Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Torn between society and your hidden talent - J.Krishnamurti

Human beings have some kind of human talent. That is to paint , play violin, to play the flute or to be a very good human being. Your society , your parents,  everybody says become a  businessman, or become a doctor or become a engineer. So your brain is conditioned by parents or by the society in which you live. Do you understand what I'm saying ? Our own talent is destroyed by this pressure. You might be a great singer or a marvelous botanist but your parents your society know that this is not good enough. So you destroy your own talent. What is important is to have your own talent and to be happy with it. You understand what I'm saying ? So you are to discover your own talent and stick to that Talent, whether you become rich, poor or successful.

Children : but you can also become a businessman and by side you can also be a painter.

Krishnamurti : clever boy.  they say that you can become a businessman, a general , Army Captain and also paint. Do you follow how his brain is working ? Then you don't do it fully, properly, happily.

Children : Why sir ?

Krishnamurti : Because you are torn between the two.

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