Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Can you deny thought, which desires to possess, yet allow the sensation to remain ?

 Krishnamurti :

Look, you desire something, don't you, sir? You desire to have money, you desire to have position, or you desire, what? - a woman, or a man. Of course you are all holy, therefore you never face that issue. You desire. Now see what happens, trace it out. You see something beautiful which appeals to your senses, that is the sensation. Then thought creates the image of you having that. Thought when it creates the image is the origin, or the beginning of desire. Is this clear? Obviously. This is fairly clear, I don't have to repeat it. But the question is: can thought not create the image but only sensation remain? I see that beautiful tree, which is beautiful. But I have a house with a piece of land, I want that tree to grow in my land. So desire has taken place. That's all. And desire cannot possibly bring about transformation.

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