Saturday, May 2, 2015

Do taste control your life ? Amma enlightens.

Venu, devotee of Amma, narrates his experience. 

"Nothing can be concealed from Amma. She knows everything. About five years ago I had an experience that illustrates this fact. One night during supper while everyone was eating kanji (rice gruel), I suddenly had a strong desire to have some mango pickle has a side dish. I had seen some in the ashram kitchen earlier that day, but as they were meant for the labourers and the visiting devotees, we residents were not supposed to take them. Also, Amma had told us that, as spiritual aspirants, we should not eat things which were very spicy, sour, salty or sweet. She would often come into kitchen unannounced to see whether her instructions were being followed. Although, I was fully aware of this, the desire for some mango pickle got the better of me.

"Without making any noise, I entered the kitchen and stealthily stole two big slices of mango pickle. I was about to leave when suddenly I heard Amma's voice, "Venu, what is in your hand?" I was shocked and, to avoid being caught red-handed, i threw the mango slices away.. Amma then searched and found the slices. Seizing me, she caught hold of my hands and tied them to a post. I was ashamed and full of fear."

Seeing his childlike fear and innocence, Amma burst into laughter. Actually, Amma was enjoying looking upon Venu as the child Krishna, who was tied to a mortar by his mother, Yashoda, for stealing butter and milk from the gopi's houses. After a couple of seconds, Amma untied him and lovingly served him some mango pickles. She said, "Son, only if the taste of the tongue is controlled can one enjoy the taste of the heart."

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