Friday, November 22, 2013

Those lines "Whatever happens in my life, It is my karma." Does it have any significance? Sadhguru explores.

Sadhguru : We have always been a diverse culture and
we have managed this diversity very well, mainly
because of the fundamental spiritual ethos where
we always saw that whoever and whatever you
may be, is your making. “It is your karma” means
it is your making. Because of this, you are driving a
Mercedes – I am walking on the street, and there is
no resentment.

Tarun Tahiliani: Do you subscribe to this prevalent
thought that it is your karma? I don’t think that this
is my karma.

Sadhguru:No. When I say “karma,” I mean
whatever I am is my making. It is a most dynamic
way to exist. Slowly, this most dynamic way to exist
has been corrupted to become a fatalistic existence.
If I tell someone who is not doing well “This is God’s
will,” he simply has no choice – that is the way he
has to be. When I say, “It’s your making,” it means
he can make it something else if he wishes. When
we said, “It is your karma,” it means everything that
you are is 100% your making. That means you have
to create your own life.

This has been partially and
conveniently misunderstood to a certain point, but
still it has kept people free of resentment, anger, and
hatred. That is why India is incapable of a revolution.

Tarun Tahiliani:So far at least, yes. I would agree.

Sadhguru:Yes. Once we lose this spiritual ethos, if
even the terminology disappears from day-to-day
culture, which is beginning to happen…. I don’t
think today’s generation is even using the word
“karma” anymore.

My grandmother said for every
little thing, “Ayyo! It’s his karma – my karma – your karma.”
My mother said it much less.
I am speaking to people in a different way,
but the next generation is barely talking about it.

Once this disappears, resentment will grow in people.

Resentment and anger can lead to a revolution. A revolution can
sometimes lead to wellbeing, but it usually only
replaces one tyrant with another set of tyrants.

We are beginning to believe, and many people
today in the political sphere are talking in those
terms, that anger is the only propelling force for
change. We never used to see it that way in this
nation. For thousands of years, we have seen that
you can propel change out of sheer human longing
to be better. Every human being is constantly
longing to be a little better than he is right now.
Just that longing is enough to transform a society,
an individual, and the whole situation – if only
you create a situation where everyone has the
opportunity to find expression to that longing.
Otherwise, if major change has to happen, it has
to happen with anger, brutality, and blood. People
have gone to the extent of saying that only blood and
tears move the wheels of history. It need not be so.
Human love, human compassion, human ingenuity,
human intelligence can truly move the wheels of
history, and that is what is happening in modern
times. Information technology and other aspects
are a clear manifestation that human ingenuity can
change the world. It need not necessarily happen
with blood and gore.

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