Friday, July 22, 2016

What are parents really seeking from their childrens.

Questioner : Today is my birthday. As a child this was the most amazing day for me. As a teenager i would just party. Today I am in spiritual discourse and my family says "Whats wrong with you?" Birthday is now just another day, but I don't know whats coming next.
Sadhguru : You are evolving. You must help your parents to evolve because for the Indian person, I want you to understand the only reason why parents desperately want to have a son is because they believed......... that you will facilitate their liberation.

Do you know this?

Now its time, you remind them.
This is a important duty for a child.

If parents are aging, and they don't have sense to come to their senses, you must remind them.
So, has a birthday gift, you must remind them, its time they looked inward.

They are afraid, that if you take a spiritual step, you might not turn back. And they are right on that. It is not that you won't go home. You will go home. But they won't have the same bondage from you as they knew. They have their hooks on you, and suddenly you are free.........Thats something that nobody can tolerate. Please understand this. I am bound.....You are free...I cannot tolerate this. When I am should also be bound. I am bound to you.......why are you not bound to me......... "SO THIS IS THE WHOLE GAME".

So has a son, this is one of the most important duties to remind your parents it is time they turn inward. Invest some time and energy upon their own inner wellbeing because if they do not do this one thing, they will die miserably for sure....Yes.....If you have anything beyond the physical, when the moment of death comes, terror is the only way. There is no other choice. You want them to die gracefully. _/\_

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