything happen, taking place.
You would not react to person, place or thing.
You would not react to anyone and you would never be hurtable again.
What could possibly hurt that you think is separate from you?
For in truth you are one with it.

This is the reason I say so often,
noone can ever leave you or be away from you.
There is nothing you could ever lose.
For you are all of these things yourself.

~Robert Adams -T.219 - Become What You’ve Always Been -
24th January,1993

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