Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sadhguru visits Bahubali's temple in gomatagiri, mysore.

#Sadhguru : Is the white flower the most beautiful one or the red flower the most beautiful one, such questions don’t arise, out here.  Such questions have come from cultures, which are steeped in morality, as to something has to be good, as something has to be bad.  In this state, of making something right and making something wrong, there is no way a spiritual process can happen because essentially spiritual process means, all-inclusiveness.  If you cannot embrace everything, the way it is, if you have to accept some and reject some, than there will be no spiritual process. You will have only morality, no spirituality. 

This reminds me of a fantastic story, a situation rather, which happened in “Bahubali’s” life.  Myself and #Bahubali, for a few years, had a great affair.  There is a place called Gomatagiri which is a little over 25km from mysore city.  There is a 18 foot tall statue of Gomata, standing naked, on top of a rock.  It is, I think, a 1100 years old statue, which was lost with overgrowth of forest.  And probably about, in the late 60’s it was rediscovered.  The man who rediscovered it, a simple stone cutter, a illiterate person, went there to take a stone, and he discovered this statue, which is on top of a small hill or a bunch of rocks which are around 120ft tall and on top of it a 18 foot tall statue of Bahubali. 

I met this old man, he was in his 70’s and he was still cutting stones and when I spoke to him, a completely unschooled, untrained person.  He was such a amazing guy, just having found this #Gomateshwara, his whole life was transformed, he became a devotee.  A simple stone cutter, turned into a fantastic devotee.  I met him in 83 or 84, when I was there and conducted a few programs and spended  a certain amount of time in Gomatagiri.  There are any number of things that I can say about this place because so many things happened there.  This was the time in 1982, when my own experiences have blossomed but I was trying to find articulation on what was happening within me.  It was a very crucial time, when Gomateshwara came into my life and as I said we had a great affair. 

So there is a wonderful situation in Gomata’s life.  He and his brother had fought many battles together initially.  Later on, they fought against each other.  After having bloodbath, after having slaughtered thousands of people.  One day Bahubali realized, what is the point of all this bloodshed and he went and stood in penance, naked and just stood there.   You will always see the statue of Gomata standing naked with wines going over his head or his body.  This shows that he stood there for a very long time and he stood there for over 14 years. Everything that he could do to himself in terms of  purifying himself, he has done but still he could not attain.

When a Yogi, a Sage, of great attainment came by Gomata looked at him and just one tear drop slipped out of his eyes.  This one tear drop was a question mark, what is it.  I have done everything that I could do, what is holding me back, that’s the question.  Unuttered question, just a tear drop to ask this question to a Yogi, what is holding me back, I have done everything that I know.

Than the Yogi said, you have brought the false sense of humility into you.  You are a king but now you are willing to bow down to a beggar on the street.  You are willing to bow down to any creature in this planet, you are willing to bow down to the inanimate rock, you have made yourself like this, its wonderful but I see that you are incapable of bowing down to your brother with whom you have a fight.  It is this falseness of humility that is holding you back.

This was the moment of attainment for Bahubali.  Within himself, he did bow down to his little brother and he attained.

This is a very beautiful story because this is how the human being is held back.  Its not great things.  Its one little things that you can’t clear from your karmic space that holds you back.  Is it not unfair? How many things I did?  Right now, if a little finger gets stuck to this pillar, I have freed the whole body, my little finger is stuck, can I go somewhere?  I cannot go somewhere.  This is how it is.

Note : Gomateshwara is another name of Bahubali

Bhagwan #Rishabha (Adinath) Ji
Bhagwan #Ajitnath Ji
Bhagwan #Sambhav Nath Ji
Bhagwan #Abhinandan-Nath Ji
Bhagwan #Sumatinath Ji
Bhagwan #Padmaprabha Ji
Bhagwan #Suparshvanath Ji
Bhagwan #Chandra-Prabha Ji
Bhagwan #Pushpadanta Ji
Bhagwan #Shitalnath Ji
Bhagwan #Shreyamsanath Ji
Bhagwan #Vasupujya Ji
Bhagwan #Vimalnath Ji
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Bhagwan #Dharmanath Ji
Bhagwan #Shantinath Ji               
Bhagwan #Kunthunath Ji
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Bhagwan #Malinath Ji
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Bhagwan #Mahavira Ji
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